What You Want Lyrics Tenth Avenue North

What You Want Lyrics Tenth Avenue North

What You Want Lyrics Tenth Avenue North: The contemporary Christian band Tenth Avenue North has won over fans with songs and words that touch the heart. They give the Christian music business a deep and unique point of view. “What You Want” is one of their many powerful songs; it’s an honest look at faith, giving up, and trying to do God’s will when things get hard.

What You Want Lyrics Tenth Avenue North

In their 2012 record “The Struggle,” “What You Want,” they talk about how hard it is to balance your own goals with a greater goal. The song’s words make you think deeply about the battle between wanting to align your will with God’s bigger plan and your own goals. The band is known for songs that make you think and feel emotionally. These songs encourage people to think about life’s bigger questions about meaning and existence.

The sad and beautiful arrangement of the song goes well with the words that make you think. Tenth Avenue North’s music makes people feel, so people can connect to the hard times and successes that are talked about in the lyrics. The lead singer, Mike Donehey, says the words honestly so people from all walks of life can connect to the way of seeking God’s will.

What is the story behind the Tenth Avenue North?

Tenth Avenue North was founded in 2000 by Donehey and Jamison. According to Donehey, the name Tenth Avenue North was meant to be temporary because they were scheduled to play at a conference and could not agree on a name; they chose the name of the street they lived on in West Palm Beach and never changed it.

Tenth Avenue North is a modern Christian band from West Palm Beach, Florida. Kevin Jamison, who plays guitar, and Mike Donehey, who sings lead, met at Palm Beach Atlantic University in 2000. They both loved music and wanted to share their gifts to spread faith-based messages of goodwill.

The band used to be called “The Reformation,” and its members changed a few times before Mike Donehey, Jeff Owen (guitar), Ruben Juarez III (bass), and Brendan Shirley (drums) were chosen. Tenth Avenue North was officially built in 2003. It was named after a major east-west street in West Palm Beach that goes to the beach.

Their big break came when their first record, “Over and Underneath,” came out in 2008. It had singles like “Love is Here” and “By Your Side.” Reviewers liked the record, and the trio won the 2009 Gospel Music Association Dove Award for New Artist of the Year.

What are the key themes explored in ‘What You Want’ lyrics by Tenth Avenue North?

Tenth Avenue North’s song “What You Want” talks about a lot of important things and includes deep, meditative thoughts on faith, meaning, and giving up. The words are so real and honest that they make people think about how complicated their relationship with God is and how hard it is to deal with life’s uncertainties.

The battle with ambiguity and people’s tendency to doubt God’s plans are two important themes. The lyrics talk about how everyone questions and looks for comfort, suggesting a need for clarity and understanding when they are sad.

The song also talks about surrender, which means giving up your own goals and dreams to work for a greater cause. People who hear it are told to trust God’s knowledge and let go of control, even when things look uncertain or hard.

“What You Want” means that God will always love and accept you. It acknowledges that people make mistakes, but it stresses the grace and forgiveness that come from having a connection with God. This subject is about how love and forgiveness can change things, which is similar to the Christian idea of grace.

What You Want Lyrics Tenth Avenue North

What is 10th Avenue famous for?

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Tenth Avenue North’s fame comes mostly from the important changes it brought to current Christian music. The band from West Palm Beach, Florida, is famous for its exciting shows, unique music, and smart songs.

Tenth Avenue North became well-known after their first record, “Over and Underneath,” came out in 2008. Hit songs from the record, like “Love is Here” and “By Your Side,” were liked by a wide range of people and got a lot of airplay on Christian radio stations. Their place in the Christian music business was solidified when their first CD did well, and they won New Artist of the Year at the 2009 Gospel Music Association Dove Awards.

The band Tenth Avenue North has been on the charts and in the hearts of their fans for a long time. After “The Light Meets the Dark” (2010), “The Struggle” (2012), and “Cathedrals” (2014), the band showed how good they were at music and how willing they were to explore topics like faith, uncertainty, and the human condition.

Along with its artistic successes, Tenth Avenue North is known for the good things it does for charity. The group has shown that they care about social justice and want to make the world a better place outside of the music business by actively supporting groups like Compassion International.

Why did Tenth Avenue North break up?

In February 2020, the band announced an amicable end to the band as they wanted to spend more time with their families and pursue other careers.

Tenth Avenue North’s music career came to an end when they said they were breaking up in 2020. The drummer, Ruben Juarez III, the guitarist, Jeff Owen, and the lead singer, Mike Donehey, told their fans about the news on social media.

According to the band members, the main reason Tenth Avenue North broke up was that each of them felt it was time for a change in their own lives and jobs. They said they were looking for new chances in their personal and work lives. Changing priorities, personal growth, and the way life usually goes, which often leads to new activities and chapters, all play a role in the choice.

Tenth Avenue North thanks their fans for years of support in a touching letter to their followers. They also talked about how their fans had shaped their musical journey. The members of the band said that their friendships and memories would live on even though the band was breaking up.

You should know that the details of the breakup might have yet to be made public because artists often choose to keep some details about their personal and business choices secret. Fans were comforted, though, that the band members made their choice politely and peacefully.

How does the song convey the universal struggle between personal desires and divine purpose?

The sad words and powerful music in the song really show how everyone struggles between their own goals and God’s plan for them. A song by Tenth Avenue North called “What You Want” talks about how hard it is for many people to balance their own goals with what they think is God’s bigger plan or calling for their lives.

An important part of showing this battle through the lyrics is the empathy they show. The singer talks about her inner struggles, doubts, and desire to be understood. People can connect to this thoughtful tone because it is a reflection of the universal human experience of balancing one’s own goals with what seems to be the will of a higher power.

The song’s lyrics also talk about giving up, showing how hard it is to let go of power and personal goals. Recognizing that people naturally doubt and question things and wanting to believe in a higher power is a good way to sum up the ongoing conflict that people who want to spend their lives for a better cause face.

The way the song is put together musically encourages thought and meditation while keeping the strong emotional intensity of the lyrics in check. Ups and downs in the song’s mood, from the quiet lines to the strong choruses, show how the person is feeling. The passionate vocal delivery and melodic parts make the listener feel closer to the theme’s content.

The songs’ easy-to-understand language makes the problem even more global. “What You Want” helps listeners connect with their inner problems and goals by talking about things that everyone goes through, like doubt, worry, and the need to have a reason.

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What You Wantby Tenth Avenue North

Tenth Avenue North’s “What You Want” is an interesting and thought-provoking song about faith, giving up, and the fight inside oneself between personal goals and a higher purpose. The song, which is from the band’s 2016 album “The Things We’ve Been Afraid To Say,” shows how they make sad music with words that make you think.

“What You Want” does a great job of showing how hard it can be for people to get their wants to match up with what they think God wants. Starting with an admission of doubt and a wish for clarity, the song shows how hard it is to be human when you’re having problems and want to know what to do.

The song is mostly about how hard it is to give up your wants and follow a bigger cause. Many religious people have to deal with ongoing inner conflict when they have to let go of control and trust that God’s will is best. The singer does a great job of capturing this conflict.

The lyrics of “What You Want” are emotional and powerful, which matches its musical qualities. The melody brings out the meaning of the words and creates a mood for reflection, which helps people understand the emotional depth of the song. There are dramatic changes between the lyrics’ soft verses and strong choruses, which show how the inner fight goes up and down. This makes the message clearer.

 What You Want Lyrics

Tenth Avenue North’s song “What You Want” beautifully captures what it’s like to face uncertainty, faith, and the need to balance one’s own goals with a greater, divine purpose. Their 2016 record “The Things We’ve Been Afraid To Say” had this song on it. It’s a deep look at the conflict between personal goals and the need to give in to a bigger picture.

The first honest admission of doubt and confusion in the song shows how fragile the human mind is. By asking questions and looking for answers, the singer shows a common attempt to make sense of life’s problems and difficulties. This tone of self-reflection sets the stage for a story that readers can relate to on a deep level.

In “What You Want,” surrender is a big idea that shows how hard it is to give up your own goals and wants for the sake of faith in a higher power. The song’s lyrics talk about the inner struggle that comes up when someone has to pick between their own goals and what they think God wants for them. This article is about a common problem that lots of people face when they’re trying to find a balance between their own goals and doing what’s best for everyone else.

What You Want Lyrics Tenth Avenue North

The passionate and beautiful melody of the song goes well with the reflective words. The soft lyrics give way to strong choruses, making for a dramatic and emotional musical trip. This musicality makes the lyrics more emotional, which makes it easier for the viewer to relate to the inner turmoil the song talks about.

Tenth Avenue North’s “What You Want” shows how they can make a song that goes beyond the limits of standard Christian music by combining catchy melodies and smart lyrics. This hymn’s lyrics take spiritual travelers on an emotional and understanding journey, showing how everyone tries to match their own goals with a greater purpose.

The sincere vocals of Mike Donehey and the band’s masterful musical arrangement make the song a way to reflect, making people think about their deeds and the depth of their faith. The themes of surrender and trust link the music and the listener’s spiritual journey and how seeking God’s will can change things.


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