What Would You Do If Your Son Was At Home Lyrics

What Would You Do If Your Son Was At Home Lyrics

What Would You Do If Your Son Was At Home Lyrics – “What would you do if your son was at home, crying all alone on the bedroom floor?” asks the first line of the song. It is a thought-provoking question that acts as a powerful catalyst, bringing instant attention to a young child’s emotional problems and setting the stage for a thoughtful examination of problems in society.

The words to City High look at the complicated web of economic and social problems, as well as the tough decisions people have to make to stay alive. The harsh delivery of the lyrics strongly shows the hardships of city life by showing the desperation and determination of people fighting bad luck. 

As the song goes on, it asks listeners to think about the huge effects that structural problems have on people and their families, and it also asks them to be kind and understand how complicated things can get in poor communities. The first line of “What Would You Do?” sets the tone for a story that goes beyond music and makes you think about the bigger effects of social unfairness and how strong the human spirit is.

What Would You Do If Your Son Was At Home Lyrics

What happened to City High?

City High merged onto the scene in 2001 with a hot single called “What Would You Do” and had a very successful debut album. The trio was discovered by Wyclef Jean who signed them after they performed for him. The group broke up in 2003 and have been musically missing since.

This was an American R&B group called City High. They had a short but successful career in the early 2000s before breaking up because of personal problems. The music video for Robbie Pardlo, Claudette Ortiz, and Ryan Toby’s hit song “What Would You Do?” came out in 2001. The song’s success helped them become famous; critics praised it for having an urban soul vibe and lyrics that made people think.

Even though City High had early success, they had problems within the group, especially between Ryan and Claudette, who were dating. The problems in their relationship started to change how the group worked, which is why Claudette quit City High. This problem made it easier for the group to fall apart.

After they broke up, Claudette Ortiz kept working in music, while Ryan Toby tried to make a name for himself as an actor and musician. Robbie Pardlo, on the other hand, was involved in well-known court cases. The story of City High is a metaphor for the problems that musical ensembles face: disagreements within the group can make their skill and potential look less impressive, which can lead to the abrupt end of their efforts to work together.

Who was in City High Group?

Claudette Ortiz

Ryan Toby

Robbie Pardlo

Ryan Toby, Robbie Pardlo, and Claudette Ortiz were in the R&B group City High, which came out in the early 2000s. Ryan Toby, an actress and singer, was very important in making the group happen because he was creative and great at singing. It was Claudette Ortiz’s sensual voice that gave the trio’s song more depth and flavor. Importantly, Ryan and Claudette were also dating, which made the group’s problems even worse in the long run.

Robbie Pardlo, the third member, sang and rapped, among other things. Together, the three artists’ skills made the soulful and socially focused music that made City High’s short but notable career stand out. “What Would You Do?” was their big breakout hit. It got a lot of attention because of its urban R&B sound and deep words.

City High eventually broke up, even though it had a lot of success at first. Claudette left because of problems within the group, especially between Ryan and Claudette. Each member of the band went their way after the group broke up. For example, Robbie Pardlo was in trouble with the law, but Claudette Ortiz kept working in music, and Ryan Toby tried acting and singing on his own. The story of City High shows how important it is to work together and how personal problems can change the course of a singing group.

What emotions are conveyed in the lyrics of “What Would You Do?

City High makes you feel a lot of strong feelings and paints a clear picture of the problems people face in society. “What would you do if your son was at home and cried alone on the bedroom floor?” is the first question that makes you feel desperate and open. As the song goes on, it talks about the complicated feelings that come with being poor, a single parent, and having to deal with the harsh facts of life.

The song’s words make people deeply understand and encourage them to think about the inner pain that people who are going through hard times go through. Throughout the story, themes of strength and endurance show how people can keep going even when things get hard. The emotional delivery of the song and the horrible events it describes bring the main characters and the audience closer together.

The song makes people feel sorry for others by showing how deeply people feel about problems in society. This turns the song from a musical piece into a sad statement about the human situation. You can feel a mix of sadness, anger, and drive in the lines, which give you a clear picture of what it’s like to be human. Lies in its ability to transcend its musical components and serve as a conduit for compassion and understanding by shedding light on the often overlooked aspects of urban life.

Where is the band City High from?

The three young rappers (all hailing from Willingboro, NJ) have all dabbled in acting and producing in addition to their songwriting and rapping talents. The group released their first album, the self-titled City High, on Booga Basement/Interscope Records in 2001.

Willingboro Township, New Jersey, is where the R&B group City High got its start and became famous in the early 2000s. Ryan Toby, Claudette Ortiz, and Robbie Pardlo made up the group. They used a variety of skills to make a unique sound that mixed hip-hop and deep R&B.

Willingboro Township, a neighborhood of Burlington County, was where the three first worked together. After City High broke up, the members went their separate ways, but their shared history in Willingboro Township stayed a strong part of their artistic journey.

Their big hit song, “What Would You Do?” probably had a unique sound and social message because of the neighborhood’s cultural influences and everyday life.”Willingboro Township has long been home to a variety of musical talents.” The fact that City High is from Willingboro Township, which is in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, gives their story more regional meaning and shows how local influences have affected their musical style and the themes they explore.

What Would You Do If Your Son Was At Home Lyrics

What is the central theme of “What Would You Do?” by City High?

“What Would You Do?” by City High is about the problems that poor people face. The main idea is that lively stories can show how complicated city life can be. The song talks about how hard it is to be a single parent, be poor, and have to make hard choices. The song is mostly about how hard it is to deal with social and economic problems. 

At its core, the song is about how people deal with problems and the moral dilemmas that arise when they are faced with tough situations. It sheds light on people who are going through hard times and highlights the strong will that keeps going even when systemic problems come up. The words ask an interesting question from the point of view of a little kid who is having a bad day, which makes people relate to the emotional toll that social problems take on people.

“How Would You Proceed?” is a social commentary that makes you think about how outside forces and systemic injustices can change people’s lives. With its moving story and catchy voice, the song goes beyond the limits of traditional music and becomes a powerful look at how people live in relation to bigger social problems.

Is there a band called City?

City is a German rock band, formed in East Berlin in 1972, best known for the song “Am Fenster” (“At/By The Window”) from its 1978 debut album.

Still, because the term is so common and music is always changing, it might be hard to pick out a specific band by name if there isn’t something that sets them apart, like a genre, place, or other information.

It’s important to remember that bands are always starting up, breaking up, or changing their names in the music business.

You can also find out about a band’s events, new music, and lineup changes on music forums and social media sites. If you know more about the genre, area, or anything else that makes the “City” band you’re looking for unique, that will help you narrow down your search and get more relevant and accurate results.

What Would You Do?by City High

“By City High,” from the group’s self-titled debut album, which came out in 2001, is a powerful and socially aware R&B song that talks about the problems and suffering that people in poor areas face. A lot of people liked the song because it was honest and didn’t sugarcoat problems in society. 

Ryan Toby, Claudette Ortiz, and Robbie Pardlo used their fame to speak out against poverty, depression, and the harsh realities of life in cities. “What Would You Do?” is a song about people who are having a hard time with money and have to make tough choices in order to stay alive. A thought-provoking question is asked by the group, which makes people think about what they would do in this situation.

The lead singer, Claudette Ortiz, sings the lines with a deep emotional intensity that beautifully shows how hard it is to live in poverty, touching on issues like drug abuse, being a single parent, and not having enough chances.

There is a catchy sample of Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode” in the song’s music, as well as hip-hop and R&B elements that go well with the sad story. 

“What Would You Do at City High?” not only captivates with its catchy beats and catchy choruses, but it also criticizes society by making people think about the structure flaws that cause the problems the lyrics describe.

The hit song “What Would You Do?” wasn’t just popular because of its catchy tune; it also got people talking about unfair society and the tough situations many people are in. The song has stayed famous over time because it speaks to people who like music that is more than just fun and makes a point about life.

What Would You Do? Lyrics

What Would You Do at City High?” is a touching R&B song that addresses societal issues and the challenges that people in marginalized neighborhoods face. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of people forced to make difficult decisions in order to live, with the chorus questioning, “What would you do if your son was at home, crying all alone on the bedroom floor?” It’s a dramatic and heartbreaking look at the harsh facts of life.

In this song, lead singer Claudette Ortiz tackles the impacts of social neglect and the impact on families, eliciting reflection on one’s own ideals as well as empathy for others facing similar problems. The song contains emotionally packed verses that truly represent scenarios of drug addiction, single parenthood, and financial difficulties.

The song’s narrative, as well as its catchy melodies and usage of a sample from Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode,” added to its widespread acclaim and audience resonance. The chorus serves as a melancholy refrain, pushing the viewer to consider the difficult choices that people must make when faced with hardship. “What Would You Do?” is a strong example of how music can address societal problems by eliciting discussion and contemplation while being acoustically captivating.

“How Would You Spend Your Time at City High?” is an enthralling and socially conscious song that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional R&B. The lyrics, with their complicated storyline and strong emotional depth, provide a powerful commentary on the difficulties that people from impoverished and marginalized groups face.

It said, “What would you do if your son was at home, crying all alone on the bedroom floor?” “captures the eerie chant.” pushes listeners to face the terrible truth of life’s challenges. The song’s impact is due to its melodic appeal, which is heightened by Claudette Ortiz’s passionate delivery and the catchy tempo, as well as its ability to prompt introspection and empathy.

“What Would You Do?” invites listeners to consider the choices one might make when faced with the harsh circumstances depicted in this thought-provoking composition, as well as a deeper understanding of the societal issues adding to the struggles depicted in the lyrics, through its story. The song masterfully integrates social commentary with musical creativity, having a long effect on listeners who value music’s ability to illuminate the human experience.

It is a powerful and daring musical drama that connects with viewers on a social and emotional level. The thought-provoking question summarizes the words, “What would you do if your son was at home, crying on the bedroom floor all alone?”Investigate the challenging truth of living in underserved communities.

What Would You Do If Your Son Was At Home Lyrics

The song’s power, in addition to having a captivating R&B sound, is in its ability to serve as a mirror reflecting societal themes such as desperation, poverty, and single parenthood. The passionate performance of Claudette Ortiz The lyrics are imbued with a genuine, emotional strength that heightens the effect of the story.

As the song progresses, it becomes a cry for empathy, encouraging listeners to consider the difficult choices that people struggling with systemic problems and societal neglect must make. With its unsettling refrain, the chorus transforms into a call to action for knowledge and understanding.

Finally, “How Would You Respond?” transcends the bounds of a typical R&B song, changing into a social commentary that asks listeners to consider the ramifications of societal inequalities. Its continuous relevance attests to the music’s persistent power to provoke deep reflection, arouse empathy, and draw attention to the often ignored hardships of society’s underprivileged.


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