Who Got Your Time Who You Been Vibin With Lyrics

Who Got Your Time Who You Been Vibin With Lyrics

Who Got Your Time Who You Been Vibin With Lyrics: Who got your time? Who have you been having fun with? What song does “Who Got Your Time, Who You Been Vibing With” come from? It’s about love, relationships, and the subtleties of modern romance. This one sentence sparks a moment of inquiry and encourages the listener to think about their relationships and how they spend their time and emotional energy.

In the wide world of modern music, these lyrics could be from a lot of different styles, from R&B and hip-hop to pop and more. The vagueness of the line lets a lot of different meanings fit, letting people project their thoughts and feelings onto the words. The person who wrote these songs has created a global vocabulary that speaks to how we all deal with connections in a fast-paced, connected world.

Saying, “Who got your time? Who have you been vibing with?” shows interest in someone’s feelings and priorities. Someone in a relationship might ask this question to feel better, or a friend might ask to see how things are going in a relationship. The word “vibing” gives the message a modern and casual feel, indicating a desire to understand the subject’s current feelings and the connections in their life.

Who Got Your Time Who You Been Vibin With Lyrics

Is Love Songs by Kaash Paige sampled?

The single samples Dream Koala’s 2012 song “We Can’t Be Friends.” “Love Songs” has since peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 charts in the United States and number 66 on the Canadian Hot 100 in the Canada.

Kaash Paige’s 2019 album “Love Songs” is known for its soulful and passionate sound. The album has become very popular on social media sites like TikTok, putting Kaash Paige on the map and showing off her unique style in the R&B genre.

In the music business, artists often use parts of other songs to create original music, a process called sampling. If a song uses a sample, it’s usually listed in the song credits. Fans and music experts often find and discuss this kind of content online.

If you want to know for sure if Kaash Paige’s “Love Songs” samples another song, you could look at reliable music databases, sample databases, or official statements from the artist or their record company. Online tools like WhoSampled can also help you figure out what samples are used in different songs.

It’s important to remember that musicians often get ideas from more than one place, and similarities in melodies or rhythms can lead people to think that someone sampled the music when, in fact, no one has. If “Love Songs” does contain samples, they were probably expertly blended into the song to give it its sound. The song’s uniqueness and popularity support this.

How did Kaash Paige become famous?

In 2019 Kaash Paige released her breakout single “Love Songs” which quickly became a hit. The song earned her a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and garnered attention from major labels. She followed this success with an EP titled “Parked Car Convos” which received positive reviews from critics.

Kaash Paige became well-known in the music business thanks to her unique style, powerful words, and the viral success of her first song, “Love Songs.” Kaash (pronounced “cash”) Paige was born in Dallas, Texas, on December 8, 2000. He started writing songs when he was very young.

It was her big break in 2019 when she self-released the song “Love Songs,” which became a hit right away on social media sites like TikTok. The listeners linked with the song’s catchy and relatable words and Paige’s soulful vocals, which made it famous all over the world.

Because of how well “Love Songs” did, Kaash Paige was able to get a lot of fans on social media and streaming services. Because the song was so catchy, it was used in a lot of user-generated content on TikTok, which made it even more well-known.

Due to the huge success of “Love Songs,” Kaash Paige got a record deal with Def Jam Recordings in 2020. That same year, her EP “Parked Car Convos” came out. It showed how versatile she was as an artist and solidified her place in the R&B and hip-hop markets.

The rise of Kaash Paige to fame shows how social media sites like TikTok can help musicians get noticed and how music can naturally spread through online groups and become popular around the world.

Who wrote the lyrics “Who got your time, who you been vibin’ with”?

In the song “Vibes” by DaBaby starring Gunna, the lines “Who got your time, who you have been vibing with” can be heard. Jonathan Lyndale Kirk is DaBaby’s full name. He is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Gunna, whose real name is Sergio Giavanni Kitchens, is another famous American rapper and songwriter who has made important contributions to the hip-hop and trap music styles.

On DaBaby’s 2020 album “Blame It on Baby,” the song “Vibes” made its appearance. The lines you brought up show a moment of wondering and interest in someone’s attention and connections. This is a thought that has a lot to do with modern relationships and how people interact with each other.

It’s common for artists to work together on writing songs, and it’s clear that DaBaby and Gunna helped write the lyrics for “Vibes.” Songwriting credits are usually found in the album’s liner notes or on official music platforms. These credits give information about the people who wrote the words and music for the song.

What song samples if you love me?

The music video for the Remix features rapper Craig Mack. In 2015, Canadian rapper Tory Lanez sampled the song for his hit single “Say It”. Billboard named the song number 84 on their list of “100 Greatest Girl Group Songs of All Time”.

When you sample, you take a small part of a current song and add it to a new piece of music. This method, which is creative but often limited by the law, lets artists honor or rework works that have already been made.

You could search music databases or sample databases or contact the artist directly to learn more about any records that may have sampled “If You Love Me.” That said, websites like WhoSampled can really help you determine if and by whom a piece of music has been sampled.

It’s important to look at official song credits, album liner notes, or comments from the artists and producers involved when judging samples. This information is usually written down to make sure that credit is given where credit is due and that copyright rules are followed.

Who Got Your Time Who You Been Vibin With Lyrics

What song features the lyrics “Who got your time, who you been vibin’ with”?

The lines “Who got your time, who you have been vibing with” can be heard in the song ” Vibes ” by DaBaby, featuring Gunna. “Vibes” is a song on DaBaby’s third studio album, “Blame It on Baby,” which came out in 2020. When DaBaby and Gunna worked together on this song, they made an interesting and memorable piece that discusses problems in relationships and the details of modern love.

The exact words you used show a stage of interest and questioning when the artist wants to know about the person’s relationships and feelings. The word “vibing” gives the lines a modern and casual sound, similar to the words and phrases that people use in modern relationships.

“Vibes” became famous not only for its lyrics but also for how DaBaby and Gunna related to each other and how well the song was produced as a whole. In the hip-hop and rap scenes, the song became famous, and it helped the “Blame It on Baby” album do well.

That person who wants to learn more about what these words really mean and hear the whole song can get “Vibes” on a number of different audio platforms and get to know DaBaby and Gunna’s collaboration.

Is Kaash Paige her real name?

Kaash Paige is her stage name, and her real name is Jakarra Neshann Henry. Born on December 8, 2000, in Dallas, Texas, Kaash Paige chose a distinctive and memorable moniker for her career in the music industry.

There are many reasons why musicians choose stage names, such as to build their brand, express themselves artistically, or just because they like the name. When musicians choose a stage name, they can create a unique identity that fits with their creative persona and speaks to their audience.

“Kaash” might be a stylized and creative version of Kaash Paige’s name, while “Paige” includes part of her legal last name. Choosing a stage name is usually a carefully thought-out process that gives artists the freedom to express themselves in a way that fits their job and connects with their fans.

It’s common for artists to choose a stage name that combines parts of their personal and artistic identities. Kaash Paige’s choice shows this balance. Although she is better known as “Kaash Paige” in the music world, her legal name is still Jakarra Neshann Henry.

We are human after all Human After All DAFT PUNK

Daft Punk’s biggest hit, “Human After All,” is a single called “We Are Human.” It is from their album of the same name, which came out in 2005. The album is notable for its simple and repetitive style, which is different from their previous work, which had more complex soundscapes.

In a way, “Human After All” is both the title track and the last song on the album. The lyrics repeat the phrase “We are human after all” over and over in a strange, robotic way, giving the song a mantra-like quality. Along with the electronic beats and synths, the repetition adds to the album’s overall theme of the human experience, flaws, and how people interact with technology.

Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo make up the famous duo Daft Punk. They are known for making original contributions to electronic music. “Human After All” is a deliberate choice of style that emphasizes a more raw and immediate sound compared to some of their earlier, more polished work.

When the album came out, critics gave it mixed reviews. Some liked the experimental sound, while others said it was different from the duo’s previous hits. Even so, “Human After All” is still an important part of Daft Punk’s career because it shows how they can change and adapt to the electronic music scene.

Kaash Paige – Love Songs Lyrics

“Love Songs” by Kaash Paige is a soulful and passionate song that became popular all over the world, especially on social media sites like TikTok. The song, which came out in 2019, shows off Kaash Paige’s unique vocal style and emotional delivery.

In the lyrics to “Love Songs,” Kaash Paige writes about love, heartbreak, and the problems that come up in modern relationships. The first lines, “I miss my cocoa butter kisses, hope you smile when you listen,” set a warm and nostalgic mood right away. The words tell a story of longing, being open, and the problems that come up when you try to make love connections.

With repeated lines like “I sing love songs, I’m singing love songs, baby,” the chorus becomes a strong and melodic statement of the artist’s feelings. Kaash Paige’s voice gets raw and honest throughout the song, which makes it hit home for listeners.

“Love Songs” is produced with a smooth mix of R&B elements that give it a modern feel that goes well with the honest lyrics. The song is strong not only because of its catchy melody but also because it can touch on human emotions. This makes it a significant piece in Kaash Paige’s body of work. “Love Songs” is a great example of Kaash Paige’s talent as an artist because it shows how she can use music to express feelings.

The lyrics “Who got your time, who you have been vibing with” talk about a subject that is both old and new: relationships between people. The phrases make you think about how attachment, connection, and time management work in general. These songs are an artist’s way of expressing themselves and can be heard by people of all musical styles. They encourage listeners to explore the complex web of emotions that make up their connections.

Who Got Your Time Who You Been Vibin With Lyrics

These poems are beautiful not only because they are simple but also because they make you think. The study of who occupies one’s time is a metaphor for how everyone deals with the complicated parts of modern relationships. The way these lines are delivered, whether through beautiful melodies or rhythmic beats, makes them more powerful emotionally and creates a musical space where listeners can explore their thoughts.

As society changes, so do relationships. This is because technology and changing social norms drive these changes. These lyrics are like a mirror that shows how priorities and emotional investments change in a society that is connected.

One of the things that make “Who got your time, who you have been vibing with” so popular is that it prompts people to think and talk about the complicated nature of the connection section and how time is always being negotiated in human relationships.


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