What A Beautiful Name It Is Lyrics And Chords

What A Beautiful Name It Is Lyrics And Chords


What A Beautiful Name It Is Lyrics And Chords: Experience the enticing world of “What A Beautiful Name It Is,” a timeless hymn that talks about the depth of spirituality and devotion. This powerful song by Ben Fielding and Brooke Ligertwood honors the greatness and beauty of Jesus’ name. The song’s deep and poetic lyrics make people think about how big God’s love is and how important the divine name is.

Harmonious chords in this masterpiece bring out the beauty of the lyrics and create an atmosphere of worship and reverence. There is no limit to how experienced you are; the chords let you express the emotional core of the song through your musical interpretation. Because the melody and harmony are so ethereal and perfectly capture the meaning of the words, every stride and chord progression in the song echoes the spiritual journey that runs through it.

Each verse and chorus contains many levels of meaning that we can see by looking at the lyrics and chord structure. The words create images that are both personal and universal, connecting the listener deeply with God. Explore “What A Beautiful Name It Is,” a musical tapestry that inspires, uplifts, and calls people to a closer relationship with God through the harmony of the chords and the poetry of the lyrics.

What A Beautiful Name It Is Lyrics And Chords

Who wrote the song What a Beautiful Name?

“What a Beautiful Name” is a song by Australian praise and worship group Hillsong Worship. Written by bandmates Brooke Ligertwood and Ben Fielding, the song refers to the promise of salvation through Jesus Christ as represented by His Holy Name.

Writers of popular modern Christian music, like Ben Fielding and Brooke Ligertwood, wrote the song “What a Beautiful Name.” The song became a worship anthem in Christian churches around the world as soon as it came out in 2016. The song’s words extol the virtues, beauty, and strength of the name Jesus Christ.

People say that Australian worship leader and songwriter Ben Fielding is connected to Hillsong Church, a famous global megachurch for its worship music. Originally from New Zealand, Brooke Ligertwood has been an important part of the Hillsong Worship team as a worship leader, singer, and songwriter.

Critics have praised “What a Beautiful Name” for its moving melody and lyrics, which perfectly capture Christian love and devotion. In this song, the awesomeness of Jesus’ name is explored along with themes of redemption and cleansing. There’s a lot of musical skill behind its success, and the spiritual depth and resonance of the lyrics make it a treasured addition to modern Christian worship music.

Is there a real song of names?

In the story, The Song of Names is part of a Jewish tradition of remembrance, in this case, a tragic one. It is a song that the survivors of Treblinka created to memorize the names of all those who died within its gates. While the song itself is a work of fiction, the notion is rooted in Jewish liturgical traditions.

You can find a lot of songs in a lot of different genres that honor or talk about names. 

The meanings of names in relationships, identity, or culture may be explored in these musical pieces. In their music, musicians often use names as comparisons or symbols to tell stories, make people feel things, or remember things that happened in the past.

Can you provide a brief overview of the lyrics for “What A Beautiful Name” and the chords used in the song?

“What a Beautiful Name” is about how magnificent and strong the name Jesus Christ is. According to the song, which was written by Ben Fielding and Brooke Ligertwood, the name Jesus is linked to salvation and doing good things. 

In these passages, the divine nature and life-changing power of Christ’s name are emphasized, along with awe at His greatness. By saying that the name is better than all others, the chorus emphasizes how beautiful and important it is.

A simple but effective chord structure makes “What a Beautiful Name” famous. People usually play the song in the key of D, using the chords D, A, Bm, and G. 

The song stays worshipful and melodic throughout its progression so that it can be used in both simple and complex arrangements. Due to its easy melody, the song is popular in Christian worship services all over the world.

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Lyricists often use names to tell personal stories and feelings or talk about relationships.

How do you know how popular a song is?

Measuring popularity

An obvious way to measure music’s popularity is through the charts. Billboard has been charting the “Hot 100” songs weekly since 1958. Nowadays, chart rankings are based on a combination of sales (physical and digital), radio play, and online streaming in the United States.

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Musicians and fans alike can be proud of a song’s artistic and commercial success by nominating it for Grammy Awards or other industry honors. The popularity of a song among a certain group of people can also be found by looking at consumer behavior and preferences.

Chart performance, streaming metrics, social media engagement, award recognition, and a song’s overall cultural impact are all signs of its global impact. All of these things make the song popular.

What A Beautiful Name It Is Lyrics And Chords

What are the chords for “What A Beautiful Name” by Hillsong Worship?

Musicians from Hillsong Worship play “What a Beautiful Name” in the key of D. The song’s harmony is famously simple, making it playable by both new and experienced musicians. The main chords are D, A, Bm, and G.

D, A, Bm, and G are common chords used in the verses. Within the chorus, the progression often includes D, A, Bm, and G. Any musician’s interpretation and performance could change the exact chord voicings and strumming pattern.

It is common for musicians to change the chords to fit their playing style or the needs of the worship setting.

What A Beautiful Name It Is – Hillsong

This modern Christian worship song by Hillsong Worship called “What A Beautiful Name” has moved people all over the world. The 2016 release of the song by Ben Fielding and Brooke Ligertwood has become a mainstay in many worship services. According to the song’s lyrics, we should deeply respect Jesus Christ’s name, recognizing its holiness, beauty, and power to save.

Some verses of the song paint a beautiful picture of Jesus as the Word at the start, the Lamb who defeated sin and death, and the King who rules in glory as the song goes on. Echoing the reverent feelings found in Psalms and other biblical passages, the chorus makes a loud statement about how beautiful and important Jesus’ name is.

The emotional melody and smooth chord progression in “What a Beautiful Name” make it stand out as a song. The song’s simplicity makes it easier for congregational worship, and the soaring bridge that builds to a powerful crescendo enhances the whole worship experience. It has had a big effect on Christian music, and believers love this song as a hymn to the beauty of Jesus’ name.

What a Beautiful Name Chords

The D-key version of Hillsong Worship’s “What a Beautiful Name” is famous for its moving chord progression and simple structure. Because its main chords are D, A, Bm, and G, this song is suitable for beginners and experienced musicians alike. 

D, A, Bm, and G are common chords used in the verses. Often, D, A, Bm, and G are used as similar chords in the chorus. The bridge creates the song’s dynamic and climactic section with a variation using the chords Em, D, C, and G.

It’s appropriate for congregational worship because “What a Beautiful Name” has simple chords and meaningful lyrics. Performance artists can lead a wide range of listeners in praise and worship. Through the dynamics, worshipers often experience a powerful climax moment in the chord progression, especially in the bridge, which emphasizes how awesome Jesus’ name is.

One way that artists give their performances a unique flavor is by using different strumming patterns or fingerpicking styles. It is important for the song’s structure that these chords are used consistently so that the changes between sections go smoothly.

The chords in “What a Beautiful Name” make it even more popular and useful in a range of worship settings, from intimate settings with just one guitar to larger ones with a full band. These reasons make the Hillsong Worship anthem a well-known and important song in contemporary Christian music.

At the end of our journey through the heartbreaking depths of “What A Beautiful Name It Is,” we are engrossed in the spiritual beauty of the chords and lyrics that have formed a deep resonance. Benjamin Fielding and Brooke Ligertwood’s masterful writing of this song is a timeless example of how devotion and prayer can change things.

What A Beautiful Name It Is Lyrics And Chords

Looking at the lyrical journey, the verses describe the amazing beauty in the name of Jesus, telling a deeply spiritual story. The skillfully chosen and arranged chords reflect the emotional depth of the piece, letting the listener feel the divine presence in the music as well as hear it.

Worship is a universal language that brings believers and nonbelievers together in a shared experience of reverence, as shown by the way the lyrics and chords dance in perfect harmony. The song is a timeless hymn that works well in both solo and group settings.

By delving into “What A Beautiful Name It Is,” we found not just a song but also a spiritual journey. It encourages us to reflect on the sacred, appreciate the beauty of religion, and find comfort in melodies that unite the heavenly and the earthly. May the lyrics and chords echo in the depths of our hearts forever, constantly reminding us of the beauty contained in the holy name we cherish.


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