What Are The Lyrics To Go Cubs Go

What Are The Lyrics To Go Cubs Go

What Are The Lyrics To Go Cubs Go: “Go Cubs Go” is a rallying cry and happy song that Chicago Cubs fans sing all the way through Wrigley Field. The beginning shows how excited it is to be a Cubs fan and sets the tone for the rest of the speech, which is full of contagious energy. Steve Goodman wrote the song, and it starts with a lively, fast-paced melody that any Cubs fan will know right away.

As the song starts, there is a buildup of excitement that shows the highs and lows of being a die-hard Cubs fan. With the first few notes of the song, fans start a roar that brings them together in their love for the team. The first few notes of the song are a melodic introduction that gets people excited and happy.

What Are The Lyrics To Go Cubs Go

The words, which start with the famous “Go, Cubs, go,” show how confident and happy the Cubs are, as well as their sense of success and pride. In the beginning, the song’s heart as a joyful hymn gives fans hope, fuels their fire, and shows how united Cubs fans are. It’s a beautiful statement that shows how happy Cubs fans are about all of their wins, not just one.

What is the story behind the song Go Cubs Go?

He had been motivated by Cubs manager Dallas Green’s effort to change the team spirit. Goodman happened to be in town for a WGN radio talk show and was receptive to the idea of writing the team a new song. “Go, Cubs, Go” and the Cubs Win Flag symbolize Cubs’ victories.

For fans of the Major League Baseball team Chicago Cubs, the song “Go Cubs Go” was written. Steve Goodman wrote it in 1984. He is a folk artist and a big Cubs fan. Goodman wanted to write a happier, more upbeat song for the team. He wrote “A Dying Cubs Fan’s Last Request,” which is a famous Cubs song.

“Go Cubs Go” became a team song for Cubs fans, especially when they played at Wrigley Field. Goodman’s song shows how Cubs fans have kept going and kept hoping even after the team has lost. The happy, loyal, and supportive feelings of Cubs fans are captured in the song’s words.

Steve Goodman was very close to the Cubs. He died of leukemia in 1984, just before the team made the playoffs. Fans of the Cubs still play and enjoy this classic song after every home win as a tribute to his memory. “Go Cubs Go” has come to reflect the Chicago Cubs’ loyal fans’ joy, happiness, and determination.

What do Cubs fans sing after a win?

Then you need to know the song they sing after a win — a song that you’re probably going to hear ad nauseam over the next few days. Go, Cubs, Go was written by Cubs fan Steve Goodman in 1984. Take a listen. Go!

The song “Go Cubs Go” perfectly captures the joy and happiness that Cubs fans feel after a win. “Go, Cubs, go!” is repeated over and over in the song’s chant. Hey Chicago, how are you? A happy chant is, “The Cubs are going to win today.” Fans get together to show how happy they are about their favorite team’s win.

When the Cubs win, fans sing “Go Cubs Go” together, which brings them together and makes them feel happy. As the players celebrate their win, this catchy song fills Wrigley Field with happy sounds, creating a party scene that spreads outside the stadium.

The song has become more than just a piece of music; it has come to represent determination, hope, and the unwavering love of Cubs fans. “Go Cubs Go” is traditionally sung after every win. It’s a custom that shows how close the team is to its loyal fans and how much they’ve lived through together.

How has “Go Cubs Go” become more than just a song, and what cultural impact does it hold for Cubs fans? 

It’s no longer just a catchphrase; “Go Cubs Go” has become a cultural phenomenon and an important part of the personalities of Chicago Cubs fans. Its effects on culture go beyond music; they can be felt by everyone in Chicago and by Cubs fans.

The song brings Cubs fans together and makes them feel like a team. It becomes a community party every time the Cubs win because it is happy and catchy. Fans of the Cubs can connect emotionally through the custom of singing “Go Cubs Go” after a game, whether they are at Wrigley Field or not.

In times of plenty, the song is a rallying cry that brings people together and makes them happy. As a sign of hope and determination, the song represents the determination of Cubs fans who have faced hardships over the years.

Outside of baseball parks, “Go Cubs Go” has become a part of Chicago culture. Pubs, parties, and even casual places play it. It has become a cultural icon that brings together different people in the community who are Cubs fans.

“Go Cubs Go” is more of a chant than a song, and it shows how Cubs fans feel all the time. It has a big effect on culture and will always be a beloved symbol for Cubs fans of all ages because it makes them feel like they belong to a group and are celebrating together.

When did they start singing Go Cubs Go song?

‘Go Cubs, Go’ has become an anthem – especially since the 2016 title. In 1984, WGN Radio, who broadcast the Cubs from 1925-2014, also requested a new Cubs’ themed song. It premiered on Opening Day, 1984, and became the Cubs official song that year.

The tradition of singing “Go Cubs Go” after Chicago Cubs victories began in the mid-1980s. The song was written by folk singer Steve Goodman, a lifelong Cubs fan, and it was first recorded in 1984. Unfortunately, Steve Goodman passed away shortly after recording the song due to complications from leukemia. Despite Goodman’s untimely death, his musical legacy endured, and “Go Cubs Go” emerged as a celebratory anthem for Cubs fans.

The tradition of playing the song after home game victories at Wrigley Field gained prominence in the following years. The upbeat and catchy nature of the song, coupled with its optimistic lyrics, made it a perfect fit for post-game celebrations. The chorus, with its rallying cry of “Go, Cubs, go! Hey, Chicago, what do you say? The Cubs are gonna win today,” became a unifying chant for fans expressing their collective joy.

Over the years, “Go Cubs Go” has become deeply ingrained in the Cubs’ culture, creating a ritualistic celebration that extends beyond the ballpark. Whether in victory parties, bars, or fan gatherings, the song has become a symbol of triumph and a testament to the enduring spirit of Cubs fandom. The tradition of singing “Go Cubs Go” continues to be a cherished and iconic part of the Cubs’ post-game experience.

Fans of the Chicago Cubs have been saying “Go Cubs Go” after wins since the mid-1980s. The folk singer and longtime Cubs fan Steve Goodman wrote the song, which came out on record for the first time in 1984. Steve Goodman passed away soon after the song was made because he had leukemia. Even though Goodman died too soon, his music lived on. “Go Cubs Go” became a rallying cry for Cubs fans.

That song has become more famous since then, and Wrigley Field now plays it every time their team wins a home game. The song was appropriate for after-game celebrations because it had a positive message and a lively, catchy tune. The group sings, “Go, Cubs, go!” Hey Chicago, how are you? Fans would often say, “The Cubs are going to win today,” to show how happy they were.

Over time, “Go Cubs Go” has become an important part of Cubs culture, leading to a tradition of celebrating outside of baseball games. The song is now played at celebrations, pubs, and fan meet-ups. It’s a sign of success and a reminder of how passionate Cubs fans are. The famous “Go Cubs Go” practice is still done by the Cubs after each game.

What Are The Lyrics To Go Cubs Go

How does this part of the lyrics contribute to the uplifting and communal nature of the song?

Starting with the simple and catchy words makes it easy for people to learn and join in, creating a chant that resonates throughout the whole gathering. The catchy rallying cry “Go, Cubs, go!” gets fans excited and builds a sense of shared enthusiasm. The simple words encourage celebration around the world because they are easy for fans of all ages to understand.

With “Hey, Chicago, what do you say?” the whole city of Chicago is invited to join the party, going beyond Wrigley Field. By bringing people from different backgrounds together under the umbrella of Cubs fans, the song becomes a shared experience that helps people feel like they belong and know who they are.

The definite phrase “The Cubs are gonna win today” sets a happy and anticipatory tone, confirming the team’s victory and encouraging a good mood. As the team wins, fans feel more united in their hope and happiness, which adds to the song’s positive and community-building vibe.

As Chicago Cubs fans, these words say it all: they’re a call to unity, a celebration of success, and a way for everyone to show their happiness. The fact that the song can bring people together in happiness shows how popular it is and how important it is to the Cubs community.

When was Go Cubs Go song written?

And that means Chicago Cubs fans will once again be singing “Go Cubs Go,” written in 1984 by songwriter Steve Goodman.

“Go Cubs Go” was written by folk artist Steve Goodman in 1984. Goodman, a fan of the Chicago Cubs, wrote the song as a follow-up to his 2009 hit “A Dying Cubs Fan’s Last Request.” Both of these songs show how much Goodman loved the Cubs and wanted to make music that praised the team and its fans.

In a quick death on September 20, 1984, Steve Goodman was 36 years old. This was just a few days before the Cubs won their first World Series since 1945. Goodman had a long fight with illness, but his music lived on. That year, the Cubs made the playoffs, and “Go Cubs Go” became a practice for fans to sing after games to celebrate their team’s wins.

People who love the Cubs will always remember Goodman’s efforts, especially these famous songs. A hit song like “Go Cubs Go” shows how important Goodman’s musical ode to his favorite baseball team is to culture and people’s feelings.

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Music is a friend in times of joy, sadness, celebration, and protest. It helps people express themselves in more ways and across time and space. Lyrics, music, and songs all have something in common with the human experience, whether it’s the joyful celebration of a victory or the healing release of an emotional sorrow.

Go, Cubs, Go Lyrics

“Go, Cubs, Go” is the famous song for the Chicago Cubs, and you can hear it blasting through Wrigley Field when they win. The song, which Steve Goodman wrote, shows how passionate and happy Cubs fans are as they cheer for their team. The song’s words show how Cubs fans are united by their love of the team. The song changes over time to become a musical representation of how happy Cubs fans are after a win.

The words “Go, Cubs, Go” show both the thrill of winning and the happiness that comes from a close game. Goodman’s words vividly describe the happy scenes that happen after a Cubs win, perfectly capturing the real joy and pride that fans feel. The catchy repeat of the chorus makes it a chant that all the fans join in on, which brings them closer to the team and gives the song a musical hook.

More than just a sports anthem, “Go, Cubs, Go” has become a culture icon that shows how determined and hopeful Cubs fans are. When the team is with its fans, the song shows how dedicated and hopeful they are. Its importance to Cubs history goes beyond the field of play; it shows what a community is like when everyone works together, win or lose.

What Are The Lyrics To Go Cubs Go

“Go, Cubs, Go” is a song that mostly praises the strong emotional ties that sports fandom can make. It shows the Cubs’ journey in its most basic form and brings the team’s many passionate fans together while playing during their best and worst times. The song reinforces the Chicago Cubs’ lasting legacy in the hearts of die-hard fans with each successful repeat.

Fans of the Chicago Cubs feel united and happy, and the song “Go, Cubs, Go” captures that well. The words to the song, which Steve Goodman wrote, show how excited fans are when their team wins. The verses of the song clearly show happy situations, which capture the essence of the fans’ unwavering commitment and the shared joy of success. The catchy chorus, which is played over and over, is like a rallying cry for Cubs fans, showing their thunderous pride after a win.

There is a strong sense of community in the song as fans get together to enjoy their favorite team’s wins. “Go, Cubs, Go” goes beyond sports and becomes a worldwide sign of strength and hope. The Cubs’ long-lasting bond with their fans is strengthened by this song, which remembers the team’s ups and downs through music. Not only does the 200-word song “Go, Cubs, Go” celebrate baseball wins, but it also hails the Chicago Cubs fans’ unwavering support and sense of community.


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