Where She Goes Bad Bunny Lyrics

Where She Goes Bad Bunny Lyrics

Where She Goes Bad Bunny Lyrics – Bad Bunny’s “Where She Goes” is a unique addition to the reggaeton genre. It skillfully blends Latin pop and trap styles with the Puerto Rican singer’s unique style. The record “El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo,” which came out in 2022, has this song on it. It shows how versatile Bad Bunny is as a musician and how he can make current Latin music sound different. The song takes people on a trip through sound with its passionate lyrics and catchy beat.

“Where She Goes” starts with a throbbing beat and catchy tunes that sound like Bad Bunny’s signature sound. This sets the stage for an immersive experience. The words, which are written in his usual laid-back style, talk about attraction, desire, and the allure of a mysterious woman. With his clever wordplay and deep songwriting, Bad Bunny makes the story more interesting and keeps the puzzle going throughout the song.

As the song goes on, it becomes clear that “Where She Goes” is both a lyrical trip and a rhythmic look at how relationships can be complicated and how attractive a good-looking love interest can be. The song is good for a lot of different people because Bad Bunny smoothly switches between Spanish and English.

Where She Goes Bad Bunny Lyrics

Baby, tell me the truth

If you already forgot me

I know that it was only one night

That it won’t happen again

Maybe in you I wanted to find

What I lost in another one

Your pride does not want to talk to me

So we are gonna compete, let see, ey

I don’t like to lose (Ey), tell me what will we do

I’m always looking at my phone (Ah), wow, it just can’t be (No, no)

Even if I might take a little, I swear I will respond

I would like to see you again

I would like to see you again On top of me bouncing, uh, uh, uh

How sexy you look while fucking, uh, uh, uh (Ey, ey)

I don’t know what we are waiting for (Tell me)

Pride is winning between us, ey

Baby, tell me the truth

If you already forgot me

I know that it was only one night

That it won’t happen again

Maybe in you I wanted to find

What I lost in another one

Your pride does not want to talk to me

So we are gonna compete, let see, ey

Uh, since we saw each other I remember how we ate each other, ey

Then we divided, each taking their own way

There are still wine spots in the carpet

Where is that pussy? It’s been lost for a while

If I tell you that I like you, that you’re hot, don’t take it as a compliment

It’s just that I’m playful, it’s just that I’m naughty, ey

And I’ve been wanting to fuck with you for a while now

Mami, I’ll do you until you pussy hurts like Glou’s (Glou)

I like your flow (Flow)

Chilling, you always steal the show (Ey)

She’s perverse, I’ll give her dembow (Mami)

If she gets on all fours, I go where she goes (Ey, ey, ey)

So, mami, tell me, let me know (Ey, ey)

I wanna feel that pussy again (Ey, ey)

You got style and I do too (I do too)

I almost love and DM you, ey

To tell you the truth

That I have not forgotten about you

I know that it was only one night

That it won’t happen again

Maybe in you I wanted to find

What I lost in another one

Your pride does not want to talk to me

So we are gonna compete, let see, ey

Who was in the Where She Goes video?

Bad Bunny Is a Frontiersman in Star-Studded Video for Jersey Club Cut ‘Where She Goes’ The music video features appearances by Frank Ocean, Lil Uzi Vert, Ronaldinho and more.

Casts for music videos can be different, and information may have been added to or changed since the movie came out. There is usually a cast list or a list of featured actors in the music video credits. You can find them in the video description on official sites like YouTube or statements from the artist.

To make their music video ideas come to life, artists often work with other actors, models, or singers. People love Bad Bunny’s creative and visually stunning music videos, which usually have a lot of smart people in them who add to the idea of the song.

How does Bad Bunny’s use of bilingual lyrics contribute to the global appeal of “Where She Goes”?

Bad Bunny’s smart use of bilingual lyrics in “Where She Goes” makes the song more welcoming and accessible to a wide range of listeners, which is a big reason why it’s so famous around the world. Bad Bunny breaks down language barriers by skillfully mixing Spanish and English in his lines, making the music accessible to people who speak more than one language. This bilingual method shows that the artist is multicultural and also reflects the experiences of many music fans today.

By rendering the song in two languages, it gains more cultural impact and appeal, making it easier for more people to understand and enjoy. People who speak English will like how the song looks at universal themes, and people who speak Spanish will like how honest Bad Bunny’s words are. The song can be understood by people who speak a different language, which makes it easier to sell.

Also, “Where She Goes” is bilingual, which is in line with the growing trend among musicians in the music business to speak more than one language. This is helping to connect and internationalize the music scene. Bad Bunny’s ability to switch between languages shows how versatile he is as an artist. It also supports the idea that music is a language that everyone can understand and confirms his position as a worldwide music star.

Why Bad Bunny is so popular?

The explosion in international popularity for Latin music purely in Spanish is partly due to Bad Bunny. His dedication to his language and culture has made him an icon in the eyes of his fans. His music sets him apart from the Latin artists before him who had to accommodate English-speaking audiences.

Bad Bunny’s quick rise to fame is due to a number of things, such as his unique skill, his impact on culture, and his business-like approach to the music business. A lot of different types of music lovers love his unique style, which includes Latin trap, reggaeton, and other types. His music is easy to understand and creative because he can skillfully combine new sounds with old Latin beats.

Even though Bad Bunny is a very good singer, his fans love him because he is honest and doesn’t hide the fact that he is Puerto Rican. His songs, which usually deal with both personal and social problems, connect with people who want to hear something that makes them feel something. With his stylish look and bold sense of freedom, he has also started trends in the music, fashion, and technology fields.

Does Bad Bunny ever sing in English?

The reggaeton star clarified that if an opportunity arose with the right song or collaborator, he might sing in English. He also added, “It’s not like I hate the idea … It’s just that I feel more comfortable in my own language.

Bad Bunny sings in Spanish most of the time, but on occasion, he adds English words to some of his songs and songs he’s worked on with other artists. Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican musician whose songs are mostly in Spanish. He is aware of the international reach of the music business and the wide range of listeners he attracts. The fact that he can switch between Spanish and English so easily on some tracks shows how well he can use both languages.

Some famous examples of Bad Bunny singing in English are when he works with musicians from other countries. For instance, he sings English verses in the song “UN DIA (ONE DAY),” which he co-wrote with J Balvin, Dua Lipa, and Tainy. This shows that he can write for a wider range of English users. He has also shown a desire to look into more English-language projects and relationships, which suggests a well-thought-out plan to reach more people.

Bad Bunny’s work is mostly in Spanish, but the fact that he sometimes writes lyrics in English shows that he is flexible and open to talking to people from all over the world.

Where She Goes Bad Bunny Lyrics

In what ways does the song “Where She Goes” showcase Bad Bunny’s versatility within the reggaeton genre?

“Where She Goes” is a great example of Bad Bunny’s huge range in the reggaeton genre because it successfully blends traditional reggaeton elements with new sounds and experimental production methods. The song starts with a standard reggaeton beat with the dembow rhythm, which is unique to the genre and makes for a smooth base. But Bad Bunny’s creativity really shines when he adds catchy melodic and harmonic parts.

There are different rhythms in the song’s production, like synth-driven melodies, atmospheric layers, and trap-influenced percussion. This shows that Bad Bunny is fearless in breaking the rules of his genre. His unique flow and rhythmic accuracy in his singing add to the reggaeton vibe of the song while also giving room for creative rhythmic improvisation.

The words “Where She Goes” explore the common themes of attraction and desire in reggaeton. This shows Bad Bunny’s skill at taking clichés and giving them his unique twist. Bad Bunny shows how versatile he is in the reggaeton genre by finding a mix between familiar and new sounds in his music. This means that both die-hard fans and people looking for a new, modern sound can enjoy it.

What song made Bad Bunny famous?

Bad Bunny became famous almost immediately with “Soy peor” (“I’m Worse”). In 2017 he released more singles, both on his own and in collaboration with other artists.

A number of hits helped Bad Bunny’s world breakthrough, but “Soy Peor,” which came out in 2017, was the main one that made him famous. It was Bad Bunny’s signature sound, mixing Latin trap with reggaeton. The song’s sad and reflective lyrics and Bad Bunny’s passionate performance made it famous and made him a major player in the Latin music business.

Bad Bunny’s career took a major shift when “Soy Peor” not only received millions of views on websites like YouTube but also became well-known throughout society. The song’s familiar themes of heartbreak, betrayal, and personal growth made a deep connection with listeners and added to its success.

Although “Soy Peor” had a major part in Bad Bunny’s initial success, his continued popularity is mostly due to a consistent stream of avant-garde and genre-busting albums that have secured his reputation as a pioneer in the greater world of Latin and worldwide music.

Bad Bunny – WHERE SHE GOES (English Translation)

The English translation of Bad Bunny’s song “WHERE SHE GOES” shows the artist’s skill with lyrics and delves into the themes of attraction and desire. The song’s lyrics tell the story of Bad Bunny becoming enthralled with an enigmatic woman and his curiosity regarding her places and behavior.

Throughout the song, Bad Bunny’s rhymes explore themes of seduction and this mysterious figure’s magnetic pull, evoking feelings of fascination and longing, allowing English-speaking audiences to relate to universal feelings of want and infatuation while preserving the rhythmic flow and emotional depth of the original Spanish lyrics.

Bad Bunny ensures that the meaning of “WHERE SHE GOES” is understood by a wider audience by providing an English translation, which makes the song’s intricate lyrics and poignant emotional resonance more accessible. The translation makes Bad Bunny’s exploration of love, desire, and the allure of a captivating romantic interest accessible to non-Spanish speakers, demonstrating the musician’s ability to produce music with universal appeal.


The song, which was included on his 2022 album “El ltimo Tour Del Mundo,” blends a mesmerizing melody with Bad Bunny’s distinctive reggaeton sounds. The lyrics describe the artist’s fascination with an enigmatic woman and their whereabouts. Sensuality and adoration are blended in Bad Bunny’s lines to create a powerful picture of this mysterious figure’s attraction.

The chorus, which features an enticing yet repeated refrain, anchors the song’s central theme, which is made more alluring by Bad Bunny’s vocal delivery, which gives it a sense of urgency and longing. The song is notable for its intricate rhythmic structure, which skillfully combines classic reggaeton elements with modern sounds.

The song “WHERE SHE GOES” takes listeners on a poetic journey that delves into the artist’s obsession with an alluring sexual interest. It’s more than just a sound experiment; the song demonstrates Bad Bunny’s ability to fuse cutting-edge production with traditional Latin rhythms to create a tune that appeals to listeners all over the world.

Where She Goes Bad Bunny Lyrics

“Where She Goes” by Bad Bunny is a tribute to his ability to explore the complexities of love and desire while creating an enthralling aural universe. The song, which debuted in 2022 as part of the revolutionary “El ltimo Tour Del Mundo” album, embodies Bad Bunny’s rapid development in the reggaeton and Latin music scenes with its blend of catchy beats, moving melodies, and astute lyrics.

Throughout “Where She Goes,” a lyrical and musical journey, Bad Bunny transports listeners to a realm where desire, seduction, and intrigue blend. The song’s ability to transition fluently between Spanish and English lends it a universal resonance that makes it approachable and relatable to a wide range of listeners around the world. The throbbing beat and the artist’s relaxed yet powerful performance create an enthralling environment that cuts beyond linguistic and cultural barriers.

“Where She Goes” emphasizes Bad Bunny’s global cultural influence while also reinforcing his status as a forerunner in the Latin music scene.


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