When Love Broke Through Lyrics

When Love Broke Through Lyrics


The touching song “When Love Broke Through Lyrics” talks about love, forgiveness, and change as part of being human. With its stirring melodies and moving words, this piece holds listeners’ attention and tells an exciting story.

When it comes to the power of love that never ends, the song’s words say it all. They show an intense journey where love wins over doubt, hopelessness, and cynicism. The story of the song builds as it talks about the problems and struggles that often come with looking for love’s comforting hug.

Through a complex web of emotions, the song’s lyrics tell a story of hope and renewal in the middle of hardship. When someone starts this musical journey, they are greeted by a profound and moving journey full of themes of redemption and the victory of the human spirit.

The emotional depth of the song is enhanced by the music that goes with the words. The listener is drawn deeper into the story by this well-balanced mix of songs and harmonies that makes them feel connected and close with each note and The song “When Love Broke Through Lyrics” makes us think about our own love stories and how love can change things.

In this paper, love is more than just a thought; it’s a force that brings about change and makes lives better. “When Love Broke Through Lyrics” is a song that celebrates how strong love is and how strong people’s hearts are. It leaves a lasting impact on everyone lucky enough to experience it, and it speaks to the humanity of all people.

When Love Broke Through Lyrics

Brief overview of the song “When Love Broke Through”

The modern Christian song “When Love Broke Through” was written by Keith Green, Randy Stonehill, and Todd Fishkind. Keith Green made it famous in 1977 with the first recording of the song. The song’s powerful message of change, love, and forgiveness is conveyed through its moving lyrics and stirring music.

The story behind the song focuses on a critical moment when love heals and gives hope by getting through hard times and making progress. It refers to how people can face skepticism, doubt, and hopelessness but ultimately find comfort and renewal in the hug of love. People who believe in it say that love can change people’s lives and mend even the most broken hearts.

The meaning behind the song is clear from Keith Green’s emotional and dramatic performance of it. A simple but moving arrangement brings out his voice, making the song easy for a lot of people to understand and relate to.

The beautiful song “When Love Broke Through” takes viewers on a journey through the different feelings that people have. To them, they reflect everyone’s need for love, kindness, and direction in life. The song speaks to people whose lives have been profoundly changed by love because it has both upbeat choruses and quiet, reflective parts.

The song “When Love Broke Through” has become a lasting classic in Christian music, touching many people’s hearts and giving them comfort and hope. People still understand its timeless message: love can bring hope to even the worst situations and lead to healing and salvation.

Summarizing the significance of “When Love Broke Through” lyrics

The lyrics to “When Love Broke Through” are especially powerful because they send an emotional message of love, forgiveness, and change. This song has become a timeless Christian favorite since Keith Green made it famous in 1977. It makes people from all walks of life feel better.

The words of the song tell a story of spiritual and personal awakening that shows how love can overcome cynicism and hopelessness. A lot of people can relate to and care about this song because it’s about how love can change things, which is something that everyone goes through.

People who hear the song’s words feel vulnerable and think about themselves, which lets them look at their pain and the need for love, acceptance, and healing. The chorus, with its happy tune and the repeated phrase “When love broke through,” adds to the idea that love can fix broken hearts and give people new life.

Throughout the whole song, love is shown as something that goes beyond people and offers a way to find hope and healing. Keith Green’s passionate and earnest delivery of the words adds to their emotional power and shows that the message is authentic.

The words “When Love Broke Through” are a lesson that love can bring comfort, renewal, and strength even when things are hard. The song’s lasting importance comes from its ability to touch people’s hearts and offer comfort and inspiration, making it clear that love has the power to shine a light on even the worst situations and lead to significant personal growth.

Explore how “When Love Broke Through” was received by the public and critics.

When “When Love Broke Through” came out in 1977, it got great reviews from both fans and reviewers, and it quickly became a well-known classic in Christian music. People really liked the song because it had an honest and uplifting message, especially in Christian groups.

Many people in the crowd related to the sad words of the song and Keith Green’s passionate performance, seeing it as a tribute to how love and salvation can change things. It got a lot of fans and became a standard in the worship sets and repertoires of Christian artists.

Reviewers gave the song high marks for telling a true and moving story. “When Love Broke Through” wasn’t a popular hit, but it was a big hit in the Christian music community, where it was praised for its message of hope and spiritual awakening. Critics loved how direct and honest the song was, letting the message come through without any extraneous production or decoration.

The fact that “When Love Broke Through” has been played and sung by many different bands over the years has made it even more of a classic. This song has always been popular because it talks about love, forgiveness, and changing oneself. These are universal themes that connect with people who aren’t into Christian music.

Break down the lyrics of “When Love Broke Through” verse by verse.

The sad song “When Love Broke Through” by Keith Green tells a dramatic story of redemption and salvation. Let’s look at each song’s verse:

Line 1:

It got closer.

Even though I was by myself, you found me there.

Even though I was, you gave me a reason.

To show your love.

In the first line, the singer talks about their midnight, cloudy search for love. They were lost and alone when love finally found them. This love, which many people see as the love of God, reached out to them when they were in trouble and made them feel like they had a reason and belonged.

Line 2:

“I’ll never be aware of the price.”

To see my breaking the law on that cross

To see what I did wrong on that cross.”

In the second stanza, they talk about the tremendous sacrifice that was made so that the singer could be saved. They show how humble they are and how they know they will never fully understand the price of the love that was paid on the cross to forgive their sins. This repetition shows how deep and selfless the love they have experienced is.

Line 3:

“And I will never be aware of the price.”

To see my breaking the law on that cross

No, I’ll never find out how much it costs.

To see what I did wrong on that cross.”

This line builds on the idea that the singer will never fully understand the love and sacrifice that saved them. It goes over the same subject again from the second verse.

The song “When Love Broke Through” is mostly about three things: realizing that they don’t understand how much this love costs, accepting the huge price they paid for their mistakes, and looking for love in bad times. The essential words are used over and over to show how strongly someone feels and how much they respect the power of love to change things, especially in a spiritual and redeeming setting.

When Love Broke Through Lyrics

What the lyrics convey about love and breakthroughs

The words to the song “When Love Broke Through” send a strong message about love and success. The main idea of the song is that love can change things, especially when someone is having a spiritual awakening. The words talk about love and success in the following ways:

The song says the fantastic thing is that love can fix and heal everything, even the worst things. They were lost and alone when love found them and gave them peace and a sense of direction. This shows that love has the power to heal people on a mental and emotional level.

Broken Through in the Face of Despair: The word “breakthrough” in this song refers to an insight or an act of God’s help. It’s a critical moment when love wins over problems like doubt, helplessness, and sadness. People can change spiritually and personally as a result of this important discovery.

To be saved by Jesus’ death on the cross or to be forgiven, the repeated words about realizing one’s sins on the cross are a hint at this Christian teaching. This brings up the idea that love can make things right and accept, letting people start over.

The song’s words talk about how hard it is to understand love and how much people are willing to give up to be saved. This shows that you are humble and amazed by how much love there is in heaven.

The lesson of “When Love Broke Through” is that love can help bring healing, forgiveness, and redemption even when things look bad. It brings up the idea that love can change things and lead to significant breakthroughs in life, like a renewed sense of purpose and a spiritual awakening. It’s a powerful example of how love changes people over time.

Purpose of the outline: Analyzing and discussing the lyrics of “When Love Broke Through”

The lyrics to “When Love Broke Through” will be looked up and talked about in order to better understand the song’s emotional effects and themes. By breaking down the song’s words, we can look at its leading ideas and symbols, which will help us understand what it means.

Verse 1: This verse sets the mood by talking about how the singer feels lost and alone as they look for love. It brings up the idea that love can find us when we’re at our worst and give us a sense of meaning and belonging.

Line 2: This line, which goes into the theme of sacrifice, emphasizes how humble the speaker is in the face of an act of love that is too much to handle. There are many times when they say, “I’ll never know how much it cost to see my sin on that cross.” This shows how much love saved them.

Passage 3: This part goes over the idea of atonement and sacrifice again. The repeat emphasizes how amazing divine love is and makes the point that this love is beyond human understanding.

Overall Meaning: The words of the song, which talk about a turning point in the singer’s life, show how love can change things. Some people say that love has the power to give hope, heal, and restore even the worst situations. It shows how humble and hard to understand love’s power is.

The cross, which represents the final sacrifice and the way to be saved, adds to the spiritual and Christian themes of the song. A “breakthrough” is a significant turning point in the process of learning about and growing as a person.

Reading the words “When Love Broke Through” can help you understand how deeply the song touches you and what it means to you in terms of change, love, and forgiveness. It gives you a better idea of what the song means as a Christian song and as a symbol of the power of love around the world.

Discuss how the lyrics of “When Love Broke Through” resonate personally

The lyrics of “When Love Broke Through” are easy for anyone to relate to because they talk about everyday human experiences like hope, atonement, and the power of love to change things.

The poem “I Search for Love When the Night Comes” speaks to everyone who has ever felt alone, uncertain, or hopeless. The message is one that many people can relate to, wanting something essential to bring people together emotionally.

People really connect with the line “I’ll never know how much it cost to see my sin on that cross,” which is repeated a lot. It shows respect and humility, recognizing the vast sacrifices that love can require that are often hard to explain. People are asked to think about their own experiences with forgiveness and healing.

Love has the power to heal, and the main idea of the song is that love can beat evil and bring hope and change. People who have loved someone have experienced this. It can help them feel better, especially when they are going through a hard time.

People who hear the song “When Love Broke Through” are encouraged to relate to their own stories of needing love, healing, and a new start. They make us think about ourselves and tell us that everyone needs a turning point in their life that gives them hope and forgiveness. For many, the song is a classic and beloved piece of music because it means so much to them.

When Love Broke Through Lyrics


“When Love Broke Through Lyrics” continues to speak to people from all walks of life with its timeless and strong message. Through its moving lyrics and heartfelt music, the song tells a story of finding love, being forgiven, and accepting the power of love to change things. 

The words to the song tell us that love can heal and restore us even when we are full of doubt and sadness. Another thing they show is how everyone longs for hope when things are dark. This song has stayed popular for a long time because it can make you feel strong emotions and touch your heart. 

It speaks to our shared desire for spiritual growth and healing, no matter what our pasts or worldviews are. “When Love Broke Through Lyrics” is a well-known and loved song that has moved and motivated many people by showing how strong the human spirit is and how love can change everything.


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