What They Really Want Lyrics

What They Really Want Lyrics

What They Really Want Lyrics: “What They Really Want” is an interesting lyrical drama that delves deeply into the complicated nature of desire, societal standards, and the search for truth. DMX’s fourth studio album, “…And Then There Was X,” came out in 1999, and this song is from it. It captures the spirit of the rapper’s rough and ready style. In this deeply personal piece, DMX, known for his harsh voice and strong storytelling, deals with issues of materialism, relationships, and the search for real connection.

The beginning of the song sets the stage for a look at how complicated human wants are. In a story that holds listeners’ attention with DMX’s commanding presence and unique voice delivery, the layers of social expectations and emotional needs are explored. “What They Really Want” is an honest look at the conflict between how you look on the outside and what you need on the inside, set to hypnotic and interesting music.

What They Really Want Lyrics

As DMX starts to look into the different qualities and traits that people look for in partners, the words become a reflection of how complicated human wants are. Using both material things and physical traits, the rapper paints an interesting picture of a society that struggles with different ideas and being true to oneself. This opening sentence sets the tone for an honest look into the human mind, pushing readers to think about how cultural expectations and the true nature of desire don’t always match up. DMX’s song “What They Really Want” shows how he can use thought-provoking lyrics to make his music more interesting. This helps fans find their way through the complicated world of desire and self-discovery.

What is DMX most famous for?

Earl Simmons (December 18, 1970 – April 9, 2021), known professionally as DMX, was an American rapper and actor. He is regarded as one of the most important figures of 2000s hip hop. His music is characterized by his “aggressive” rapping style, with his lyrical content varying from hardcore themes to prayers.

Earl Simmons is DMX’s real name. He became a famous and groundbreaking rapper in the late 1990s and early 2000s. What made him famous was his honest and gritty attitude, which comes through in his intense voice and emotionally charged songs that often talk about his hard life. With the release of his first record, “It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot” (1998), DMX became famous thanks to his unique voice and honest way of telling stories.

“Party Up (Up In Here),” one of DMX’s most famous songs, was released on his third album “…And Then There Was X” in 1999. It quickly became a hit and a rage at the time. Fans liked his music because it was honest and showed the problems people face in real life, especially themes of struggle, crime, and forgiveness.

DMX was known for more than just his music. He was also praised for being versatile and entertaining on stage. He was well-known as a rapper, but he was also praised for his work in movies like “Belly” (1998) and “Romeo Must Die” (2000).

What is the central theme of “What They Really Want” by DMX?

DMX’s song “What They Really Want” is about how complicated desire and social expectations can be and how they often make it hard for people to get along with each other. The song, which is from the rapper’s 1999 album “…And Then There Was X,” is an open look at his experiences and ideas about how desire can take many forms.

In the song’s words, DMX tells a story that includes both material and emotional wants as he thinks about the different qualities and skills people look for in a partner. People are asked to think about whether people seek relationships based on real connections or cultural expectations, as the title suggests.

As DMX names different girls and how he thinks they look, the song becomes an exploration of the conflict between how someone looks and what they really want. The rapper’s rough voice and emotional words make people think about their wants and the cultural forces that have made them that way. The message is uncompromising and questions common ideas about relationships. “What They Really Want” is an interesting look at how complicated relationships can be when people want to connect, follow social norms, and find meaning in their lives.

How many #1 hits did DMX have?

Over the course of his decades-long career, DMX released eight studio albums, including five No. 1 Billboard 200 hits.

The famous rapper DMX had a lot of success in his career, but he didn’t have any standard Billboard Hot 100 hits. But his impact on the music business goes beyond the number of #1 hits. DMX stood out with his angry and raw lyrics, his lively stage personality, and his unique style that made people feel something.

A lot of people saw how popular and influential DMX was on the Billboard 200, where several of his albums appeared at number one. Included is DMX’s first studio record, “It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot” (1998), which not only topped the charts but also marked the beginning of his illustrious career. Later records, like “Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood” (1998) and “…And Then There Was X” (1999), also went to number one, showing how popular and influential the rapper is still today.

Why was DMX so respected?

He wasn’t a wordy virtuoso in the mode of say, Eminem, whose own meteoric rise followed X’s by a year. But DMX was a master of rhythm, tonality, and sonic drama; many of his best performances felt conversational, even improvisational, a quality that attested to his exquisite command of his instrument.

Earl Simmons, better known as DMX, became famous all over the world for being completely honest, writing tough lyrics, and always staying true to himself in hip-hop. His rough delivery, which was marked by a loud, raspy voice, made him a unique and well-known artist in the genre. DMX’s songs were based on the hard parts of his own life. They talked about things like struggle, crime, redemption, and faith. His lyrics connected with people in a real way, and they found comfort and understanding in them.

Aside from his music, DMX is respected for how he acts on stage and how he doesn’t hold back. He talked about his problems and accepted his flaws, which made him easy for many people to relate to. People liked how honest and emotional his work was because he was so open about his feelings.

What They Really Want Lyrics

How does Sisqó’s collaboration add a contrasting layer to DMX’s verses?

Through a lively exchange of vocal styles and philosophical themes, Sisqó’s work on “What They Really Want” gives DMX’s lines a different feel. DMX, who is known for his rough and angry delivery, gives a real and honest look at relationships and desires. On the other hand, Sisqó’s smoother and more melodic singing adds a different texture and helps the song sound balanced.

Although DMX’s lines are known for being direct and often angry, Sisqó’s parts add a more complex and harmonizing element to the song. Sisqó’s R&B-influenced singing balances the aggressive tone of DMX. This difference adds to the emotional depth of the song by letting you think during the violent parts of DMX’s words.

Sisqó’s addition gives the theme a passionate and longing view, which goes well with DMX’s more direct portrayal of wants. This duality gives the story more depth, just like relationships and the feelings that come with them are complicated.

Last but not least, Sisqó’s addition changes the sound of “What They Really Want,” making the whole listening experience better. Since DMX is honest and Sisqó is smoother, they work well together to make the song better. They use their differences to create an interesting look at desire from different hip-hop and R&B points of view.

How did DMX get popular?

In 1997, DMX earned a second major-label shot with Def Jam, and made a successful guest appearance on LL Cool J’s “4, 3, 2, 1.” Additional guest spots on Ma$e’s “24 Hours to Live” and fellow Yonkers MCs the The LOX’s “Money, Power, & Respect” created an even stronger buzz, and in early 1998, he released his debut Def.

Earl Simmons, better known as DMX, became famous because he was very talented, had a unique style, and connected with his fans on a personal level. With the release of his first record, “It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot,” in 1998, he became famous. Hip-hop fans looking for authenticity were drawn to DMX’s raw and emotionally charged poetry on the record.

Songs like “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” became anthems and showed how strong DMX’s voice was and how well he could combine street themes with a clear spiritual meaning. His second record, “Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood” (1998), came out the next year and solidified his meteoric rise. It was even bigger with “…And Then There Was X” (1999), which had hits like “Party Up (Up In Here),” which solidified DMX’s place in hip-hop history.

What These Bitches Want Lyrics

“What These Bitches Want” by DMX is a tough and in-depth look at relationships and goals. The song was on DMX’s fourth studio album, “…And Then There Was X,” which came out in 2000. It features a famous collaboration with Sisqó. As the song goes on, DMX thinks about his past relationships, naming many women and talking about what made him like them. The main idea is about how complicated wants are and how hard it is to work out relationships.

As DMX talks about the subtleties of love and lust, his rough and tumble delivery gives the words a lot of emotional depth. The rhythmic chorus by Sisqó adds a different sound to the song’s variety. The question, “What do these bitches want from a nigga?” that keeps coming up is a dramatic device that shows how confused and angry he is about not understanding why other people are acting the way they are.

The song talks about truthfulness, honesty, and how hard it is to keep real relationships going when other people have expectations of you. “What These Bitches Want” shows that DMX can use music as a way to express himself and criticize society. It deals with relationships in a real and thought-provoking way.

What they really want Lyrics von DMX

While DMX’s record “…And Then There Was X” came out in 1999, the song “What They Really Want” is an honest look at needs and relationships. As the song goes on, DMX thinks about the different kinds of women he has met and makes a list of their names and traits that describe them. DMX’s delivery is raw and unapologetic, which adds a deep honesty to the words as he talks about how hard it is to know what people really need in relationships.

The calm and rhythmic parts by Sisqó contrast with DMX’s words, making the song more complex and harmonious. The main idea is about the contrast between how someone looks and what they really want, which makes people think about what society expects of them and how real their relationships are.

People often ask, “What do they really want from a nigga?” This is a good question to think about because it shows how hard it is to figure out what the goals of a relationship are. “What They Really Want” is proof of DMX’s skill at using music as a way to express himself and criticize society. It gives a genuine, unaltered look at how complicated human relationships and wants are.

What They Really Want Lyrics

The lyrics of DMX’s song “What They Really Want,” which explores the subtleties of desire and social expectations, come to an end. The song takes listeners on a sad trip through the geography of human relationships, leaving them with a sense of honest thought and genuine feeling.

As the rhymes go on, DMX unravels a patchwork of needs and wants, which not only shows his own experiences but also shows how complicated desire is in society as a whole. The rapper’s unique voice and strong delivery give the story credibility and make people want to share the harsh truth he’s talking about. Finally, the ending of the lyrics gives a feeling of resolution while also leaving room for reflection.

There are duets between DMX and Sisqó throughout the song. The beautiful parts between the harsh lyrics are a nice contrast. The dramatic way their voices interact with each other and the music’s fast beat make a sound environment that feels real. The last line of “What They Really Want” makes you think about the difference between how others see you and how deeply you want something. It challenges cultural rules and makes you think about yourself.


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