What Is Love Hadaway Lyrics

What Is Love Hadaway Lyrics


What Is Love Hadaway Lyrics: The iconic song “What Is Love” by Haddaway, which was released in the early 1990s, is regarded as an untouchable classic in the music industry. This dance-pop phenomenon quickly gained popularity thanks to its infectious rhythm and lyrics that were both approachable and emotional. Haddaway explores the complicated and ever-present topic of love in this song, expressing both the thrilling highs and the heartbreaking lows that love may bring.

“What Is Love” confronts the thoughts of ambiguity and perplexity that usually accompany heart troubles. They capture the yearning that comes with falling in love, in addition to the emotional highs and lows that come along with it. The infectious rhythm of this song, combined with Haddaway’s smooth singing, has made it a consistent crowd-pleaser on dance floors and at radio stations all over the world.

Whether you’re listening to it for the first time or thinking back on the ’90s, the song “What Is Love” will always bring to mind music’s enduring ability to capture the nuanced emotions that are a part of the human experience.

What Is Love Hadaway Lyrics

Lyrics for What Is Love by Haddaway – Songfacts

Haddaway’s “What Is Love” is a hit song that was released in 1993 and combined techno-pop and Eurodance. The words of the song tackle a variety of emotional topics, including love, longing, and inner doubt. The vocalist of this song ponders the characteristics of love as well as its importance. The most well-known portion of the song is undoubtedly the chorus, which asks, “What is love?” over and over again. Love, please stop being the source of my suffering. This remark underlines the vulnerability and uncertainty that can accompany love and relationships because of its emphasis on the word “could.”

The words of the song reveal a yearning for a more profound connection and love, but they also show a sense of dissatisfaction and confusion over the nature of love itself. The song “What Is Love” is a classic example of the pop genre thanks to the memorable melody and chorus it features. It is generally connected with the dance and club music scenes of the early 1990s due to its uplifting tempo, which is well-known.

The song became popular due to its catchy tempo and Haddaway’s passionate vocals, and fans of music from the 1990s still consider it to be a favorite throwback tune from that decade. Karaoke evenings and dance floors are still filled with people singing along to “What Is Love” because the song has lyrics that are easy to remember and music that is played by an exciting orchestra.

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“What Is Love” Hadaway Song Analysis

Haddaway’s dance-pop and techno song “What Is Love” explores the intricacies of romantic relationships and love. A reflection on the ambiguity and unpredictability of love may be found in the lyrics of the song. Feelings of confusion and a desire to be loved are evoked whenever one is asked repeatedly, “What is love?” This highlights how difficult it is to describe such a strong emotion adequately. The following statement, “Baby, don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more,” conveys a sense of vulnerability as well as the aspiration to steer clear of emotional anguish.

The infectiously catchy synth melody and pounding dance beat are what drive the hectic and addicting pace of this tune. The vocals of Haddaway, which are fiery and soulful, give the song an emotional depth that stands in stark contrast to the song’s catchy and danceable melody.

When it was first released in the early 1990s, the song “What Is Love” almost quickly became famous as a dance tune of that era and was adored for the upbeat club atmosphere it evoked. The song is an excellent example of the Eurodance genre because it combines lively rhythms with melancholy lyrics. It is undeniable that the song has had a long-lasting impact on mainstream culture, as evidenced by the fact that it continues to be played on the radio and included in a variety of different forms of media, including films and television shows.

Hadaway’s “What Is Love” Music Video

The Eurodance song “What Is Love” by Haddaway was released in 1993, and a music video accompanied it. The concepts of love, desire, and dancing are expanded upon in the accompanying music video. It shows the artist, Haddaway, in a number of different metropolitan locations, the most prominent of which is a club-like environment. To emphasize how easily the song can be danced to, the music video cuts back and forth between shots of him yelling out the words and shots of a mob of eager dancers.

The film succeeds in capturing the spirit of the early 1990s dance music scene with its costumes, lighting, and dancing. The thrilling and immersive atmosphere that is created by the use of strobe lights and vivid colors provides a beautiful counterpoint to the quick tempo of the music, which makes an outstanding balance.

The music video features scenes of couples dancing and sharing romantic moments, emphasizing the fundamental idea of love and contributing to the overall tone of the song. The music video comes to a close with an upbeat dance number that features snippets of Haddaway’s performance intercut with scenes depicting the couple becoming passionate with one another.

The music video for Haddaway’s song “What Is Love” does an excellent job of capturing the essence of the Eurodance movement by blending upbeat dancing, songs with appealing melodies, and romantic undertones. Its illustrious reputation as a pivotal figure in the dance culture of the ’90s has contributed significantly to the song’s enduring popularity.

What Is Love Hadaway Lyrics

Hadaway’s Musical Career and Hits

Haddaway is a musician and composer who was born in Germany and raised in Trinidad. He is most recognized for his contributions to the Eurodance subgenre in the 1990s. The given name that he was given was Nestor Alexander Haddaway. Before beginning a successful career as a musician in the early 1990s, he spent his childhood in Germany despite having been born in Trinidad & Tobago.

Haddaway’s “What Is Love,” which was released in 1993, went on to become a very successful single. He established himself as a significant performer in the industry of dance music thanks to the widespread acclaim that the song received, as well as the multiple performances that topped various charts. The music of the 1990s was characterized by its infectious flow and memorable choruses like this one.

Haddaway continued to create music following the success of his debut single, “What Is Love.” While he was never able to achieve the same level of commercial success as his first single, he did have some additional hits, such as “Life” and “Rock My Heart.” Fans of the era believed these songs also had an impact on the genre of music known as Eurodance.

Haddaway’s songs are highly regarded by people who have been into dance music since the 1990s because of his well-known part in the development of Eurodance. Haddaway is widely acknowledged as a significant influence on the development of electronic dance music. This is mainly attributable to the upbeat beats and catchy melodies that can be found in his songs.

Lyrics and Meaning of “What Is Love” by Hadaway

Haddaway’s “What Is Love,” a well-known dance-pop track that was published in 1993, is famous not only for its catchy tune but also for the bold lyrics that it contains. This question encourages thought about the many facets of love, which can be challenging to pin down at times. It highlights the difficulty in defining and grasping this intense feeling by creating a sense of confusion and yearning, which is generated by the experience.

At the very beginning, the chorus poses the question, “What is love?” The expression “Baby, don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more” conveys a sense of vulnerability as well as the aspiration to steer clear of the anguish that may be associated with love and relationships. The fact that people keep asking this question demonstrates how difficult it is to pin down precisely what love comprises.

The song has been elevated to the status of a beloved anthem thanks to the fact that it combines evocative poetry with an appealing beat. The cheerful pace and danceable beat of the song contrast with the more reflective words. It is a testament to the song’s enduring appeal and capacity to communicate to individuals who are struggling with the age-old love problem that it continues to enjoy widespread popularity and is frequently featured in popular media such as television and movies.

Hadaway’s Impact on Eurodance Music Scene

In the 1990s, Haddaway had a tremendous impact on the Eurodance music scene, contributing to the distinctive sound of the genre and spreading its appeal around the world. It was his breakthrough track, “What Is Love,” that catapulted him to the forefront of the dance music business. “What Is Love” has now evolved into a modern anthem.

Haddaway’s music perfectly exemplified the Eurodance aesthetic with its infectious melodies, hypnotic rhythms, and emotionally expressive vocals. The upbeat and club-friendly nature of the music was demonstrated by the song “What Is Love” and the music video that accompanied it. This song and its accompanying music video were able to capture the spirit of the dance music scene at the time.

The widespread acclaim that “What Is Love” received at the time had an influence on the production of dance music at the time and was instrumental in paving the way for later Eurodance artists. Eurodance was catapulted into the mainstream as a direct result of its influence, which expanded to radio stations, clubs, and charts all over the world.

Haddaway never stopped putting out singles like “Life” and “Rock My Heart,” which resonated strongly with fans of the genre. In spite of the fact that he might not have achieved the same level of great success as he did with his first album, the results of his work have established him as a critical character in the Eurodance scene.

The music of Haddaway is still very well-liked and brings back fond memories of the dance scene of the ’90s, which has helped to establish his name in the Eurodance music industry. His body of work continues to serve as inspiration for and inspiration to modern dance and electronic musicians, which is evidence of his ongoing influence on the genre.

Haddaway had a tremendous impact on the industry of Eurodance music, in addition to the achievements that propelled him to the top of the charts. His singular combination of electronic dance components and lyrical vocals served to establish the sound of Eurodance and impacted a new generation of producers and performers. His contributions helped shape the genre. His ability to lend a melancholy undercurrent to otherwise upbeat and groovy tunes contributed to the genre’s enduring popularity.

The widespread success of Haddaway and their song “What Is Love” was a significant factor in the spread of Eurodance over the world. Eurodance became a worldwide phenomenon as a direct result of the song’s enormous appeal across a variety of countries. As a result, musicians from all over the world were inspired to borrow parts from Eurodance and further develop it. The depth of the genre, as well as the cultural impact it has had, has been further expanded as a result of its internationalization.

Haddaway’s dedication to the genre’s success was a significant factor in the genre’s ascent to preeminence in the industry. Eurodance, which is today recognized as the definitive musical style of the 1990s, became a dominant force during that decade. The intensity, beats, and catchy hooks that he epitomized continue to serve as a source of inspiration for musicians and producers working in the field of electronic dance music, which is evidence that his influence on the genre is still affecting the scene today.

When all aspects are considered, the impact that Haddaway has had on the Eurodance music scene extends far beyond the success of his tracks since he has irrevocably changed the nature of the subgenre and contributed to its enduring legacy in the electronic dance music industry.

What Is Love Hadaway Lyrics


The lyrics of “What Is Love” by Haddaway have endured the passage of time and the changing of musical styles to become a well-loved classic that is popular among listeners of all ages. The capacity of this song to completely embody the essence of love is one reason for the song’s enduring appeal; love is a subject that is as timelessly relevant as music itself. The words of the song, which have yet to become dated in the minds of listeners despite the passage of time, describe the universal feelings of yearning and desire as well as the inherent complexity of human relationships.

The song’s fame is cemented in the annals of music history by Haddaway’s commanding vocal performance, as well as the song’s memorable and lyrical melody. Whether you heard it for the first time on the dance floor in the 1990s or discovered it decades later, “What Is Love” is still a monument to the potential of music to express a variety of human emotions. This is true whether you heard it for the first time in the 1990s or discovered it decades later.

The song “What Is Love” by Haddaway has persisted as both a love hymn and a monument to the enduring nature of great music because of its ability to evoke feelings of romanticism and its ability to appeal to an unending audience.


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