What Would You Do Bastille Lyrics

What Would You Do Bastille Lyrics

What Would You Do Bastille Lyrics: The words to Bastille’s song “What Would You Do” take a dramatic look at existential problems and societal issues. In the British band’s mixtape “VS. (Other People’s Heartache, Pt. III),” the song tells an interesting story about moral dilemmas, complicated human behavior, and the choices we have to make as society changes.

The song basically asks people to think about the made-up events described in its lyrics. The title alone makes you think about a question that everyone has: how do people handle tough situations and moral dead ends? The lyrics go into great depth about a lot of different people as they deal with things that test their morals. The lead singer of Bastille, Dan Smith, sings the lines with true realism, and his emotional vocals add to the drama of the lyrics.

Cinematic and indie pop elements are expertly mixed in this song’s composition to make a sound that matches the complexity of the words. The instrumentation adds to the emotional impact of the song. With powerful percussion and evocative synths, the instruments emphasize how serious the problems the lyrics address are.

Listeners are taken on an introspective journey that goes beyond simple enjoyment and pushes them to think about the big issues raised by the lyrics. The song “What Would You Do?” is both a musical work and an interesting look at morality, people, and how hard it is to balance personal choices with societal norms. In what comes next, we’ll break down the words and show how the different themes work together to make a musical experience that is both interesting and personal. The band Bastille made this song.

What Would You Do Bastille Lyrics

What was Bastille’s first song on the charts?

Late in 2011, Bastille signed to EMI and made their debut on the label with the April 2012 single “Overjoyed.” That August, “Bad Blood” marked the band’s first appearance on the U.K. charts, peaking at number 90.

“Pompeii,” which came out in 2013 as part of Bastille’s first studio record, “Bad Blood,” made the band famous and money-making. Not only did “Pompeii” put Bastille on the charts, but it also made the band famous all over the world.

The song’s wide appeal comes from its unique mix of catchy melodies, deep words, and upbeat indie pop. The catchy chorus and the way the song mixed bright instrumentals with scary themes made “Pompeii” popular. By drawing parallels between our world and the old city of Pompeii, the song’s title and lyrics offer a symbolic look at how things change and how time goes by.

The first week of “Pompeii” did very well on the Billboard Hot 100, the UK Singles Chart, and other music lists. Its ongoing use in the charts over a long period was more proof of how well it worked. The song’s popularity and praise made Bastille well-known in the punk and alternative music scenes. Bastille’s “Pompeii” is still a classic song that supports their early work and sets the stage for future hit songs.

How many songs do Bastille have?

The discography of Bastille, a British indie pop band, consists of four studio albums, one live album, twelve extended plays, thirty-three singles and thirty-one music videos.

The exact number of tracks they’ve put out may have changed since then. By that time, Bastille had put out three albums: “Doom Days” (2019), “Wild World” (2016), and “Bad Blood” (2013).

“Bastille: Complete Edition,” which came out in 2013, had new songs and extra material. Along with their solo work, the group has put out several mixtapes and duets, such as “VS. (Other People’s Heartache, Pt. III)” in 2014.

Bastille has released full albums, mixtapes, singles, covers, and music for movies and TV shows. Some well-known songs are “Flaws,” “Good Grief,” “Pompeii,” and “Happier.”

What is the underlying theme of “What Would You Do” by Bastille?

Bastille’s song “What Would You Do?” is mostly about exploring philosophical questions, moral dilemmas, and how complicated it is for people to act when they are in trouble. There are many possible situations in the song, and in each one, a character talks about moral problems and hard choices. These events include personal connections and problems that affect a lot of people, making a tapestry of things to think about and reflect on.

Throughout the song, Bastille asks listeners to think about how they would respond in similar situations to show how uncertain morality is and how subjective good and evil are. The title, “What Would You Do?” shows up over and over again, and it’s a touching reminder of how common moral dilemmas are and how hard choices we have to make all our lives.

The song is more than just a study of hypothetical situations; it goes deep into the psychology of people, how outside factors can affect judgment, and how personal preferences and societal norms can affect each other in complicated ways. Finally, “What Would You Do?” makes people think about their morals and values as well as the complicated moral terrain that touches all of us.

Why was Bastille famous?

The Bastille, stormed by an armed mob of Parisians on July 14, 1789, in the opening days of the French Revolution, was a symbol of the despotism of the ruling Bourbon monarchy and held an important place in the ideology of the Revolution.

Bastille became famous for its unique sound, which was a mix of electronic, alternative rock, and indie pop elements with words that made people think and feel. Their big break came in 2013 when their first single, “Pompeii,” from the album “Bad Blood,” came out. The song’s catchy chorus, melody, and clever mix of upbeat instrumentals and sad lyrics made it popular with a wide audience, elevating Bastille to worldwide fame.

Pop music hit the top of the charts all over the world, and “Pompeii” became a radio standard. “Bad Blood,” their next song, made them even more popular. The band stands out in the alternative music market because of its unique lead singer, Dan Smith’s voice, and its ability to write dramatic, emotionally charged songs.

“Wild World” and “Doom Days,” Bastille’s next two records, showed how versatile and grown the band had become. Part of their continued success can be traced back to the fact that they are willing to try out different types of music and are open to different kinds of inspiration. Bastille became famous in today’s music scene thanks to their exciting live shows and lively stage presence, which won them a lot of fans.

What Would You Do Bastille Lyrics

How does the song’s lyrics explore societal and existential questions?

“What Would You Do” by Bastille explores existential and social issues through a number of dramatic situations that show more about how society works and how people live. By drawing realistic pictures of characters who are having moral problems, the lyrics make people think about how complicated human behavior can be in many situations.

This song talks about bigger problems in society, like political unrest, power struggles, and how group shows turn out. The words, among other things, talk about the moral complexity that comes from having to deal with a hard world, social injustice, and corruption. This question makes people think about their social responsibilities and the moral problems that come up when they try to fix structural problems.

Existential problems are brought up in the song by asking people to think about what existence is, what it means, and how short life is. There are made-up situations that make people think about their deaths, the passing of time, and how important personal choices are in the grand plan of things.

“What Would You Do” is about more than just one person. Its words can lead you to think more deeply about the existential and social aspects of being human. The song encourages people to think about big issues like morals, meaning, and where their own lives fit in the big picture.

Why is it called Bastille?

What are Bastille named after? Bastille are named after the Storming of the Bastille in Paris, France, on 14 July 1789, an event which saw the medieval fortress, armoury and political prison invaded.

The lead singer Dan Smith’s birthday is July 14, which is also Bastille Day in France. This is where the name Bastille came from for the British band. The name comes from the historical event that happened on July 14, 1789, when people in Paris took over the Bastille, which was a fortress and a jail run by the government. This was a turning point in the French Revolution.

The band’s beliefs were connected to the breaking of the Bastille, which stood for the fight against oppression and the search for freedom, equality, and brotherhood. The band may have wanted the name Bastille to evoke a picture of intellectual and artistic freedom from restrictions, in line with the spirit of creative and revolutionary liberation.

The band’s name, Bastille, makes you think of change, freedom, and the power of community action, even though the music doesn’t usually deal with politics or past events. It focuses on getting past problems and being open to the idea of change and renewal in their art, which gives their identity value.

What would you do? Lyrics

The song “What Would You Do” by Bastille makes you think by presenting a number of possible situations. It makes you think about how you would handle difficult situations and moral dilemmas. Songs that talk about both personal and social issues touch on love, power, and how complicated people can be.

At the beginning of the song, there is a story about someone who made a deal with the devil, which makes people afraid of what might happen if they keep their word. During the song, different situations happen, from personal relationships and intellectual thoughts to social unrest and corrupt politics. Asking “What would you do?” over and over again is a sharp reminder of how subjective right and wrong are and how everyone faces ethical dilemmas.

The lyrics of the song talk about issues like political unrest, power struggles, and the results of choices made by a group. The scenarios paint a vivid picture of a world struggling with corruption and social unfairness. This makes people think about their roles in society and the moral problems that systemic disasters bring up.

People who listen to the song are encouraged to think about how short life is, how important personal choices are, and how they will always have to make hard choices. Together, Bastille’s evocative music style and the storytelling nature of their words make for an immersive and engaging experience that makes people think about how complicated life is. “What Would You Do” is more than just a song; it’s a deeper look at morality, how society works, and how inner ideals and outside forces interact in a complex way.

The Meaning Behind The Song: What Would You Do by Bastille

The Bastille song “What Would You Do?” is about existential questions, morality, and the complicated ways that decisions and social settings can affect each other. The lyrics of the song ask people to think about how they would feel about different made-up events. The word serves as a constant reminder of how decisions are made and how social problems affect everyone.

This song talks about bigger problems in society, like unfair treatment of others, power battles, and dishonest government. The lyrics tell stories about revolutions, problems with structures, and the results of group activities. This piece of social commentary makes people think about their places in bigger systems and the moral problems that come up when you have to live in a tough place.

The song also makes you think about the meaning of life, how short life is, and how the choices you make can change your future. Bastille’s moving performance and words that make you think make for an interesting experience that makes you want to think. People can use “What Would You Do” as a starting point to think about their morals and values, as well as the complicated moral territory that makes up human life. Finally, the song makes you think more deeply about how hard it is to be human, the effects of choices, and how internal values and external forces are always at odds with each other.

What Would You Do Bastille Lyrics

Bastille’s “What Would You Do” is a great example of how they can mix powerful lyrics with interesting music. The song grows into more than just music; it’s an emotional look at what it means to be human and the moral problems that we face every day. Lead singer Dan Smith’s moving performance makes the story more real and sensitive, while the words ask people to think about and deal with moral ambiguity.

People are asked to think about their ideas and values when they are in tough situations, the song’s title, which is also a rhetorical question. By using beautiful language, Bastille weaves together a lively web of characters, each of whom fights with choices that are like the complicated web of choices we face in our connected world.

Musically, “What Would You Do” shows how good the band is at controlling sound. The dramatic drums and evocative synths create a movie-like atmosphere for the song’s lyrics. The piece’s strong emotional content makes the viewer more interested, and the song’s themes are felt both intellectually and viscerally.

The song “What Would You Do” is more than just a song; it’s an interesting experience that makes you think, feel, and learn more about the many things that affect how people act. As the last notes of the song fade in, the listener has a better sense of how complicated the relationship is between choice, consequence, and the fabric of our shared humanity. However, there are still worries that remain.


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