Who That Be Rich Chigga Lyrics

Who That Be Rich Chigga Lyrics

Who That Be Rich Chigga Lyrics – Rich Brian, whose real name was “Rich Chigga,” started in hip-hop with a unique sound that drew fans from all over the world. Known as Brian Imanuel when he was born in Indonesia, he stood out with his unique take on the genre and great writing skills. Rich Brian’s song “Who That Be” shows how well he can switch between Indonesian and English, which gives his music a more global flavor.

Rich Brian does a great job of balancing humor, confidence, and thoughtfulness in the lyrics of “Who That Be,” creating an interesting story that sticks with listeners. The artist became famous on the internet and now has a well-known place in the global hip-hop scene. His songs usually talk about his experiences, goals, and cultural upbringing.

Who That Be Rich Chigga Lyrics

Rich Brian breaks down common beliefs and clichés in his music, giving the hip-hop genre a new look. He draws people into his world with funny rhymes and an interesting delivery, encouraging them to break stereotypes and enjoy the uniqueness of the genre. Rich Brian’s song “Who That Be” shows how he can connect with people all over the world and go beyond language barriers. This makes him a strong figure in the ever-changing world of hip-hop today.

How did Rich Brian get famous?

At 11 he joined Twitter, and became a viral star known for making weird, inscrutable Vines. But everything changed in 2016, when he took on the moniker Rich Chigga and released a music video for a song titled “Dat $tick.” The video went stratospheric.

Rich Brian, who goes by the stage name Rich Chigga, became famous through a unique take on hip-hop, going viral, and being good with technology. It was 1999 when Brian Imanuel was born in Indonesia. His funny posts on social media made him famous. But it was when he got into the music business that made him famous all over the world.

Rich Brian’s first music video, “Dat $ Tick,” came out in 2016 and was self-produced. The song instantly won over fans all over the world with its unique mix of trap sounds and Brian’s deep vocals. The music video that went with it quickly went viral, getting millions of views on YouTube thanks to Brian’s deadpan delivery and funny twist.

Rich Brian’s big hit single “Dat $tick” got him to work with famous musicians and a record deal with 88rising. His later albums, like “Who That Be,” showed how his style was changing, how well he could use different languages, and how he had a unique point of view. This made him an even bigger star in the international hip-hop scene. Rich Brian’s rise from an internet star to a famous musician is a great example of how social media can change a person’s life and make them famous around the world.

What themes and messages are prominently featured in Rich Brian’s “Who That Be” lyrics?

Rich’s “Who That Be” by Brian has a lot of important ideas and themes in its lyrics. Brian goes through success, self-discovery, and the problems that come with being famous in this song. Brian talks about the doubt and cynicism he felt early in his career, but he also shows that he has a strong sense of self-worth in the music business.

The lyrics also talk about pride in one’s culture and race. Since Brian is Indonesian, he skillfully switches between English and Indonesian in the lyrics, combining parts of his culture. This language skill goes against what people think about hip-hop while also honoring his roots.

“Who That Be” also shows Brian’s confidence and belief in himself. The lyrics talk about how successful and brave he feels as he works his way through the music business. Some common themes are getting past problems, valuing differences, and making an impression when doubts are present.

The song shows cultural and personal strength while also honoring individualism and success in the face of hardship. Rich Brian’s song “Who That Be” shows that he can give his music weight and depth without taking away from its appeal.

How did Rich Chigga get his name?

Brian and his friend came up with the nickname when he came out with his first song on SoundCloud. “I realized I don’t really have a rap name. And then my friend from Wichita was just talking about it. We came up with a couple of names which were cool, and he was just like, ‘Rich Chigga.’

Wealthy Brian, whose real name used to be Rich Chigga, chose his stage name on purpose and in a funny way. He was born Brian Imanuel in Indonesia in 1999 and changed his name to “Rich Chigga” when he became famous online. The song “Chigga” by Brian is a parody of the racial slur “ch**ga,” which is often used to insult people of East Asian descent.

Brian’s use of this tough word shows his unique sense of humor and his desire to break down stereotypes about his Asian background. He broke the rules and used irony and self-expression by using a fake name that could be offensive. Brian wanted to show his unique style and creativity while challenging racial stereotypes in hip-hop.

Brian changed his name to Rich Brian in 2018, which may mean a change in his art style because he was afraid of being misunderstood and offending some cultures. This change shows that he is determined to keep making an impact on the global music scene while paying more attention to how it affects different cultures.

Why is rich Brian famous?

As Rich Chigga – a portmanteau of Chinese and a racial slur – he would score a hit and become a viral sensation with the track Dat $tick, garnering millions of plays on platforms such as SoundCloud and YouTube and support from rap luminaries like Ghostface Killah.

Lots of money, Brian Imanuel, whose real name is Brian Imanuel, became famous as a blog star, musician, and rapper. Brian got his big break in 2016 when his first single, “Dat $tick,” came out. Before that, he was famous on social media for his funny tweets. He became famous because of the song’s unique trap rhythm combo, Brian’s deep voice, and an interesting music video that showed how he delivered the song.

His popularity grew because he could easily switch between Indonesian and English, and his unique style went against the norms of hip-hop. The songs on Brian’s later albums, like “Glow Like Dat” and “Who That Be,” showed how good he was getting as a musician, how good he was at writing lyrics, and how dedicated he was to pushing the limits of art.

When he signed with the well-known record label 88rising, he became even more well-known. This led to collaborations with other famous artists and solidified his place in the international hip-hop scene. Wealthy Brian is a well-known figure in modern music. His success may be due to his talent, sincerity, and social media skills that allow him to connect with many different types of people.

Who That Be Rich Chigga Lyrics

In what ways does “Who That Be” reflect Rich Brian’s journey and experiences, as suggested by the lyrics?

The song “Who That Be” by Rich Brian is a poetic account of his life’s journey and events, showing how he became famous and the problems he faced. The lyrics tell a story about finding out who you are, being determined, and being strong.

Taking Care of Skepticism: The lyrics say that Rich Brian had to deal with doubt and skepticism early in his career. This might be because of ideas people have about Asian musicians working in hip-hop. The song is about how he got over his doubts and made a name for himself in the business.

Rich Brian was born in Indonesia, and he skillfully mixes English and Indonesian in his lyrics to show that he is of Indonesian descent. This mix of cultures not only gives his music a unique sound but also shows how proud and excited he is about his ancestors.

Rich The lyrics, which are full of confidence and a sense of accomplishment, show Brian’s path to wealth. The sure tone makes it sound like he has proven himself, gotten through tough times, and made a name for himself in the tough world of hip-hop.

Individuality and being yourself: the song is about both of these ideas. The song’s lyrics, which talk about how important it is to stay true to yourself even when the industry puts pressure on you, are connected to Rich Brian’s life.

“Who That Be” is Rich Brian’s artistic growth, a distillation of his failures, successes, and the cultural influences that shaped his hip-hop identity.

Does Rich Brian make his own beats?

He learnt to produce music by remaking beats

Brian wanted to produce music, as well as rap, and he taught himself how to make instrumentals by copying some of his favourites.

Despite his reputation as a rapper and composer, Rich Brian is not primarily a beat producer. He first rose to prominence with his self-produced music video for the song “Dat $tick,” which displayed his talent for creating visually engaging content. Nevertheless, as Rich Brian’s career went on, he worked with a number of skilled producers to make the musical parts of his work better.

Working with seasoned producers aided Brian in developing his sound as he transitioned from a self-produced viral sensation to a more well-known musician. Producers from the 88rising collective, such as Josh Diamond and AUGUST 08, have shaped the soundscape of Rich Brian’s discography.

Rich Brian is not the primary beatmaker, but he does contribute to the general concept, vocabulary, and aesthetic of the songs he creates. He may focus on his strengths as a performer and lyricist by cooperating with excellent producers to actualize his artistic vision.

Rich Brian – Who That Be Lyrics

Rich Brian’s lyrics to “Who That Be” mix language adaptation, cultural pride, and a triumphant story to properly portray the artist’s journey. The song, which was released at the same time he changed his name from Rich Chigga to Rich Brian, marks a watershed moment in his career. The lyrics tell the story of overcoming doubt and forging an identity in the cutthroat world of hip-hop.

Rich Brian possesses exceptional language skills, effortlessly switching between Indonesian and English. This ethnic fusion gives the song a distinct texture while also challenging genre clichés by serving as a testament to the singer’s heritage.

The lyrics allude to the story of overcoming obstacles and boldly claiming his place in the music industry. With a tangible sense of accomplishment and confidence, Rich Brian explores themes of achievement and individualism.

“Who That Be” is more than a song; it’s a statement of authenticity and artistic development. The song demonstrates Rich Brian’s ability to incorporate depth into his music by discussing personal situations in a compelling and approachable manner. “Who That Be” is essentially a look at Rich Brian’s complex personality and his unwavering pursuit of success in the hip-hop industry.


The lyrics to Rich Brian’s (formerly known as Rich Chigga) song “Who That Be” tell a gripping story. The song, which was released at a critical juncture in the performer’s career, represents his meteoric rise to fame. Rich Brian subverts genre conventions and gives the song a deeper cultural feel by skillfully combining English and Indonesian.

The lyrics of the song tell a story of confidence and triumph over doubt, implying personal and creative growth. Rich Brian discusses his musical breakthrough and dispels any doubts that may have arisen as a result of his unusual hip-hop musician debut as an Asian.

Rich Brian embraces his Indonesian heritage, which is a recurring theme. Language fusion celebrates individuality while dispelling myths and expanding the genre’s global diversity.

The song emphasizes the artist’s linguistic ability as well as his tenacity and commitment to authenticity. “Who That Be” becomes more than a song; it’s a declaration of accomplishment and individuality, leaving Rich Brian’s imprint on the changing hip-hop scene. The lyrics depict a confident musician forging ahead, boldly embracing his heritage, and making a name for himself in the exciting world of music.

Rich Brian’s lyrics to “Who That Be” capture the artist’s journey of self-discovery, blending cultures, and being unapologetically unique. The song not only demonstrates Brian’s language fluency—he can easily switch between English and Indonesian—but it also charts his rise from an online celebrity to a respected member of the global hip-hop community.

The ability of the song to eloquently combine introspection, comedy, and confidence lends it profound lyrical depth. Brian’s skillful lyrics and captivating delivery challenge hip-hop conventions, providing a singular viewpoint that cuts across cultural divides. “Who That Be” transforms into a sound canvas where listeners can see the artist’s growth, goals, and raw sincerity as he tells his life story.

Who That Be Rich Chigga Lyrics

Lots of money Brian’s popularity stems from his ability to defy expectations and embrace diversity within the genre, as well as his lyrical dexterity. The song demonstrates music’s ability to communicate across borders and reach an international audience.

Rich Brian’s “Who That Be” solidified his place as a modern hip-hop trailblazer, leaving a lasting impression due to his ability to consistently push the boundaries of artistic expression while establishing a deep connection with his audience.


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