What A Fellowship What A Joy Divine Lyrics

What A Fellowship What A Joy Divine Lyrics

What A Fellowship What A Joy Divine Lyrics: The words “What a Fellowship, What a Joy Divine” say something timeless about spiritual happiness and the deep joy that comes from having a close relationship with God. This song, which has a long history in gospel music, makes a beautiful whole out of happiness, amazement, and thanksgiving. The first notes of the song draw people in and put them in a state of reverence and reflection, where the themes of divine joy and community become clear.

Since its earliest use in gospel music, this song has been used for praise and as a source of inspiration by groups. The message is global, and the melody is simple, which is why it will always be popular. The lyrics powerfully describe a spiritual journey marked by a deep sense of being one with a bigger force. The fellowship shown is more than just a social event; it’s a very deep relationship with God that makes people feel thankful and amazed.

The song asks people to join a group celebration of faith by setting the mood for an interesting musical and lyrical journey. Words that are usually used in literary ways show respect and awe for the presence of God. From the very beginning, the music makes you feel like you’re on top of the world with joy. It takes you to a holy place where the joy of spiritual connection is both recognized and welcomed.

What A Fellowship What A Joy Divine Lyrics

What is the hymn leaning on the everlasting arms?

The hymn was first published in 1887 in The Glad Evangel for Revival, Camp, and Evangelistic Meetings, for which Showalter was an editor. The text has three stanzas and a refrain. The theme of the text is the peace that comes from knowing that God will protect us, and how that knowledge removes our fears.

Christians have been singing “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” as a song for more than one hundred years. The song, which was written by Elisha A. Hoffman and orchestrated by Anthony J. Showalter, shows a strong dependence on God and hope that He will always be there for them.

One of the main ideas of the song is that God’s everlasting arms can give you peace and safety. The word “leaning” is used figuratively to mean putting your trust and burdens on a higher power, and it also means having a close relationship with God. Christians will connect with this song because it shows how faith can help us stay strong when things get hard.

The hymn’s quiet words are paired with a simple but powerful tune. The refrain, “Leaning, leaning, safe and secure from all alarms,” is played over and over to stress the theme of safety and comfort in God’s unchanging love and care.

Over the years, “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” has spread across religious and cultural lines and has been used by many Christian groups. The hymn’s long-lasting success shows that it can bring comfort and peace. It is a beloved part of worship services, memorial services, and social events where Christians seek a relationship with the divine source of strength and support forever.

What do you think is the central message and emotional tone conveyed in “What a Fellowship, What a Joy Divine” lyrics?

The main idea of “What a Fellowship, What a Joy Divine” is to celebrate a deep spiritual experience and a connection with God. The song’s words beautifully describe the feeling of a spiritual encounter by expressing a strong sense of joy and gratitude for being able to communicate with a higher power. The singer thinks about how much joy a holy relationship brings, and the tone is one of happiness and devotion.

The lyrics keep coming back to the idea of how this spiritual link can change things. The joy being shown doesn’t go away; it’s a source of divine peace and satisfaction that lasts forever. The emotional resonance is filled with awe and wonder, which suggests that the speaker is thinking about the spiritual secrets that bring them such deep joy.

Words like “fellowship” imply a sense of community, suggesting that the joy being shared is both individually and communally among believers. This thing that everyone has in common emphasizes how the group is celebrating a common faith and gives the emotional tone a warm, united feel.

What does it mean to lean on the everlasting arms?

What does it mean to lean on Jesus’ everlasting arms? For those who feel weak and need rest, for those at their wits’ end in times of trouble, at times when we just don’t know what to do, the idea of God being with us, holding us with his everlasting arms, gives us a chance to rest.

Religion and spirituality are where the term “relying on the everlasting arms” comes from. Anthony J. Showalter and Elisha A. Hoffman wrote the Christian hymn “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms,” which is where it was first used. It means having a lot of faith in and relying on the help and guidance of a greater power, which most people call God.

“Lean on the everlasting arms” means to find comfort, strength, and encouragement in the presence of God that will never end. Similar to relying on a reliable friend or a strong building for help, it stands for finding safety and shelter during hard times. The art makes you think of unbreakable and endless love, which shows that no matter what problems you face in life, you can always count on a strong source.

This word was first used in poetry, but it is also used in many faith systems to describe a religious idea. It shows how spiritual help can last for a long time and refers to how people tend to find comfort in the holy. According to the eternal arms, having a strong belief that there is a constant source of love, support, and comfort that gives comfort and stability along one’s road of faith and life is a sign of strong faith.

What does everlasting arms mean in the Bible?

That means that we can never sink—for these arms will ever be beneath us, wherever we may be found. Sometimes we say the waters of trouble are very deep; like great floods they roll over us. But still and forever, underneath the deepest floods—are these everlasting arms. We cannot sink below them—or out of their clasp!

In the Bible, “everlasting arms” means that God is with His people to comfort, support, and protect them. This phrase can be found in Deuteronomy 33:27 (NIV): “The eternal God is your refuge, and the everlasting arms are under you.” This text talks about a place where people can feel safe and strong like they are in God’s everlasting care and power.

The idea of “endless arms” represents a perfect safety net that can’t be broken. What it means is that there is a God whose love and safety go beyond time and eternity. This figure of speech emphasizes God’s unchanging and unrestricted presence, showing strongly how stable and consistent He is.

“Everlasting arms” means something different when you’re going through hard times or not knowing what the future holds. It means that even though life is hard, Christians can find comfort in the fact that God cares for them all the time. It shows a strong belief in God’s power to protect and care for His people no matter what.

The phrase “everlasting arms” basically means that God is our constant, permanent support throughout all of creation. This is a profound theological fact. It tells us to run to the safe arms of a God whose love knows no limits for safety and comfort.

What A Fellowship What A Joy Divine Lyrics

Are there any historical or cultural influences that shaped the lyrics, and how does the song reflect its time?

“What a Fellowship, What a Joy Divine” was written during a time of major historical and cultural change. Its roots can be found in the African-American gospel heritage. This type of music, which started around the middle to early 1900s, was often influenced by African-American events. It mixed religious themes with themes of hope, strength, and the fight for equality.

The African-American church community’s thoughts are shown in the hymn’s words, which offer comfort and hope in times of social and economic trouble. There is a shared spirit at the heart of African American religion, as shown by the focus on community and the joy of spiritual connection. At the time, gospel music, like this hymn, was a strong way for the civil rights movement to spread its goals and commitment to justice and equality.

The hymn’s simple tune and uplifting, recurring refrain made it great for singing with a group and gave everyone a sense of purpose and unity. The call-and-response structure is another part of African-American musical customs. It made worship more interactive and focused on the group.

What verse is underneath are his everlasting arms?

Deuteronomy 33:27-28 KJV

The eternal God is thy refuge, And underneath are the everlasting arms: And he shall thrust out the enemy from before thee; And shall say, Destroy them. Israel then shall dwell in safety alone: The fountain of Jacob Shall be upon a land of corn and wine; Also his heavens shall drop down dew.

The moving line “underneath are his everlasting arms” comes from the song “What a Fellowship, What a Joy Divine.” The verse is from Deuteronomy 33:27, which says, “The everlasting God is your refuge, and the everlasting arms are under you.”

Feeling safe and stable in the face of life’s uncertainties is like picturing yourself being held in endless arms. It means that no matter how hard things get or how much pain someone goes through, there is always someone to help them—the endless arms of the everlasting God. Like the ideas in religious hymns that stress trust and reliance on a greater power, this feeling fits in.

Usually, a melodic and harmonic structure comes after this line of music, which makes it more emotional. The peaceful meaning of the words may come through in the music, which may make you feel calm. This line of music gives the hymn more spiritual depth. It can be sung in a group worship service or alone for personal thought. It encourages people to find strength and comfort in the heavenly hug, where the endless arms provide a haven for all time.

What A Fellowship What A Joy

“What a Fellowship, What a Joy Divine” is a passionate song about the joy that comes from having a spiritual link and a relationship with God. The lines of the hymn are full of thanks and surprise for the deep joy that comes from having a spiritual link. It shows the universal theme of looking to a greater power or a heavenly presence for comfort, happiness, and peace.

The story of a soul raised by a divine link weaves its way through the lines, showing how such a connection can make people better and change their lives. There’s a sense of community, which means that Christians don’t just enjoy the company on their own. The hymn’s lasting popularity comes from its power to bring people together and give them a shared spiritual experience, making them feel grateful and happy.

The strong melodic and harmonic quality of the song often brings out the depth of feeling in the words. Traditional hymnal elements, like melodic choral arrangements, can make the viewer feel more spiritual and make them respect what they’re hearing.

The song “What a Fellowship, What a Joy Divine” becomes a way for people to share a spiritual and emotional trip that goes beyond its melodies and lyrics. The hymn talks about a timeless feeling of deep satisfaction that comes from being close to God. It speaks to everyone’s need for connection and happiness.

What a Fellowship by The L.A. Mass Choir

The Los Angeles Mass Choir’s “What a Fellowship” is a spiritual musical journey that mixes angry church music with soft melodies. The song makes you feel happy and spiritually blessed from the very first sounds. When you’re with a holy presence, the words of the song, which capture the essence of a life-changing and uplifting spiritual experience, show how wonderful it is.

The passionate, colorful sounds of the Los Angeles Mass Choir, along with their captivating zeal, show how powerful group worship can be. The arrangement makes you feel like you’re celebrating and dedicating yourself with its happy gospel music, which includes a lively piano accompaniment and rich choral harmonies.

As the song goes on, it changes from a musical creation to a group celebration of faith. The idea that spiritual connection can bring happiness is kept alive, and the feeling of devotion is increased by repeating positive sentences. The song can talk about and share the unbeatable happiness that comes from being close to someone.

In “What a Fellowship,” the L.A. Mass Choir not only puts on an exciting show but also transports fans to a holy place where the divine and the human are connected. It’s a musical tribute to how faith and music can change people, leaving them with a lasting sense of peace and unity long after the last note fades.

What A Fellowship What A Joy Divine Lyrics

“What a Fellowship, What a Joy Divine” is a classic song that doesn’t fit into any one genre. It’s a deep look at spiritual commitment and the happiness that comes from being with other people. When people sing this song, the thoughtful and quiet words honor the spiritual connection people have with the higher power they serve. This song is more than just a statement of faith; it’s a heartfelt celebration of the happiness that brings people together after a deep spiritual experience.

“What a Fellowship, What a Joy Divine” is about something that everyone can relate to, and the way it was made musically helps it last. People of the same church could get along better with each other because the song speaks to people of all ages and backgrounds. The fact that it is still used in religious ceremonies and parties shows that it can make people feel grateful and happy.

The historical background of the song makes it more relevant by showing how the cultural and spiritual conditions at the time it was written affected it. Because the lyrics are timeless, they can be applied to any period. This makes the song a constant source of inspiration for anyone on a spiritual road who is looking for comfort and connection.


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