When I See Potential I Just Gotta See It Through Lyrics

When I See Potential I Just Gotta See It Through Lyrics

When I See Potential I Just Gotta See It Through Lyrics: A magnetic force pulls us toward the unknown reaches of possibility, hidden in the huge fabric of human experience. It’s a clear resonance, a pulsing energy that whispers unmet greatness and reverberates through the halls of hope. “When I See Potential, I Just Gotta See It Through” captures the spirit of this pull, telling a story through lyrics that honor the important act of seeing potential and, even more importantly, making a promise to see it through.

At the beginning of this song, the first few sounds draw us in and take us to a place full of hope and possibilities. The song’s lyrics talk about how we naturally want to seize chances as they come up, like a road map for uncharted territory. In this declaration, a deal with fate, the singer boldly says that she is committed to seeing promise through to its fullest realization.

When I See Potential I Just Gotta See It Through Lyrics

Like parts of a personal statement, the poems follow the main character through a maze of goals and dreams. Every line is a brushstroke on the painting of willpower, showing determination, passion, and a never-ending search for possibilities. The chorus is the most important part of the song. It’s a strong refrain that can be used as a personal mantra or a rallying cry. It shows how dedicated you have to be to walk that thin line between idea and reality.

Who wrote lift me up?

Lift Me Up/Composers

The song marks Rihanna’s first solo music output since her 2016 studio album, Anti. An R&B ballad, “Lift Me Up” was written by Rihanna, Nigerian singer Tems, Ryan Coogler, and produced by Ludwig Göransson.

The rock song “Lift Me” by Five Finger Death Punch is strong and uplifting. The song is from the band’s fifth studio album, “The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 1,” which came out in 2013. It has the band’s signature sound of powerful heavy metal with sad lyrics. Ivan Moody, the lead singer of Five Finger Death Punch, is known as a songwriter. So are Kevin Churko, Jeremy Spencer, Jason Hook, and Zoltan Bathory, who are also in the band and helped with recording.

The words to “Lift Me” are happy and have to do with sticking with something even when things get hard. Rob Halford, the famous lead singer of the metal band Judas Priest, helped make the song even stronger by adding a dynamic and interesting singing depth to it. The result is a beautiful piece of music that not only shows how good the band is at making music but also has a positive message. “Lift Me” is an important addition to Five Finger Death Punch’s catalog.

What is the central theme or message conveyed in “When I See Potential, I Just Gotta See It Through” lyrics?

“When I See Potential, I Just Gotta See It Through” is a beautiful song about never giving up on making potential come true and the never-ending search for unrealized possibilities. The song’s main idea is that hidden promises should be kept and that it’s important to see them through to the end. The song’s words beautifully capture the spirit of taking chances and facing problems head-on.

In each line, the singer talks about her journey through the complicated world of goals and wants, showing the ups and downs that come with chasing potential. The chorus makes a strong statement about the singer’s willingness to see promise and fully commit to making it come true.

The song is about not giving up, being brave, and not giving in to fear or suffering. It becomes an anthem for people who know that when the promise is seen, more than just admiration is needed—action is needed, too. When you get a chance, you should seize it with courage and determination, and you should be ready for the rough road ahead if you want to reach your full potential. The song’s lyrics are mostly positive messages that urge people to find their untapped potential and work toward making it come true.

Where was work by Rihanna filmed?


Rihanna later announced its premiere date to be February 22, 2016 via her Twitter account, while also releasing a videoclip via YouTube. Filming of the first accompanying music video took place at the Real Jerk restaurant in Toronto on February 5.

The music video for Rihanna’s song “Work,” which includes Drake, was filmed at the famous Caribbean restaurant The Real Jerk in Toronto, Canada. Director X made the music video for “Anti,” which came out in 2016 with Rihanna’s eighth studio album. The Real Jerk’s busy surroundings and stunning visuals made for a lively and real setting for the movie, which added to the overall energy and excitement of the production.

Drake and Rihanna can be seen in the movie in a number of restaurants that look and feel just like a wild dancehall party. The choice of The Real Jerk as the setting for the video adds a realistic touch to the story. It completely immerses viewers in the song’s celebration of the infectious excitement of Caribbean culture. Along with the catchy beat of “Work,” Drake and Rihanna’s flirty talk made for a memorable and visually compelling music video that went well with the dancehall and reggae parts of the song. Rihanna picked this site to make an amazing visual experience that fits with the song’s themes of happiness, love, and desire, as well as to honor Toronto’s growing arts and culture scene.

Which song did Tems write for Beyonce?

In July 2022, Tems was announced as a guest artist on Beyoncé’s album Renaissance, collaborating on the song “Move” with Grace Jones, becoming her fifth entry on the Hot 100. In October 2022, she co-wrote Rihanna’s song “Lift Me Up” for the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack.

Tems is a Nigerian singer-songwriter who is best known for working with Beyoncé on the song “Water,” which is on the album “The Lion King: The Gift.” She picked “The Lion King: The Gift,” which came out in 2019, as the music for Disney’s live-action “The Lion King.” The goal of the album was to bring attention to African music by combining different types of African artists.

Because Tems has a unique voice and style, her part in “Water” went perfectly with Beyoncé’s singing. Africa’s many different cultures influence the song and fit with the movie’s main idea. The partnership was a turning point for Tems because it gave her a global stage and made more people aware of her skills. With “Water,” Tems not only made a big contribution to a Hollywood movie but also showed how versatile and attractive Nigerian and African music is around the world.

When I See Potential I Just Gotta See It Through Lyrics

How does the singer express their commitment to realizing potential in the song?

With an expressive voice and interesting words, the performer of “When I See Potential, I Just Gotta See It Through” shows their strong desire to see potential come true. The lines show how aware the singer is of chances and untapped potential, and they stand as a literary monument to unwavering longing. The dedication is shown well by talking about personal situations, hardships, and the problems that come with trying to reach your full potential.

How the singer performs the song is very important because it gives the words a real sense of urgency and conviction. An honest, emotional intensity drives home the pledge, showing that the way to success is through an active, determined choice instead of a passive acknowledgment. The singers’ rising and falling tones and cadences make a musical environment that hits the listener hard by reflecting the highs and lows of the journey.

The chorus’s repeated use of the main theme also works as a strong mantra, highlighting the singer’s determination to see promise through to completion. Vivid visuals and metaphorical language make the emotional impact stronger, letting the audience relate to the singer’s journey and find connections with their own goals. As the singer’s voice and the words work together to tell a powerful story of dedication, the song becomes a personal anthem for people who share the singer’s drive to reach unrealized goals.

Does Lift Me Up play in Wakanda Forever?

The song plays over the end credits of “Wakanda Forever” and was co-written by Göransson, Tems, Rihanna and Coogler.

Five Finger Death Punch’s “Lift Me” was used in the movie “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.” Please keep in mind, though, that what I know might need to be corrected because the data I used for training only goes back to that period. Since then, events or releases may have happened.

At that time, the full “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” album hadn’t been released, and it was hard to find information about which songs were in the movie. Movie tunes are always being changed, and the final choices might only be known once the movie’s release date gets closer.

Work (Originally Performed By Rihanna Feat. Drake) Lyrics

“Work,” the hit song that Rihanna and Drake were the first to sing, is about love, desire, and the problems that come up in long-term relationships today. The song, which came out in 2016 on Rihanna’s album “Anti,” is about how complicated a relationship can be and how the main characters deal with relationships that are mixed between work and personal life.

“Work, work, work, work, work,” Rihanna cries over and over in the catchy chorus of the song. This perfectly captures the song’s main idea, which is how hard it is to understand and keep a meaningful connection. In the lyrics, Drake and Rihanna talk about love from different points of view. They talk about things like loyalty, communication, and how hard it is to keep a relationship going when outside factors come into play.

The flirty and fun sound of the Caribbean-inspired rhythm that runs through the words makes the song even more lively and danceable. A worldwide sensation, “Work” is made even more appealing by Rihanna’s seductive performance and Drake’s alluring words. The words “Work” basically combine famous choruses with themes of emotional tension to create an interesting story that connects with listeners and solidifies the song’s status as a major hit in modern pop and R&B music.

Work (R3HAB Remix) Lyrics

With electronic energy, the “Work” R3HAB Remix gives Rihanna and Drake’s original duo a new lease on life, ending in a dynamic take on the number-one hit. With a better electronic beat, R3HAB’s 2016 remake turns the song into a pulsing dance anthem.

The lines in R3HAB’s remix have an electronic, futuristic feel and a stronger sense of urgency. However, the catchy chorus that Rihanna sings so enthusiastically in the original is kept. The words stay true to the main theme of the original song while exploring the complicated dynamics of a love relationship where hard work and dedication are important.

The remix adds R3HAB’s signature electronic parts to “Work,” making the song faster and more intense while also making it easier to dance to. The new soundscapes add a captivating background to the dramatic lyrics and make the harmony between Rihanna’s singing and the electronic beats stronger. The “Work” R3HAB Remix successfully combines popular and electronic music styles into a cohesive and thrilling musical experience. It’s not only a new take on a pop and R&B hit but also a testament to how flexible the original piece was.

When I See Potential I Just Gotta See It Through Lyrics

“When I See Potential, I Just Gotta See It Through,” the last few notes stay in the air, motivating and making you feel a strong duty to follow through. As the chorus and lines get longer, the trip through the landscape of possibilities ends. But the melody’s echoes live on in the minds of those who have tuned in to its changing frequency.

This lovely trip is a touching reminder that reaching your full potential is not a short-term goal but a lifelong goal. A strong spirit that won’t be stopped by the limits of doubt or the chains of hardship is what it represents. Like the end of an epic book, these lyrics leave you with a sense of triumph that comes from being determined to start the trip in the first place and from reaching your goals.

Which are both heavy with knowledge and easy to think about, make you want to think. When we see them, they make us think of times when we were faced with possibility and had to choose whether to go back or continue. The song’s words, which are meant for everyone who has dared to dream and aim, stress that seeing promise through isn’t just a choice. It’s a song for everyone.


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