What I Like About You Lyrics The Romantics

What I Like About You Lyrics The Romantics

What I Like About You Lyrics The Romantics: “What I Like About You” by The Romantics is a classic song whose catchy tune and energetic beat have captivated listeners for decades. It’s a happy song. This popular song, which came out in 1980, has come to represent the rush of falling in love for the first time. “What I Like About You” grabs listeners by the heart from the first sounds and throws them into a happy, nostalgic tornado.

Both the song’s fast pace and its raw, unfiltered passion make it clear that the song has a lot of energy at its heart. The band’s unique sound, which includes jangly guitars and strong vocals, perfectly captures the thrilling emotions that come with a growing love. The simple words of the song make it a timeless tribute to the love and attraction that everyone feels.

The Romantics’ “What I Like About You” is a classic example of how to capture the spirit of youth in three minutes of pure musical joy. The catchy handclaps in the chorus and the fast guitar riffs in the lyrics make the song even more enjoyable. To celebrate the song’s first anniversary, we’re focusing on how popular it still is and how its appeal to new fans keeps it firmly in the canon of classic rock music.

What I Like About You Lyrics The Romantics

What did the Romantics love?

Romantics generally believed a close connection with Nature was beneficial for human beings, especially for individuals who broke off from society in order to encounter the natural world by themselves. Romantic literature was frequently written in a distinctive, personal “voice”.

The Romantics were a famous rock and roll band known for their deep love of the free-spirited spirit of the music. The Romantics, who came on the scene in the late 1970s and became famous in the 1980s, liked the daring and lively spirit of the genre. With catchy melodies, jangly guitars, and strong choruses, their music made you feel their love. The group had a deep respect for the classic parts of rock music. They added raw energy and catchy hooks to their sound that made it appealing to people all over the world.

The Romantics were known not only for their music but also for how well they understood the social and cultural changes going on at the time. Their songs were about normal teen things that happened to them, and they often talked about love and emotion. Many people liked the Romantics because they were interested in people and how they felt, and people still liked their music because it was honest and real. Because of this, they gained a lot of fans. Overall, the Romantics loved how alive rock was, how it helped people make friends, and how it reflected timeless feelings in their music.

How do the lyrics of “What I Like About You” resonate with your personal experiences or feelings in relationships?

The song talks about the qualities of a lover that make them fun to be with, showing a lively and enthusiastic love for them. The energetic and happy tone of the song captures the thrill and excitement that come with new or growing relationships.

If the words of the song speak to them, it might be because they know how exciting it is to find out what makes someone special. “What I like about you” is a common phrase that stresses the good things about a partner, making them feel loved and admired. 

People who value authenticity and like to respect the small but important details in their relationships will like the lyrics’ honest and direct tone.

The song reminds people of the unique and exciting things about their relationships by capturing the spirit of a loving and playful bond.

What was the Romantics biggest hit?

“Talking in Your Sleep” is a song by American rock band the Romantics. Released in September 1983, It became the band’s most successful single in the US, reaching No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in early 1984.

There are a lot of people who think that “What I Like About You,” the Romantics’ 1980 hit, is their best song. It went straight to the top of the charts thanks to its catchy lyrics and snappy guitar riffs. It quickly became an anthem of the new wave and power pop movements of the early 1980s. With “What I Like About You,” the Romantics from Detroit, Michigan, showed how good they were at writing catchy, danceable songs. The song became a classic that still affects people today.

The song’s continued success is due to its timeless appeal, which is shown by its upbeat music and touching lyrics about the joy of first love. 

“What I Like About You” is one of the Romantics’ most popular and well-known songs. It has been used in many movies, TV shows, and commercials over the years. “What I Like About You” is the Romantics’ most famous and impressive hit, and the fact that it keeps showing up on radio plays and in pop culture shows how much of an impact the band has had on music over the years.

What emotions are expressed in “What I Like About You” by The Romantics?

“What I Like About You” by The Romantics is a happy and upbeat song that mostly shows feelings of happiness, thanks, and excitement. The upbeat mood made by the catchy guitar riffs and fast beats shows that someone is in love. The words show appreciation for the good traits of the person being spoken to. The catchy chorus, which includes the famous line “What I like about you is that you really know how to dance,” shows a flirty and fun mood.

There’s no denying that the song is full of joy and celebration. This comes through in both the music and the words, which talk about how happy the singer is to be with the person they admire. 

The song does a good job of capturing the thrill of intense desire and unrestrained joy. “What I Like About You” is a classic song for happy times and the thrill of a new relationship because it’s mostly about good feelings and has an energy that makes people want to dance.

What I Like About You Lyrics The Romantics

What was the Romantics first hit?

What I Like About You

After signing with Nemperor Records in 1979, The Romantics released their debut LP, recorded in three weeks, anchored by “What I Like About You,” “When I Look In Your Eyes” and a cover of Ray Davies’ “She’s Got Everything”. The Music Video for “What I Like About You” is an MTV Favorite.

The word “Romantics” is used to describe a large group of art, literature, and thought trends that began in the late 1700s. It’s hard to pick a single “first hit” from the Romantic movement because it was so complicated. But when it comes to Romantic music, Symphony No. 3 in E-flat Major, Op. Fifty-five by Ludwig van Beethoven, which is also called the “Eroica Symphony,” might stand out. Written between 1803 and 1804, this symphony was a big change from traditional classical structures. It also embraced the Romantic ideals of independence and bravery.

Many people see William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s song “Lyrical Ballads” (1798), which they wrote together, as one of the most important works of the Romantic era. Poems by Wordsworth and Coleridge, like “Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey” and “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” that focused on feeling, nature, and the individual’s experience were in this collection. They were different from traditional literary standards.

Even though it’s hard to pick a single “first hit” in Romanticism, these works show how the movement started to show up in a variety of art forms.

Is the Romantics a good movie?

Kirk Honeycutt of The Hollywood Reporter gave the film a mixed review: “Landing somewhere between a generational comedy and soap opera, the film is forgettable fun.” Dennis Harvey of Variety wrote: “While in some ways an improvement on the book, this seriocomedy toplining Katie Holmes remains short on truly involving …

“Is the Romantics” is a subjective question because how different people feel about the movie depends on their tastes. The love comedy-drama, which came out in 2010 and was directed by Galt Niederhoffer, is about a group of friends who get together for a wedding but find that they still have feelings and problems that they need to work out. Josh Duhamel, Anna Paquin, and Katie Holmes are some of the skilled people in the movie.

The way “The Romantics” shows complicated relationships and the subtleties of love has won over some fans. Fans of love comedies will enjoy this movie because it focuses on the characters and has funny moments. Others might not like the characters or think the story is too typical.

People have different ideas and tastes when they decide if “The Romantics” is a good movie. This movie might be fun for you if you like to love comedies with a bit of drama. It might not be the best movie for you if you like other types of movies or different ways of telling stories.

The Romantics

It was in the late 18th century that the Romantics began, and they were a huge literary, artistic, and intellectual movement that peaked in the early 1800s. The Romantics were against the logic of the Enlightenment and wanted to get back in touch with the imaginative and emotional parts of human life. They had a deep respect for nature, emotion, and personal expression.

John Keats, Lord Byron, William Wordsworth, and other writers and artists like J.M.W. Turner and Caspar David Friedrich were all part of the Romantic movement. In their work, they often wrote about love, desire, and the supernatural, and they also loved the beauty of nature. In romantic novels, the main characters were often heroes who were driven by strong feelings and a desire to break the rules.

Poetry and art from the Romantic period tried to show the unique character and spirit of each culture, which helped nationalism grow. Music, art, and writing were all affected by the movement in a big way. It has also changed how we show and understand our feelings and those of future generations. Even though they were portrayed in a lot of different ways across different countries and art forms, the Romantics believed that emotional experience was important and that each person’s imagination could help them understand the universe.

What I Like About You

Many people enjoy The Romantics’ song “What I Like About You” because of its powerful passion. The song has a nice feel-good vibe thanks to its catchy tune and strong guitar riffs. Its words express love and admiration while capturing the joy of being in love.

There is something timeless about “What I Like About You” that goes beyond its song. Even though it came out in the early 1980s, the song is still popular for dance parties, weddings, and happy playlists. Its continued success shows that its simple but effective formula works for a lot of people.

It’s fun to dance and sing along to because of the catchy song and fast beat. The simple words of the song make it more appealing by making people understand how it feels to appreciate someone’s unique qualities.

“What I Like About You” captures the carefree happiness and happiness that come from meeting someone special. This song has stood the test of time because of its catchy tune, easy-to-understand words, and lasting appeal. It captures the exciting feelings of love and infatuation.

What I Like About You Lyrics The Romantics

 The Romantics’ “What I Like About You” is a classic love song that will always make you feel good. The catchy tune and fast beat of the song have made it a perennial favorite among music fans, making it feel alive and youthful all the time. The song has been famous for a long time because its lyrics are about love and attraction that are relevant to everyone.

A lot of people can understand the song’s words because they are simple and easy to relate to. “What I Like About You” always makes people happy and excited, whether they are hanging out, having a party, or getting married. Audiences of all ages can connect to the Romantics’ ability to show the rush of attraction and recognize someone’s unique traits.

The song’s continued popularity shows how well it was written and how well it captures the timeless feeling of falling in love. As we celebrate the song’s first anniversary, “What I Like About You” continues to be a lively and well-loved example of the global language of love. It also serves as a steady reminder of how music can bring people together across generations and evoke the emotions that make up the human experience.


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