What Side Of Love Parachute Lyrics

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What Side Of Love Parachute Lyrics: One of the most moving songs by the American pop-rock band Parachute is called “What Side of Love.” The song talks about the many sides of love, including the ups and downs, joys and pains, and emotional rollercoasters that relationships often involve. Parachute does a great job of showing how complicated love is through its trademark mix of touching stories and beautiful songs.

As the band walks the fine line between vulnerability and emotion in “What Side of Love,” their skill as lyricists shines through. They acknowledge the problems that love can bring while also praising its beauty. The words to this song will speak to you on an emotional and personal level, no matter what your relationship history is like or how much you like moving music in general. “What Side of Love” is your ticket to a musical journey that looks at the many sides of this experience that everyone has. You can dive into the deep web of feelings that love makes in Parachute.

Throughout the song, the band’s fantastic playing goes perfectly with their detailed lyrics, setting the right mood for the sad story. Parachute’s sound is made up of honest singing, catchy guitar riffs, and a thoughtful, repetitive arrangement of music that brings out the vast emotional depth of “What Side of Love.”

This song is comforting and makes you think for people who are trying to figure out what love is all about and for people who have never been in a relationship. Parachute music and listeners connect honestly because of how well they show the feelings and problems that aren’t said out loud that often come with love.

In Parachute’s “What Side of Love,” you are asked to think deeply about how people connect and how we feel. People who like how music can really show the deepest parts of a person’s heart shouldn’t miss this song. The lyrics are full of real feelings and make the music take you on an emotional and meaningful trip. So take a seat and enjoy Parachute’s writing skills as they give you “What Side of Love.”

What Side Of Love Parachute Lyrics

Parachute – What Side Of Love Lyrics

In “What Side of Love,” the artist talks about the ups and downs of a relationship, focusing on the emotional ups and downs that often come with love. The lyrics of the song write about the idea that love has many sides, such as happy and sad times. The singer thinks about whether giving up and sacrificing is worth it and which side of love they are on.

“What Side of Love” by Parachute is an emotional and dramatic song that explores the many sides of love, making listeners think about these different feelings. The lyrics tell us that love can be both challenging and beautiful. Anyone who has seen The Complicated Dance of Love will be able to relate to them.

The lyrics of the song go into more detail about how the relationship makes the singer feel. They talk about how hurt they were by misunderstandings and fights, but they also talk about times when they felt deeply connected. The singer says they want to be sure that they and their partner are on the same side of love, and they also want their relationship to be clear and stable.

In the song’s bridge, the singer admits that love can be messy but still necessary. This makes me think of healing and hope. It means that the things that make love complicated are what make it real and last. The words encourage the idea that love is worth the trouble and mental investment, even when things are complex and uncertain.

Overall, “What Side of Love” is a touching and honest song that speaks to people who have been through the ups and downs of love. It recognizes that love isn’t always easy and that getting through all of its different sides will take understanding, tolerance, and a solid commitment to love. The words to this song add a lot to Parachute’s album because they show how complicated love is.

What Side Of Love Lyrics

Parachute’s song “What Side of Love” is about how complicated and mixed-up love can be. The song’s lyrics describe a friendship that has both good and bad times. The singer thinks about how short-lived love is and wonders which side of the fence they are on at different points in their relationship.

The poems show battle and confusion in between times of desire, closeness, and vulnerability. The words show how everyone feels when they’re trying to figure out the problematic dance of love, with all of its ups and downs.

The bridge has a positive and robust tone that emphasizes that love is something that should be sought after and kept going even when things get complicated. It stresses the idea that love is real and lasts because it is difficult.

The singer of Parachute’s song “What Side of Love” talks about how mysterious and changing love is. The song’s lyrics take listeners on an “up-and-down ride” through the problems that come up in a relationship. 

In each stanza, the words talk about close times of connection, intense love, and being emotionally open. They do, however, talk about the problems and conflicts that all relationships have. The song paints a prominent picture of the full range of feelings that come with love, from the happiest times to the worst times.

The bridge sends a message of hope and determination, stressing that love is still worth the trouble and sacrifice, even though it is complicated and complex to plan. It sends the message that love is real and lasts because it is hard.

Overview of the song “What Side Of Love” by Parachute

Parachute’s moving and easy-to-understand song “What Side of Love” shows how complicated love can be in just 200 lines. The words talk about how love changes over time in a relationship. When people ask, “What side of love are we on tonight?” the main idea behind the question is that love is full of uncertainty and emotional swings.

The words paint a beautiful picture of a relationship that is full of emotional connections, vulnerability, joy, fights, and misunderstandings. The main idea is that love has two sides, which shows how feelings generally change when people are in a relationship.

The song’s bridge sets a positive mood by stressing how important it is to pursue and keep love even when there are problems and questions. It means that the things that make love complicated are what make it real and last.

“What Side of Love” by Parachute is a moving look at how complicated love is. It recognizes that love isn’t always clear-cut and asks listeners to think about the richness and depth of this strong feeling, with all of its complexity and uncertainty. The sad lyrics and the emotional solid content of the song make it an essential part of Parachute’s work.

The Meaning Behind “What Side Of Love” Lyrics

Parachute’s song “What Side of Love” talks about the many and changing sides of love and relationships. The song describes what it’s like to deal with the complicated parts of love, which are often marked by doubt and emotional upheaval.

The poems show all the different feelings that can come up in a relationship, from strong desire and closeness to disagreement and misunderstanding. These words paint an accurate picture of what it’s like to be in a loving relationship by focusing on the ups and downs that come with it.

The song’s bridge sends a message of commitment and persistence, stressing that love deserves to be accepted and kept even when things get complicated. For this reason, the many aspects of love, especially its subtleties and difficulties, make it sincere and long-lasting.

“What Side of Love” by Parachute explores the many sides of relationships and love, making listeners think about how complicated and ever-changing this intense feeling is. The song’s lyrics, which stress that love is an essential and worthwhile trip, even though it can be challenging, speak to people who have been through the ups and downs of love.

What Side Of Love Parachute Lyrics

Parachute’s Top Songs and Albums

The American pop band Parachute is known for making songs that are both emotional and catchy. Some of their songs and albums have done really well and won people over. 

Many people think that “She Is Love” is one of Parachute’s most famous songs. A lot of people love it because of the romantic words and cute acoustic sound.

“Kiss Me Slowly” is an excellent example of how well the group can write passionate love songs. It became popular and is still a big part of their live shows.

“Can’t Help” is another hit by the band that shows how pop they are feeling. It’s famous for having a catchy tune and words that are easy to understand.

The following are some of the things they have done that stand out:

The first record by Parachute was called “Losing Sleep” (2009). It made them known as writers of moving, essential songs, and it included some of their first hits.

“The Way It Was” (2011): This record showed how much the band had grown as musicians and songwriters, which made their fans even bigger.

The band’s third studio record, “Wide Awake” (2016), got good reviews for having well-written and catchy songs.

Fans of pop-rock and modern pop like how Parachute always writes songs that are relevant and have emotional depth. They are still making music that people all over the world enjoy, and their hit songs and records will always be remembered.

Love and Relationships in Parachute’s Music

A lot of Parachute’s songs are honest and passionate and look at love and relationships. With their lyrics and music, the band knows how to show how complicated and emotional love relationships can be.

Their songs often talk about love in many ways, such as the happiness of a new relationship, the pain of a breakup, and the strong bonds of a long-term commitment. Songs like “She Is Love” and “Kiss Me Slowly” show how fragile and longing love can be, as well as how delicate and kind it can be.

People can relate to Parachute’s music because it sounds like the ups and downs of genuine relationships. They show the anger, confusion, joy, and pain that love can bring. Their songs become anthems for anyone managing the complicated world of love, whether they’re in the throes of a new relationship or thinking about a breakup.

Parachute music has always been beautiful because it can capture the different parts of love and relationships. They have a famous voice in the romantic music business because they can make people feel things and connect with people who have been through the rough territory of love.

Parachute’s Music Videos and Visual Storytelling

Parachute’s music videos tell stories that go along with the stories in their songs and are an essential part of how they present themselves artistically. The group has always shown excellent skills for telling stories visually through the music videos they make, which bring out the emotional power of their songs even more.

Their films usually have interesting stories and pictures that stand out. Like, the music video for “Kiss Me Slowly” makes the words more emotional by adding more depth to the story while still capturing the spirit of the song. In the same way, “She Is Love” uses beautiful places and scenes to show how beautiful and pure the song’s message is.

What makes Parachute stand out is that their music videos can make you feel things that are related to the songs they create. They can have a happy, sad, or even funny tone, depending on what the song is about. Instead of just being a vocal accompaniment, the band’s use of visual storytelling makes the song more powerful and affects more people.

Music films, which are an essential part of Parachute’s creative output, make the whole musical experience better. Because the band is so good at telling stories visually, their songs reach new heights and strengthen the bond between them and their fans. This makes their music even more exciting and easy to understand.

The role of “What Side Of Love” within Parachute’s repertoire

“What Side of Love” is a particular song in the band’s discography because it perfectly shows how passionately Parachute sings about how complicated love and relationships can be. This piece is an integral part of their body of work that connects with people and shows how much they have grown as singers.

This song shows how the band feels about love, being open, and the ups and downs of relationships. A lot of people love “What Side of Love” because it shows how complicated love is and how couples have their ups and downs. The fact that Parachute can skillfully show how most people think and feel about love shows how good they are at telling stories.

Within the context of their history, “What Side of Love” shows how dedicated the group is to making music that speaks to people. It shows how much they’ve grown as artists while staying true to their roots. This gives their music more depth and variety. 

As one of their most famous songs, it has helped them build a name for making meaningful, listenable music and strengthened their position in the music business. Overall, “What Side of Love” shows that Parachute can connect with its fans through timeless, deeply felt songs.

What Side Of Love Parachute Lyrics


The band Parachute’s song “What Side of Love” shows how well they can get to the heart of our feelings through music and words. The intricate and often stormy nature of love is beautifully captured in the lyrics of this song. It takes listeners on a poetic trip that touches their hearts and souls.

The song’s last notes linger, making you feel linked and relieved. They’re a subtle reminder that love is an emotion that everyone feels, even if their experiences are different. The artistic value of Parachute goes beyond just being fun; it gives us a way to look at our thoughts and experiences.

With “What Side of Love,” Parachute has made a beautiful, expressive musical story that not only talks about the different shades of love but also encourages us to accept that our relationships are messy, beautiful, and constantly changing. What a great example of how music can make us feel seen and understood. It also serves as a lesson that love is a beautiful journey no matter where we are in the relationship.


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