Who’s Gonna Tell Them Jesus Loves Them Marvin Winans Lyrics

Who's Gonna Tell Them Jesus Loves Them Marvin Winans Lyrics

It’s enlightening and deep to listen to church music legend Marvin Winans’ song “Who’s Gonna Tell Them Jesus Loves Them.” Winans writes this interesting hymn about the global theme of spreading the message of love and salvation, showing a lyrical tapestry that crosses musical genre lines. Winans takes people on a spiritual journey that mixes kindness, faith, and the power of love to change lives. He has a history of being very good at gospel music and a voice that sounds like it came from heaven.

“Who’s Gonna Tell Them Jesus Loves Them” is more than just a song; it shows how dedicated Winans is to using his music ministry to spread words of hope and salvation. The words of the song shine like a lighthouse, asking who will bring the deep message of Christ’s love to people who need comfort and forgiveness. With a great mix of sad music and emotional lyrics, Winans creates an anthem that makes you think and asks Christians to be love missionaries in a world that often needs spiritual encouragement.

As we read the words of this gospel classic, Marvin Winans’s rich musical heritage and his unwavering commitment to spreading the message of Jesus’ love take us on a journey that changes our lives.

Who's Gonna Tell Them Jesus Loves Them Marvin Winans Lyrics

How old is Marvin Winans gospel singer?

65 years (5 March 1958)

His birthday is March 5, 1958, and his job title is pastor, singer, and songwriter for church music. On this day, he would be 65 years old. It is important to remember that age is a relative term so that this information may change over time.

He is from the famous Winans family and is one of the founders of the genre. Marvin Winans has had a big impact on the genre over the years. People who work in spiritual leadership and gospel music know him for his powerful singing, powerful songs, and leadership role at the Perfecting Church in Detroit.

For the most up-to-date information on Marvin Winans’ age and any changes in his personal or work life, it’s best to look at more recent sources. Artists often continue to inspire and make important contributions to their fields well into old age. Marvin Winans’ effect on gospel music shows how talented he was and how dedicated he was to using his music to spread the message of faith.

What is the central theme of “Who’s Gonna Tell Them Jesus Loves Them” by Marvin Winans?

The touching song “Who’s Gonna Tell Them Jesus Loves Them” by Marvin Winans looks at why and how we need to share the good news of Jesus’ love and forgiveness. Fans of Winans’ music and words are asked to think about their role as messengers of hope to people who may be looking for spiritual comfort.

The hymn shows genuine concern for others who may be lost or in need, stressing how important it is for Christians to help share Jesus’ saving love. Calls people to action by telling them to spread the word of God and be kind to others, especially those who haven’t seen the life-changing power of faith for themselves.

Everyone wants to be loved and forgiven, and Marvin Winans’ story and honest delivery hit a chord with that. A big part of the discussion is what Christian kindness is and how sharing the good news of Jesus’ love can help people who need comfort and healing. Lastly, the song is a spiritual call to action. It tells Jesus’ followers to take on the role of love and spread the deep, life-changing love that he has for everyone.

Who is Marvin Winans twin?

Marvin and Carvin Winans – If the rhyming names weren’t enough of a hint, Marvin and Carvin Winans of the gospel quartet the Winans are twins as well.

There is no twin of Marvin Winans. Even though he came from the famous gospel-singing family, the Winans, there is no proof that he had a twin sister. Marvin Winans was born in Detroit, Michigan, on March 5, 1958. He is one of ten children in the Winans family. Great names in gospel music are David, Carvin, Ronald, Michael, and BeBe Winans, who used to be married to Whitney Houston.

As a solo artist and as a part of the Grammy-winning group The Winans, Marvin Winans has made important contributions to the gospel music genre. He has made a name for himself as a preacher, spiritual advisor, and gospel singer, thanks to his passionate sermons and soulful voice.

The Winans family has made a big difference in church music, with each sibling contributing in their way. Even though Marvin Winans didn’t have a twin, his relationships with his brothers and the things they did together had a lasting effect on the evangelical music business, and that effect is still felt today.

How many Winans singers are there?

Brothers Ronald, Carvin, Marvin, and Michael Winans (the second, third, fourth and fifth siblings) are known professionally as The Winans. They were discovered by Andrae Crouch, who signed them to Light Records. Their first record, Introducing The Winans was produced in 1981.

The Winans are a famous family in gospel music. They have a group of talented and strong singers who have all made important contributions to the style. There are eleven brothers in the Winans family. Several of them are famous for their amazing singing skills and important contributions to gospel music. Some of the best-known Winans singers are Daniel, Michael, Carvin, Ronald, Marvin, and David.

Working together has been a big part of the Winans family’s music past, both as a group and as individuals. One of the best-known groups that worked together is The Winans, which is made up of Ronald, Marvin, Carvin, and Michael and won a Grammy. They had a lot of success in the 1980s and 1990s. The brothers have also gone their separate ways in life, and each brings a different style and point of view to gospel music.

The Winans family is a church music superstar, as shown by their many awards, such as Grammys, Dove Awards, and Stellar Awards. Although the Winans vocalists are very close to each other, their impact spans generations and has inspired and guided subsequent generations of gospel artists. Most people agree that the Winans, a family with strong religious roots and a strong musical connection, had a big impact on the growth of modern gospel music.

Who's Gonna Tell Them Jesus Loves Them Marvin Winans Lyrics

How does Marvin Winans convey the message of love and salvation in the lyrics?

In “Who’s Gonna Tell Them Jesus Loves Them,” Marvin Winans beautifully shares the message of love and salvation through honest words, a soulful voice, and a deeply spiritual story. The powerful way that Jesus’ love changes people and the deep lesson of Christian compassion are both shown through his writing. Winans’ soulful words authentically ring true with a real sense of urgency, connecting people to God.

The song’s words sound like a gentle call to action, telling Christians to accept their role as messengers of hope. In her account of a world in need, Winans asks people to think about how important it is to share the good news of Jesus’ love with people who need spiritual comfort. “Who’s gonna tell them Jesus loves them if you and I don’t?” is asked several times in the title, creating a strong refrain that emphasizes that all Christians are responsible for actively sharing the saving love that is at the heart of their faith.

When Winans combines his expressive singing voice with his creative storytelling skills, he tells an enthralling story that goes beyond music and into people’s hearts. Winans’ musical ministry makes people think about their own lives and gives Christians the tools they need to be preachers of hope and love in a world that needs Jesus’ message of salvation.

How old was Pop Winans when he died?

Illness and death

Winans’ health worsened over the next few months and on Wednesday, April 8, 2009, at around 4 pm CST, he died. Winans was 74. Winans was survived by Delores Ransom, his wife of 55 years, nine children, 23 grandchildren and several great-grandchildren.

David Glenn Winans Sr., who was known as “Pop Winans,” died on April 8, 2009. He was 74 years old. Pop Winans is best known for being the head of the famous Winans family and having a huge impact on church music. He was born on April 20, 1934. Pop Winans had ten children, including the famous gospel singers BeBe, CeCe, Marvin, Carvin, and Michael. He was very important in shaping his family’s musical history.

Pop Winans spent his whole life using his faith and music to spread the gospel. He had an impact on people far beyond his own family. He touched the hearts of both listeners and other artists. Pop Winans made important contributions to gospel music with his passionate and forceful singing, and he set a strong example for his children to follow in his ways.

His life was full of giving spiritual advice and making great music. When he died, it was over. The Winans family takes on Pop Winans’s work, and their contributions to church music continue to move and inspire people all over the world.

Marvin Winans

Marvin Winans is a famous figure in the gospel music business. He is known for writing deep songs, having a voice that stirs the soul, and leading spiritually. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, on March 5, 1958. He is a well-known member of the influential Winans family, who have made a big name for themselves in church music. Winans, who started and is the pastor of Perfecting Church, has both a musical and spiritual impact on the people who follow him.

Throughout his 30-year career, Winans has been known for his work with his siblings to form the Grammy-winning church group The Winans. He is known for giving powerful performances, and his solo CDs show how well he can control his voice and how deeply he believes in God. Songs like “Who’s Gonna Tell Them Jesus Loves Them” show that he wants to use music to spread positive and healing ideas.

The fact that Winans is a pastor in addition to making songs shows how much he cares about spiritual growth. He has an impact on the gospel community as a whole, which praises both his artistic skills and his steadfast dedication to spreading the word of Jesus’ love. In general, Marvin Winans is an inspiration who has had a lasting effect on gospel music and paved the way for many others seeking spiritual satisfaction.

Who’s Gonna Tell Them Lyric Video (Marvin Winans) Chords

The chords must show how passionate and sincere Marvin Winans’ song “Who’s Gonna Tell Them Jesus Loves Them” is. The key of the gospel masterpiece, which is usually D major, gives the emotional words a warm, powerful background. The words usually have an easy-to-follow chord rhythm that changes between D, G, and A so that the vocals can stand out.

Set the mood for the listener with a rich, appealing tone that comes from playing a D major chord with a lot of energy. If you want to make people feel hopeful and excited, change the chord to the happy open G. The A chord is the next in the sequence. It adds brightness and clarity to the arrangement.

The chords in the music video should go well with Marvin Winans’ emotional performance so people can fully understand the song’s important message. Try to find a balance between being creative and keeping things simple. This way, the chords will be able to show off the emotional depth of the lines without getting in the way of the singing.

Who's Gonna Tell Them Jesus Loves Them Marvin Winans Lyrics

When making the chord arrangement for “Who’s Gonna Tell Them Jesus Loves Them,” the goal was to make a setting that would help people connect with the spiritual message by putting Marvin Winans’ moving words in the spotlight.

“Who’s Gonna Tell Them Jesus Loves Them” by Marvin Winans isn’t just a church song; it’s a timeless hymn with a divine call to action. It’s both socially and emotionally important, and Winans makes it happen with powerful words and a touching melody. Who will tell them that Jesus loves them if not you and me? That’s what the title of the song asks. Such a strong call to action for Christians, telling them to be messengers of God’s love in a world that needs it so badly.

The deep spiritual message and complex musical structure of the song make it powerful. With his powerful words and skillful arrangement, Winans makes people think about their duty as hope-bearers and stresses how important it is for everyone to spread the saving love of Jesus. As the song builds to a powerful call to action, it leaves an indelible mark and reminds us all of how love and salvation can change the lives of people who need comfort and grace. The song “Who’s Gonna Tell Them Jesus Loves Them” shows how dedicated Marvin Winans is to using music to bring about positive change and spiritual awakening.


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