What U Know Bout Love Lyrics

What U Know Bout Love Lyrics


What U Know Bout Love Lyrics: “What U Know Bout Love” is a strong song by the late rapper Pop Smoke, who was known for his unique blend of grime and pop music. The artist’s thoughts and experiences can be heard in this music, which came out after he died in 2020.

This song by Pop Smoke talks about how hard and often unstable Love can be by talking about betrayal, trust, and respect. By being honest about his flaws, he deals with the uncertainty that often comes with love relationships. The singer makes the song very easy to understand by letting listeners into his feelings and thoughts through the words.

The catchy way Pop Smoke sings the song gives it emotional depth and a soundscape that makes the words stand out. The listener is pulled into a story of Love and hardship by his unique voice and moving words.

When Pop Smoke tells a story in “What U Know Bout Love,” it makes the song interesting and makes you think. The artist creates a lasting impact on the rap and hip-hop scene by connecting with his fans on a personal level. This reminds us of his endless talent and the huge impact of his music.

What U Know Bout Love Lyrics

Lrc Pop Smoke – What You Know Bout Love (Lyrics)

The hip-hop song “What You Know Bout Love” by Pop Smoke examines the complicated nature of Love and relationships. The words tell a story about a person who doesn’t trust their partner’s ideas about Love and loyalty. The song’s chorus asks over and over, “What do you know about love?” This makes it sound like the person singing doesn’t think their partner fully understands how they feel.

Pop Smoke raps about the hard times and sacrifices he’s made for Love throughout the song. He made references to how hard it is to live on the streets and asked his partner if they really understood and appreciated the sacrifices he had made for their relationship.

The person singing the song is skeptical and suspicious, and the lyrics talk about trust and betrayal. It is clear that the person speaking has been through hard times and is now questioning the truth of the Love they have received in return.

The song’s production is different from its sad and reflective words. It has a happy tune and a smooth, easygoing groove. His deep voice and unique flow make Pop Smoke’s delivery stand out, which adds to the overall vibe of the track.

Through the ups and downs of a relationship, Pop Smoke’s song “What You Know Bout Love” explores the complicated themes of Love, trust, and sacrifice. The music is a captivating background for the moving story, and the words show doubt and thought.

What You Know Bout Love Lyrics

In the setting of a bad relationship, the song’s lyrics talk about Love, trust, and being open and honest.

“What do you know about Love? / I got what you need” is a rap line by Pop Smoke that suggests he can give his partner the Love and support they want. However, the songs also talk about problems in relationships. 

The words say more about Pop Smoke’s relationships with the women he dates. He talks about chats that happen late at night, being misunderstood, and the problems that come with being famous and having a busy life. The words paint a picture of a difficult love relationship where poor communication, problems with trust, and Pop Smoke’s public image are all significant factors.

Pop Smoke’s beautifully sad and thoughtful song “What You Know Bout Love” shows how well he can combine rough-edged rap with more delicate and emotional topics. People liked the song, which made him more famous in the music business and made it one of his most famous works. Pop Smoke died too soon in 2020, but his songs will always be remembered and have an effect on rap music.

Importance of discussing the lyrics of “What U Know Bout Love”

The words to Pop Smoke’s song “What You Know Bout Love” need to be talked about for many reasons.

One way to find artistic expression and story in music is to look at the lyrics. It lets people connect with the artist’s feelings, thoughts, and experiences.

Pop Smoke was a rising star in the music business. His songs can teach fans and researchers more about his ideas, personality, and the things that were important to him. Finding this out might make the connection between the performer and the crowd stronger.

For example, “What You Know Bout Love” is a song that may make a social point, like many others. The song’s themes of Love, trust, and the problems that come with being famous will hit home with a lot of people. It can be used to look at bigger problems in society, like how hard it is for people to get along in modern relationships.

Music can make you feel very strongly. By thinking about the song’s words, listeners may feel better and more connected.

Relevance to society: This song and other music by Pop Smoke had a big impact on hip-hop society today. The words tell us about the artist and the type of music.

Encourages Conversation: Talking about the lyrics of a song can start a debate or conversation among listeners, which can help them understand the music and its social implications better.

Legacy Preservation: Talking about Pop Smoke’s lyrics is a way to remember and keep his memory alive since he died so young. This makes sure that his services to the music business will last and serve as an example for new musicians.

It is important to talk about the lyrics of “What You Know Bout Love” and other similar songs if you want to enjoy music as art, understand the artist’s point of view, and connect with the deeper cultural and emotional themes that these songs touch on. It makes the hearing experience better and adds to the conversation about the song and who wrote it.

Provide information about the song “What U Know Bout Love”

The American artist Pop Smoke’s hit song “What You Know Bout Love” came out after he died in 2020. “Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon,” his first studio record, which came out after his untimely death in February 2020, has this song on it. After the record came out in July 2020 and became an instant hit, Pop Smoke became a well-known figure in the hip-hop and rap industries.

“What You Know About Love” is the most emotional and introspective song on the record. It has parts of drill music and classic hip-hop, as well as lyrics that are very personal about Love, trust, and being open. Pop Smoke gave the genre a new and unique sound with their honest lyrics and raw, sincere style.

The song’s words mostly talk about a troubled relationship. Pop Smoke says in the chorus that he wants to give his lover the Love and support she needs, but he also questions what she thinks Love is. The lines talk about the good and bad times in their relationship, focusing on the good times, late-night talks, and the hard parts of his busy, famous life.

The song’s unique style and easy-to-understand message made it a mainstay in Pop Smoke’s discography and added to his reputation in the music business.

Even though Pop Smoke died too soon, his music goes on in hip-hop. “What You Know Bout Love” is still one of his most moving and memorable songs.

What U Know Bout Love Lyrics

How the lyrics of “What U Know Bout Love” relate to broader cultural and social themes

People of all ages can relate to Pop Smoke’s “What You Know Bout Love” because it’s about a lot of important cultural and social issues:

The song’s words show how complicated relationships are these days. The way Pop Smoke offers misunderstandings, good times, and issues with Love and trust is similar to the ups and downs that many people go through in their relationships. Those who can connect to these problems find resonance in the fact that they are recognizable.

The lyrics to “Love and Fame” by Pop Smoke also talk about how fame can change ties with other people. A common problem in modern society is how hard it is to keep up a love relationship while living a busy, public life. The story shows how hard it is for famous people to keep their private and public lives in balance.

Authenticity and Vulnerability: The emotional depth and sincerity of the song go against the idea that rap and hip-hop music have a tough façade. In his lyrics, Pop Smoke isn’t afraid to talk about intimacy and Love. This makes it easier for people to be honest and open about their feelings, which is part of a bigger cultural shift that values emotional honesty and vulnerability in art and music.

Pop Smoke’s songs, like “What You Know Bout Love,” caught the feelings and experiences of a younger audience. His songs speak to the fears and feelings of today’s youth, which has made his music even more a part of youth culture and changed the way they talk about Love and relationships.

Legacy and memorialization: The release of this song after the artist’s death and Pop Smoke’s untimely death in 2020 has made people in the music business talk more about legacy and memorialization. People talked about how artists and their work are remembered after they die because of the song’s words and the artist’s untimely death.

It’s not just a love song; “What You Know About Love” also talks about bigger social and cultural problems, like fame, being real, modern relationships, youth culture, and artists’ legacies after they’re gone. People can think about and talk about these important problems in today’s world by reading the song’s lyrics.

Summarize the significance of “What U Know Bout Love” lyrics

“What You Know Bout Love” by Pop Smoke is important because it successfully blends street-style rap with emotional honesty to make a story that many people can relate to. Here are the main things that make it important:

Pop Smoke, who is known for his tough attitude and drill style, showed how much he had grown as an artist in this song by exploring personal themes of Love, trust, and being open. This showed how versatile he was as an artist and was different from his normal street-oriented music.

The song’s words, which talk about the problems in modern relationships, will hit home with people who have been through the good and bad sides of Love, trust, and misunderstandings. Part of that emotional power comes from how relatable it is.

Challenges Stereotypes: “What You Know Bout Love” goes against the common ideas about hip-hop and rap by focusing on realness and emotional depth. People’s ideas about how important it is for music to be honest about how it makes them feel change.

Reflection on culture: The song uses the stories of many famous people to talk about current issues, like how fame affects personal relationships. Also, culturally, it’s important because it shows how people felt and what they were like when they were younger.

Impact: This song is a tribute to Pop Smoke’s lasting impact and is on albums that were released after he died. It shows the impact an artist can have long after they’ve been killed, which has led to talks about how to honor and keep musicians’ contributions to the music business alive.

In addition to being relevant and touching, “What You Know Bout Love” challenges hip-hop stereotypes, makes a point about current events and adds to the legacy of a young artist whose impact on the music business is still being felt today. “What You Know Bout Love” is important to Pop Smoke’s musical growth because of these reasons. The unique way the song mixes truthfulness and vulnerability in a street-style rap setting has stuck with fans and the genre for a long time.

Analysis of “What U Know Bout Love” Lyrics

The song “What You Know Bout Love” by Pop Smoke is a deep and interesting look at the complicated world of modern Love and relationships. Pop Smoke’s signature street-style rap mixed with honest and open parts of himself makes for a unique story in the song’s words that connects with people.

Pop Smoke’s chant, “What you know about love? I got what you need,” says all about the main idea of the song. It makes a point of showing that the singer wants to give his girlfriend the Love and support she needs while also questioning her idea of Love. This sets the mood of the whole song.

In the lines, the complicated details of a troubled relationship are looked at. By talking about happy times and late-night talks, Pop Smoke shows how close he really is to his fans. Also, he talks about the problems that come with being famous and having a busy life, which can make relationships with other people harder. The song’s words make you feel vulnerable and show how hard it is to balance Love with the duties of public life.

Pop Smoke is ready to look at these issues with emotional honesty, which goes against hip-hop’s hard exterior. His ability to connect with a wide range of fans and his growth as an artist can be seen in how honest he is.

“What You Know Bout Love” is an interesting look at how complicated relationships and Love are these days. The song stands out in Pop Smoke’s discography because the words are so emotional while still having his unique rap style. People connect with it, and it makes them think about their problems and deepest feelings.

What U Know Bout Love Lyrics


“What You Know Bout Love” by Pop Smoke is a deep and thought-provoking song that defies the rules of its genre and makes people feel strongly. The lyrics of the song skillfully look at how hard it is to love, trust, and be vulnerable in today’s fast-paced world and with all the demands of fame. This song really shows how much Pop Smoke has grown as an artist and how versatile he is because it combines honest feelings with his unique street-style rhymes.

By showing a lot of emotion, the song breaks down common ideas about the style and fits with a bigger trend in modern music that values being honest and open. It gives us a way to look at the good and bad parts of current relationships by talking about things that many people can connect to. 

The song is part of Pop Smoke’s collection of songs released after he died. It adds to his lasting legacy and shows that an artist’s effect can last a lifetime. Not only is “What You Know Bout Love” a great piece of music, but it also goes deep into the themes of Love, the human situation, and the value of art forever.


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