What Are My God Ordains Is Right Lyrics

What Are My God Ordains Is Right Lyrics


What Are My God Ordains Is Right Lyrics – “What My God Ordains Is Right” is a deep look at faith, following God’s will, and trusting him completely. The lyrics of this song talk about how hard it is to do what God wants and how comforting it is to know that God’s rules make sense. You can find its roots in Christian prayer and theological thought. People are asked to recognize God’s control over life’s complicated roads as the words weave a tapestry of conviction, humility, and dedication.

This piece, which was inspired by hymns, is now a beloved part of religious ceremonies, giving people a musical way to show their love and devotion to Christian values. The song’s lyrics will probably delve into religious themes, using holy texts to emphasize the idea that following God’s rules, no matter how hard or mysterious they may seem, takes a huge amount of faith.

What Are My God Ordains Is Right Lyrics

By thinking about the words “What My God Ordains Is Right,” we can look into the spiritual and religious meanings that are hidden in the song’s lyrics.

Who wrote Whatever my God ordains is right?

Samuel Rodigast

This beautiful hymn was written by Samuel Rodigast in 1676 to comfort a sick friend. In it he lays out what it means to deal with the problem of pain and suffering through the perspective of faith.

Shepherd and philosopher Samuel Rodigast wrote the song “Whatever My God Ordains Is Right.” Before Rodigast was born in 1649, there was a lot of social and political change in his time, which had a big effect on his faith beliefs. People think that he wrote the words to the song while going through some tough times in his own life. This shows how much faith and trust he had in God’s care.

The song became well-known when it was played with music by the German violinist and composer Johann Schop. Schop’s arrangement of Rodigast’s wise words added a melodic richness to them, creating a harmonic combination that spoke to congregations looking for comfort and certainty during hard times.

Many people have liked this song for a long time because it has deep theological meanings and timeless themes like trusting God’s will and accepting what others say. Rodigast’s lyrics are still sung in many Christian groups, and the song shows how faith can last and how comforting it is to trust in the wisdom of a providential God.

What is the central theme of “What Are My God Ordains Is Right” lyrics?

“What My God Ordains Is Right” is mostly about trusting God’s plan, giving up, and giving in to his will. The words stress that God’s plan is fair and well-thought-out, showing that we fully accept whatever He has planned. The song goes into detail about the religious idea that following God’s rules, even when things go wrong or you have doubts, is an act of faith and devotion.

Throughout the verses, the idea of accepting God’s wisdom and power over everything shows over and over again. The song tells Christians that they need to follow God’s plan, even if it seems hard or mysterious, in order to find peace and comfort. The main message is to have faith and believe in God’s guidance, which fits with what the Bible says about relying on God’s understanding instead of our own.

The song is a thoughtful look at what faith is and how it works by focusing on the comfort and security that come from aligning one’s will with God’s plan.

What God ordains is always good history?

“Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan” (What God Ordains Is Always Good) is a Lutheran hymn written by the pietist German poet and schoolmaster Samuel Rodigast in 1675. The melody has been attributed to the cantor Severus Gastorius.

“Whatever My God Ordains Is Right” is based on the life of Samuel Rodigast, a German preacher and philosopher who lived in the 1600s. Rodigast wrote these words while going through some hard times in his own life. They show a lot of trust and faith in God’s power. His theological beliefs, which stress accepting God’s rules no matter what, are reflected in the song.

The song, which was written in German at first, became well-known when it was mixed with music by Johann Schop, a German violinist and composer. Schop’s music went well with Rodigast’s words, making a peaceful and emotional song that groups looking for direction and comfort liked.

“Whatever My God Ordains Is Right” has been a popular Christian song for hundreds of years, and people of all languages and cultures enjoy singing it. Its timeless ideas of sticking with something even when it gets hard and having faith in God’s wisdom are what make it important today. There is a long-standing congregational practice of singing these verses. They connect them to the spiritual history of people who, like Rodigast, found courage and comfort in the idea that whatever God decides is always good.

What Are My God Ordains Is Right Lyrics

Who wrote the song How Great Is Our God?

“How Great Is Our God” is a song written by Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves and Ed Cash. It was originally featured on Tomlin’s album Arriving, that reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart. It is also featured live on Tomlin’s Live from Austin Music Hall album.

The current Christian praise song “How Great Is Our God” was created by Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves, and Ed Cash. As a praise leader, singer, and songwriter, Chris Tomlin is well-known for making many important contributions to modern Christian music.

Ed Cash, an author, producer, and musician known for his work in Christian music, and Jesse Reeves, a musician and songwriter who has worked with many Christian singers, wrote the song together. These talented people worked together to make a praise song that has moved churches all over the world.

When “How Great Is Our God” came out in 2004 on Chris Tomlin’s album “Arriving,” it became a standard in the Christian church very quickly. The song is famous in part because of its simple but powerful lyrics, which focus on God’s glory. This phrase, which is an important part of Christian church services, emphasizes that God is three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It has a special meaning for Christians. Because it has such a lasting effect, the song has become a classic in current Christian worship music.

Who wrote the lyrics to “What Are My God Ordains Is Right,” and what historical context may have influenced its creation?

“Whatever My God Ordains Is Right” was written by Samuel Rodigast, a German priest and theologian. Samuel Rodigast lived in the 17th century, a time of major changes in both religion and history. For example, Lutheran theory grew during this time, and the Thirty Years’ War ended.

People say that Rodigast wrote the hymn during a time of personal hardship and sadness, which suggests that his own life highly influenced it. The song shows great theological and spiritual wisdom by expressing unwavering faith and trust in God’s providence, even though life is hard.

Rodigast may have had a different view on the hymn’s themes of trusting God and submitting to him because of the Thirty Years’ War, which destroyed a lot of Europe. In times of uncertainty and pain, hymns like “Whatever My God Ordains Is Right” gave people hope and comfort.

Today, the song is still very popular because it has a timeless message of trusting God’s plan, and its themes still speak to Christians in a wide range of situations.

Who is the God of song?


As the god of mousike, Apollo presides over all music, songs, dance and poetry. He is the inventor of string-music and the frequent companion of the Muses, functioning as their chorus leader in celebrations. The lyre is a common attribute of Apollo.

The phrase “God of Song” doesn’t have a specific religious or mythological meaning, but it can be used to talk about a god or other being connected to art, music, or creation. Gods or other mysterious beings are often linked to different parts of human life, such as the arts, in different stories and cultures.

One of these is Apollo from Greek mythology. He is linked to the arts, music, and poems, but he is not actually known as the “God of Song.” The Muses, the gods of music, are thought to have been inspired by Apollo.

Saraswati is a Hindu goddess who is linked to learning, music, and the arts. People often picture her with musical instruments and see her as the wisest and most creative person in the world.

In a broader sense, the idea of a “God of Song” could be seen as a metaphor for how music can inspire and surpass people. Music has the power to make people feel strong feelings, spark their creativity, and bring people together from different religious and cultural backgrounds. This view says that the “God of Song” is a force that brings people together and praises the elevating and changing powers of music in our lives.

Whatever My God Ordains Is Right

Samuel Rodigast knew a lot about religion, as shown by the song “Whatever My God Ordains Is Right” from the 1600s. The hymn, which has roots in both the historical effects of the Thirty Years’ War and Rodigast’s pain, shows his unwavering faith in God’s guidance.

The song’s words show complete submission to God’s will and stress that whatever He chooses is good and important. It gives you a chance to think deeply about religion and encourages Christians to find comfort and peace in accepting that God is in charge of everything, even when things are going badly.

Some of the lines in the song, like “My life, my death, is in Your hand,” talk about faith and submission. They support the idea that trusting that God understands is comforting and uplifting. “Whatever My God Ordains Is Right” has stood the test of time because its message is timeless. It gives people a way to show their faith and loyalty that will always stay in style.

Hymn Story: Whate’er My God Ordains Is Right

Samuel Rodigast, a German priest and theologian who lived in the 1600s, is said to have written the song “Whate’er My God Ordains Is Right.” Rodigast wrote the song during a time of personal struggle and after the Thirty Years’ War. It shows how much he trusted God to take care of him.

The German song shows a deep willingness to give up everything and do what God wants. Its lines show a strong faith that everything God says is right and important. Believers who are going through uncertainty and bad luck can connect to Rodigast’s beautiful poetry and deep theological analysis.

Over time, the song’s timeless message has made it a famous anthem in Christian worship all over the world, even across language and cultural barriers. The ageless themes of faith, submission, and finding comfort in divine knowledge have helped it stay popular. When sung in churches, “Whate’er My God Ordains Is Right” gives people who look at life’s problems through the lens of unwavering faith, peace, and time to think.

“Whatever My God Ordains Is Right” is a classic song that shows trust in God’s care. In the 1600s, Samuel Rodigast wrote the song that has stood the test of time and continues to inspire Christians in many places and countries. Its timeless appeal comes from the deep spiritual themes that run through its lines. These themes bring comfort and direction during hard times.

What Are My God Ordains Is Right Lyrics

The main idea of the song, which is to accept God’s judgment as fair and purposeful, makes people think about how faith goes beyond this world. As people sing together, “Whatever My God Ordains Is Right” becomes a statement of faith that can be heard throughout the worship rooms.

The song is more complex because it is set in the historical setting of personal problems and the aftermath of the Thirty Years’ War. It shows how faith can endure hardship. The song still makes people feel better, just like it did hundreds of years ago. It’s a timeless tune for people who want to find comfort in the unchanging knowledge of a loving God.


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