When You Drunk You Tell Me Exactly How You Feel Lyrics

When You Drunk You Tell Me Exactly How You Feel Lyrics

When You Drunk You Tell Me Exactly How You Feel Lyrics: When someone is drunk, their emotions swirl like a whirlwind, showing the raw truth that is often hidden when they are sober. When drunk, inhibitions fall apart, and the walls that protect one’s inner feelings fall apart. When you’re drunk and vulnerable, the words “Tell Me Exactly How You Feel” become an anthem because they hit home with the honest truth that comes out when you’re drunk.

In the dance of blurred vision and sharpened sensitivity, the words act as a lyrical mirror, showing the hopes, pains, and joys that a sane mind would hide behind caution. In the middle of the crazy mix of feelings, the music becomes a friend to the drunk spirit, providing peace and focus.

As the night goes on and the words come out easily with each sip, the lyrics become a confessional, a way to let go of thoughts that have been brewing beneath the surface. Each phrase turns into a confessional box where the drunk person can spill their deepest thoughts without any limits or editing.

The words of this drunk confessional echo the universal truth that sometimes it takes the courage found at the bottom of a glass to say the things we don’t dare say when we’re sober. The song shows how emotions can break down when the lines between the heart and the mouth become fuzzy, letting the truth come out in a singing confession.

When You Drunk You Tell Me Exactly How You Feel Lyrics

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How does the theme of raw honesty revealed when intoxicated connect to the lyrics of “Tell Me Exactly How You Feel”?

The idea of being honest when drunk flows naturally into the lines of “Tell Me Exactly How You Feel.” When someone is drunk, the walls that usually keep their inner feelings hidden fall away, letting their emotions show through. This problem is like the main idea of the song; it’s a statement of the truths that are often hidden when things are bad.

The words “Tell Me Exactly How You Feel” are like a lyrical mirror; they show how you really feel when you let down your guard. The state of being drunk, with its fuzzy lines and increased sensitivity, fits perfectly with the story of the song. The song is like a friend for the drunk spirit; it gives them peace and comfort while reflecting the crazy mix of feelings they feel when they’re drunk.

The music’s ability to make you think about yourself becomes clear, letting out feelings that you might be holding back when you’re sober. The song emphasizes the importance of liquid courage, which is the courage found at the bottom of a glass to say things that you might not say otherwise. In the end, “Tell Me Exactly How You Feel” becomes a touching tribute to the real way people show their emotions when they are drunk, accepting the truth that comes with being drunk.

What song was sampled for wait for you?

It was sent to rhythmic contemporary radio as the second single from Future’s ninth studio album, I Never Liked You, on May 3, 2022. The song samples Tems’ song, “Higher”, from her debut extended play, For Broken Ears (2020).

Elliott Yamin’s 2007 song “Wait for You” is a soulful duet that has been praised all over the world. The song uses a large part of “Betcha by Golly, Wow,” which was originally sung by The Stylistics. This classic soul song, which came out in 1972, is known for its sensual and smooth tunes.

“Wait for You” has a classic and nostalgic feel thanks to the sample from “Betcha by Golly, Wow.” The song is about broken hearts, hunger, and how hard it is to wait for someone great to come along. The deep sound of The Stylistics adds to the emotional power of “Wait for You,” creating a smooth blend of modern R&B and soul’s old-school roots.

The choice to sample “Betcha by Golly, Wow” makes the music more interesting and brings together music fans of different generations. He pays tribute to the emotional history of R&B by using this famous sample. At the same time, he gives the themes of love and patience his modern spin. The ending is a sad and eerie ballad that shows how popular both songs are and how they have changed over time.

How does “Tell Me Exactly How You Feel” serve as a testament to the experience of emotional unraveling in the intoxicated state?

In a sad way, “Tell Me Exactly How You Feel” is a song about how drinking can break down your emotions. The song turns into a lyrical mirror that shows how honest people can be when they let down their guard and the walls between their hearts and lips melt. In the depths of drunkenness, the tunes connect with the raw, unspoken emotions that often lie dormant in the mind of a sober person.

The music is like a friend, weaving through the crazy mix of feelings that come out when you’re drunk. In this setting, people can talk about their problems, and it can help them let go of feelings that they might have been holding in when they were awake. “Tell Me Exactly How You Feel” is like the trust at the bottom of a glass; it gives people a way to say things like wishes, heartaches, and joys that are hard to say in other ways.

The song shows the universal truth that sometimes it takes drinking too much to get to the bottom of your thoughts and say them honestly. In its form as a singing story, it shows how unique and enlightening falling drunk can be.

When You Drunk You Tell Me Exactly How You Feel Lyrics

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What song did do for love sample?

The song “What You Won’t Do for Love” by Bobby Caldwell, released in 1978, features a prominent sample that has been widely recognized and utilized in various musical genres. The sampled portion comes from the instrumental track “Open Your Eyes” by the soul and funk band The Crusaders, from their 1976 album “Free as the Wind.”

The catchy and moving piano riff from “Open Your Eyes” is the song’s main theme for Caldwell’s ” What You Won’t Do for Love. ” The lyrical beauty of the smooth and jazzy music makes a rich setting for Caldwell’s passionate singing. This clip has become famous on its own, which has helped “What You Won’t Do for Love” become a classic in R&B and soul music on top of its already huge success.

Other artists from different styles have used this sample in their works over the years because it has a timeless appeal. Caldwell’s soulful singing and The Crusaders’ masterful instrumental work have left an indelible mark on the world of music, making “What You Won’t Do for Love” not only a famous hit but also proof of the lasting power of well-crafted samples in the music world.

WAIT FOR U ft. Drake & Tems Lyrics

The duet “Wait For U” by Drake and Tems is a complicated and deeply compelling story of love, longing, and patience. The words talk about the complicated parts of romantic relationships and encourage people to be patient and tough through the problems that love often brings. Just the title, “Wait For U,” sets the mood for a story about making a promise to wait for someone you care about.

Drake’s unique way of thinking about himself goes well with Tems’ beautiful voice, creating a lively mix that brings the words to life. Concerns about distance and separation are talked about in the songs, which show how emotional distance can be for a relationship. The chorus is a strong refrain that fits with the main theme of being patient and persistent when it comes to heart issues.

Drake’s lyrics offer a male perspective on waiting and pining for a loved one, while Tems’s singing adds a level of vulnerability and honesty. When these two singers collaborate, the words take on more meaning, making “Wait For U” an interesting exploration of the feelings that come with love and loyalty.

“Wait For U” is a dramatic musical journey that effectively conveys the feeling of waiting, love, and the subtle emotions associated with being in a relationship. Drake and Tems’ skills go beyond words, making this a powerful and memorable addition to modern love songs.

The Meaning of Future’s “WAIT FOR U” ft. Drake & Tems

“WAIT FOR U” by Future, featuring Drake and Tems, is about love, patience, and how hard it can be to be in a relationship. It sounds like the words are about looking forward to seeing a loved one and wanting to connect with them. Future writes with sensitivity and emotional depth as he deals with the problems that come with love.

Drake’s piece adds more meaning to the idea by examining the sacrifices and devotion required in a relationship. His lines consider waiting as an investment in a shared future, and they stress the importance of devotion and commitment.

Tems’s deep voice gives the song a female point of view. She sings about feelings and hopes that accompany the male ideas. Her presence balances the story of waiting and hopes for a lifelong connection, adding a subtle depth.

“WAIT FOR U” tells a story that is more than just a typical love hymn. It looks at how patience and commitment make you feel and the problems that come up when you’re waiting for someone great. Destiny, Drake, and Tems work together to make the song better by showing different sides of love, desire, and the path to a shared goal.

When You Drunk You Tell Me Exactly How You Feel Lyrics

The lyrics of “When You’re Drunk, You Tell Me Exactly How You Feel” are a sad ode to the honest and emotional opening that happens when you’re drunk. As the veil of sobriety lifts, the walls that hide our deepest feelings fall, revealing the core of our feelings. The song becomes an anthem for the drunk soul because it resonates with the common feeling of finding courage at the bottom of a drink. It lets people say things they normally wouldn’t say when they’re sober.

In the drunk confessional, each line of the song opens the door to a world of unspoken wishes, heartaches, and joys. When you’re drunk, the song becomes like a friend, helping you get rid of thoughts that have been lying dormant in your clear mind. The words echo the emotional release that happens when inhibitions fall away. It is a dance of openness and freedom.

“When You Drunk You Tell Me Exactly How You Feel” captures the spirit of a time when being honest was valued greatly, and the song becomes the way for a heart that is drunk to tell the naked truth. It is a musical tribute to the beauty and complexity of human feelings, as shown by the gentle embrace of being drunk.


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