What Am I Gonna Do Rod Stewart Lyrics

What Am I Gonna Do Rod Stewart Lyrics

What Am I Gonna Do Rod Stewart Lyrics – Rod Stewart’s song “What Am I Gonna Do” has moving lyrics that take listeners into a sad story about love, loss, and reflection. One of Rod Stewart’s most famous songs and a great example of his lasting musical skill and ability to tell sad stories. This song, which is on Stewart’s huge album, shows how good he is at capturing the heart of human feelings with beautiful melodies and honest lyrics.

This lesson will focus on the powerful lines and moving verses in “What Am I Gonna Do,” which show the many levels of emotion, sadness, and longing that are present in Stewart’s writing. Rod Stewart is a great writer through song, and it’s easy to see how complicated things can get when love brings both sadness and joy.

What Am I Gonna Do Rod Stewart Lyrics

Come with us on a trip through the lyrics of “What Am I Gonna Do,” where feelings and thoughts are explored while we praise the skill of a great musician whose music has the power to connect people for decades.

Why is Rod Stewart so famous?

Stewart became an international star following the extraordinary commercial success of his landmark album Every Picture Tells a Story (1971). Although best known as a solo artist, Stewart achieved his first exposure and success as a member of several popular groups.

Rod Stewart is one of the most famous and recognizable people in music. He became famous and successful because of his unique voice, interesting stage presence, and wide range of musical skills. They were born in 1945 and sang rock and pop songs. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, he became famous as the lead singer for the Jeff Beck Group and the Faces. After that, he had a highly successful solo career.

Stewart is very famous because he can easily switch between different types of music, like pop, rock, blues, and soul. This shows that he is flexible and appealing to a wide range of people. He has become one of the best-selling singers in the world, and his fast-paced concerts and raspy, passionate voice draw people in.

Rod Stewart is famous for songs like “Maggie May,” “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?,” and “Forever Young.” He has won many Grammy Awards and been admitted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame throughout his 30-year career. Along with his musical skills, Stewart’s unique style and charming personality have kept people interested in him, making him a cultural icon whose influence knows no limits.

How do the lyrics of “What Am I Gonna Do” by Rod Stewart convey themes of love, longing, or introspection?

Through love, hunger, and self-reflection, Rod Stewart’s song “What Am I Gonna Do” deals with complicated feelings in a painful way. Stewart’s writing style is emotional and interesting, and it goes deep into the experience of love.

The narrator of the song focuses on longing and sadness to show the pain of unrequited love. When someone says, “I’m still in love with you, don’t you know,” they are clearly emotionally connected to the other person and aware that the relationship is getting worse.

Because the lyrics talk about the narrator’s inner troubles, it’s important to think about them. A question like “What am I going to do about you?” makes people feel helpless and unsure, and it makes them want to understand the pain of someone dealing with the complicated issues of love.

Stewart’s choice of words and the creative nature of the lyrics paint a strong picture of how the song makes you feel. The song is for people who have been through the ups and downs of relationships. It takes listeners on a trip through the highs and lows of love. “What Am I Gonna Do” is a beautiful song about the different shades of love. It combines longing and thought to create a story about the human heart that will last forever.

How many top 10 hits did Rod Stewart have?

16 songs

While still fronting The Faces in the early ’70s, Stewart emerged as a solo superstar and has since placed 16 songs in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100.

Rod Stewart boasts a remarkable career with numerous chart-topping hits, securing his status as one of the most successful and enduring artists in the music industry. Throughout the decades, Stewart has achieved an impressive tally of top 10 hits across various charts.

Rod Stewart has had many number-one hits throughout his long and successful career, making him one of the most popular and long-lasting acts in the business. Stewart has had a huge number of songs that have been in the top ten on different charts over the years.

Rod Stewart has had many hits in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 chart in just the US. Some of his best-known hits are “Maggie May,” “Tonight’s the Night (Gonna Be Alright),” and “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” These songs not only topped the charts when they first came out, but they have also had a lasting effect on culture.

Internationally, Stewart’s impact can be seen on many charts, such as the UK Singles Chart, where he has regularly had success with multiple top 10 hits. Rod Stewart is a musical legend because he can write songs with timeless melodies and deep words. His songs have made him famous and made him a lot of money. He has a great career full of songs that are at the top of the charts. Stewart’s longtime presence in the top ten shows how popular and influential he is in the music business, whether it’s through rock songs or sad ballads.

Did Rod Stewart ever write a song?

LOS ANGELES (Reuters Life!) – It’s easy to forget, but Rod Stewart used to be a big songwriter. In the 1970s, the British rocker wrote, or co-wrote, such hits as “Maggie May,” “You’re in My Heart” and “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” His last big original tune was 1988’s “Forever Young,” for which Bob Dylan received a credit.

Yes, Rod Stewart writes a lot of lyrics and sings great, too. Throughout his long career spanning several decades, Stewart has actively added to the composition process, creating timeless hits with his poetic and melodic skills. His ability to make songs that people remember and that make them feel things has given him a lot more options as an artist.

“Maggie May,” one of Stewart’s most famous songs, was on his 1971 record “Every Picture Tells a Story.” This folk-infused rock song that Stewart wrote with Martin Quittenton went viral, topped the charts, and proved Stewart to be a truly exceptional singer-songwriter.

In addition to “Maggie May,” Stewart has written songs for many other albums with a wide range of types. Popular music will always remember Stewart’s gifts to the songwriting business, whether they came in the form of upbeat rock anthems or sad ballads. His long-term success as a singer and songwriter comes from the fact that both his words and voice can make you feel things.

What Am I Gonna Do Rod Stewart Lyrics

In what ways does Rod Stewart’s emotive storytelling style contribute to the impact of “What Am I Gonna Do” on the listener?

Rod Stewart’s emotional way of telling stories has a big effect on the listener, making “What Am I Gonna Do” a more intense and dramatic experience. Stewart’s skill at showing real, unfiltered feelings through his voice and careful word choice gives the story more depth.

Expressive Vocal Delivery: Stewart shows how he feels with his raspy voice. His soft vocal tones, which show how complicated love and desire are, especially when he hits higher registers, may help the listener understand how deep the lyrics are.

Stewart can make the words feel urgent, passionate, and open because he knows how to use dynamic language. His ups and downs in tone make for a dramatic musical journey that pulls the listener into the emotional heart of the song.

Personal Connection: I know and feel moved by Stewart’s story. He connects with the audience through soft vocalizations or emotional delivery of certain parts, which lets them connect with the common themes of love and loss.

Melodic Sensitivity: Stewart can write stories that make you feel things, and he also has a good sense of rhythm. The overall effect on the listener is stronger because the melodies rise and fall in perfect time with the emotional highs and lows of the words.

Because Rod Stewart tells powerful stories that go beyond the lyrics, listeners are basically immersed in an experience in which they feel the emotions as well as hear the words. His song “What Am I Gonna Do” has a long effect because it shows how he feels about complicated things.

Who owns Rod Stewart songs?

Sir Rod Stewart has announced that his proposed deal with Hipgnosis Songs is off. After more than two years of negotiation with the company’s founder and CEO Merck Mercuriadis, Stewart has opted to retain ownership of his song catalogue, terminating its sale to Hipgnosis.

Ownership of songs is usually a complicated issue that involves many people, such as Rod Stewart, record companies, music publishers, and others. Usually, both the author and the music publisher own the rights to a song in the music business. As a very prolific songwriter, Stewart is sure to keep the publishing rights to a large number of his songs. In other words, he controls how his songs are used and gets paid fees when they are used for business.

Most of the time, the record companies that put out his CDs own the audio recordings of his songs. Stewart has worked with many record labels throughout his career, such as Warner Bros. Records and Mercury Records. Because he works for several companies, his contracts may say who owns certain recordings.

Artists have worked harder in recent years to get back control of their master records. There are, however, different types of ownership agreements, and getting the rights to Stewart’s huge library may require talking to outside parties. Rod Stewart’s composer rights, his contracts with music producers, and the details of his many recording deals over the years could all be used to figure out who owns the songs.

Rod Stewart – What Am I Gonna Do (I’m So in Love with You) Lyrics

The heart-wrenching old song Rod Stewart’s “What Am I Gonna Do (I’m So in Love with You)” rides the rough waters of love and sadness like a pro. As Stewart struggles with how deeply he feels, the lyrics strongly show how complicated emotions can be. At a turn in the road, the narrator, who is deeply in love but has to deal with the trouble of an uncertain relationship, finds himself.

Stewart’s emotional story changes over time with powerful phrases like “I’m so in love with you, don’t you know?” and “What am I going to do about you?” People can connect to the universal themes of love’s highs and lows in the lyrics, which are full of longing, tenderness, and self-reflection.

As the song goes on, Stewart’s rough and deep voice gives the story a more real feel. Just the title is a theme that draws attention to the narrator’s main emotional problem. Stewart’s performance is a captivating musical journey into the depths of love entanglements. She mixes expressive elegance, melodic contours, and lyrical depth. Rod Stewart has a long history of using honest feelings to tell catchy stories, and “What Am I Gonna Do” is a great example of this. It has had a big impact on the sincere song genre.

What Am I Gonna Do (I’m So in Love with You) Lyrics

“What Am I Gonna Do (I’m So in Love with You)” by Rod Stewart is a masterful look at love and the emotional chaos that comes with it. The words beautifully describe a person who is in love and dealing with the doubts and problems that come with strong feelings like love.

Stewart’s unique voice emotes with honesty and sensitivity, and his emotional delivery brings the words to life. Starting with “I’m so in love with you, don’t you know?” setting the tone and letting him know how much she cares. The emotional tie is strong, as shown by this statement.

“What am I gonna do about you?” is one of the lines that make you think as the song goes on. This emotional subject is brought up again, showing the inner struggle and ambiguity that come with dealing with the tough parts of a deep love.

Stewart tells an interesting story throughout the whole song. Each line and chorus adds to the story in new ways. The dramatic mix of moving words and soul-stirring melodies makes for a timeless ballad that moves people. It captures the universal experience of falling in love and dealing with the deep effects it has on the heart and spirit.

The classic Rod Stewart song “What Am I Gonna Do (I’m So in Love with You)” shows how an emotional story can change the soulful ballad style. Lyrics talk about the complicated web of love, sadness, and thought. These things are linked by love and truth. The soul-stirring, rough voice of Rod Stewart brings each lyric to life, creating a musical experience that speaks to everyone’s experience managing the complicated feelings of love.

What Am I Gonna Do Rod Stewart Lyrics

With each refrain and stanza, Stewart’s sense of melody and emotional depth support the main theme of love. The question “What am I going to do about you?” is asked several times, and it becomes a powerful theme that shows the inner turmoil and confusion that come with dealing with personal issues.

Although Rod Stewart is a great speaker, he takes his listeners to a personal level where they can relate to the ups and downs of love. “What Am I Gonna Do” is a timeless song that shows Stewart’s unwavering ability to turn everyday events into moving themes that last for generations. Stewart has cemented his place in music history with this song, leaving a lasting impression on listeners who go through the sad journey he describes in his lyrics.


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