This Is No Ordinary Love Lyrics

This Is No Ordinary Love Lyrics

This Is No Ordinary Love Lyrics: Sade’s song “No Ordinary Love” tells a story of deep and complicated emotions through a vivid picture of an amazing relationship. With Sade Adu’s unique voice, the song has become associated with the group and the album “Love Deluxe,” which came out in 1992.

The first words of a story about love that goes beyond words—”I gave you all the love I had, I gave you more than I could give”—set the tone right away. Sade’s soft voice connects with the listener and gives the words a warm, personal feel.

This Is No Ordinary Love Lyrics

The phrase “This is no ordinary love,” which is repeated several times in the chorus, beautifully emphasizes how unique the emotional link being talked about is. Iconic lines from the songs, like “I Kept My Life Alive” and “You Gave Me Your Love,” give the story more depth.

The hauntingly beautiful orchestration, which includes Sade’s soulful saxophone parts and a calm, ambient sound, makes the emotional depth of the song even stronger. “No Ordinary Love” is more than just a love ballad because its words talk about longing, desire, and the problems that come with having a strong relationship. Instead, it turns into a thorough study of how relationships work and how they change over time.

The complex musical arrangement and Sade’s ability to show a wide range of feelings in the lyrics make “No Ordinary Love” a timeless classic that talks about how love can be both magical and stormy.

What movie was the song no ordinary love in?

“No Ordinary Love” was featured prominently in the 1993 film Indecent Proposal, though it was not included on the film’s soundtrack album.

Sade’s “No Ordinary Love” has been used in a number of movies, adding emotional and dramatic tones to scenes that people will never forget. The song is on the music of the 1993 movie “Indecent Proposal,” which stars Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson, and Robert Redford. A couple has to make a socially tough choice that tests their love, which is the main theme of the movie.

Sade’s “No Ordinary Love” shows how complicated love and desire are shown on screen and gives a key scene in the movie an emotional depth. The scary and seductive mood of the song goes well with the movie’s themes of love and how complicated relationships can be.

“No Ordinary Love” is a song that can make you feel a lot of different things, so it makes sense that it was used as background music for parts of the movie “Indecent Proposal” that looked at love, sin, and the human experience. The song’s inclusion in the movie makes its cultural effect even stronger and solidifies its status as a timeless and moving song.

Who is the original singer of Ordinary Love?


“Ordinary Love” is a song by Irish rock band U2.

Bono wrote the song “Ordinary Love” for the Irish rock band U2. The song was specially made for the music of the movie “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom,” which is based on the life of Nelson Mandela. “Ordinary Love” is one of U2’s most important additions to the music business throughout their long and successful career. It shows that they can make songs that are both meaningful and socially aware.

The band’s song “Ordinary Love” from 2013 is a tribute to Nelson Mandela and the strong and kind things he did. The band’s unique sound and Bono’s singing give the song an epic, sad mood. The song’s words are about love, hope, and how everyday acts of bravery and kindness can make a big difference.

“Ordinary Love” is a tribute to a global symbol and a reflection on how everyone feels about love and pain. It shows that U2 can make deep and important music. The song not only got good reviews but also won the 2014 Academy Award for Best Original Song, adding to U2’s already impressive musical past.

What does Sade’s song “No Ordinary Love” make you feel?

Sade’s song “No Ordinary Love” is about love, longing, and being vulnerable. It does this through a dramatic plot that weaves together a beautiful tapestry of feelings. Sade’s first words, “I gave you all the love I had; I gave you more than I could give,” made people think about themselves right away. There is a sense of sacrifice and dedication in this act of giving beyond one’s means, which sets the tone for the emotional journey of the song.

It’s clear that the artists want and long for things throughout the songs. Phrases like “This is no ordinary love, no ordinary love” stress how special the relationship being talked about is. Sade’s voice is smooth and emotional, which gives the words a seductive and deep depth while also showing a vulnerability that’s easy to relate to.

As the words go on, it becomes clear that the song is about emotional turmoil and relationship problems. “I kept my life alive” means that I fought to stay alive in the face of the difficulties of love. A powerful chant is made up of the title line that is repeated many times to show how complicated, intense, and life-changing the love being talked about is compared to normal love.

The dramatic images in the song, which show pain and thought on the inside, make it more emotional. Sade’s lyrics and singing are able to show how complicated love can be, which makes the listening experience emotional and deep. A fascinating look at the highs and lows of a love that goes beyond the ordinary, “No Ordinary Love” is an ode to the universal and often stormy nature of human relationships.

Why is Sade so popular?

Her success has been attributed to a combination of her unique beauty, seemingly indefinable origins, and mysterious persona. In 2023, Rolling Stone ranked Sade at No. 51 on their list of the 200 Greatest Singers of All Time. Sade’s work has influenced and been recognised by many singers and hip hop artists.

Sade, the band named after its lead singer, Sade Adu, has stayed famous for many good reasons. One of the main reasons for this is Sade Adu’s unique and interesting voice, which is charming and doesn’t depend on age because it’s smooth and attractive. Her singing style sounds like a mix of pop, jazz, and soul, which helps the group get a wide range of fans.

This Is No Ordinary Love Lyrics

Sade is well-known because the band makes music that doesn’t get old and makes people of all ages happy. Their sound, which has been called sophisticated and exquisite at times, combines complex instruments with moving words to make a musical experience that lasts. Sade’s songs are a unique mix of different types of music. They have an ethereal quality that lets listeners fully feel the feelings they express.

Sade has always been very careful with their work. They put out albums whenever they want and follow a strict code of artistic integrity. Because there aren’t many copies made, each record release is now something to look forward to.

Sade Adu’s hypnotic voice and the band’s desire to make music that has emotional depth and sophistication, crosses boundaries of time, and leaves a lasting mark on the music world are all factors in her continued success.

What effect does Sade’s singing have on the mood of “No Ordinary Love”?

Sade Adu’s singing has a big impact on the sad and airy mood of “No Ordinary Love.” Sade is known for having a unique and seductive voice. In this song, the subject of complicated and amazing love, Sade imbues each note with a delicate sensuality and tenderness that perfectly fits the theme.

A deep sense of self-reflection comes through in Sade’s soft voice as she sings, “I gave you all the love I got; I gave you more than I could give.” Her scary and honest voice pulls listeners into the emotional world of the song. Sade’s voice tells an interesting story while the words explore the complicated themes of love and suffering, creating a strong feeling of closeness and longing.

The repeated refrain, “This is no ordinary love,” which is said with passion and restraint, draws attention to how unusual the relationship being looked into is. Sade’s vocal phrasing, which has soft but strong notes, adds to the song’s strange and timeless quality.

Sade’s voice carries the song “No Ordinary Love,” showing a wide range of feelings that people can really connect to. Her voice makes the whole song sound better and lets her show sensitivity, sensuality, and emotional depth.

What is the meaning of the song no ordinary love?

In a nutshell, this song encapsulates the immense sadness someone has to deal with when you are truly in love with someone and their feeling isn’t mutual. The picture is pretty clear from the outset that the protagonist gave him everything she had in her to give.

Sade’s “No Ordinary Love” looks at the deepest parts of love by exploring the complexities of sacrifice, desire, and the unique qualities of a strong emotional bond. The words show a deep, emotional love that goes beyond the everyday.

The first words of the poem, “I gave you all the love I had, I gave you more than I could give,” imply a story of unwavering love and a willingness to go beyond one’s comfort zone. The repeated chorus of the song, “This is no ordinary love,” shows how unique and out of the ordinary the love being shown is.

The song goes on to talk about desire, self-reflection, and the mental cost of love. Phrases like “I kept my life alive” hint at how hard it was for the author to protect herself while the relationship was falling apart. Sade’s passionate voice and the orchestra’s full sound create an interesting journey that shows the highs and lows of love’s emotional range.

“No Ordinary Love” is a poem that talks about how complicated and sometimes rough love can be. It acknowledges the happy highs and sad lows that make up a love that goes beyond the every day and makes people think about the wonderful aspects of human connection.

These are the words to the song “No Ordinary Love.”

Sade’s “No Ordinary Love,” which came out in 1992 on the album “Love Deluxe,” is a hauntingly beautiful look at the problems that come with love. “I gave you all the love I got; I gave you more than I could give,” Sade Adu sings at the beginning of the song, making you think. This makes the mood warm and friendly right away, preparing for a very emotional drama.

There is a theme of sacrifice and commitment that runs through the words. Sade is thinking about what it means to give up everything for love. “This is no ordinary love,” the chorus repeats, turning into a powerful chant that emphasizes how unique and life-changing the relationship shown is.

The poetic language used in the verses paints a powerful picture of vulnerability and desire. Lines like “I kept my life alive” and “I’m crying out for more” show a need for love and food that goes beyond regular life.

Sade’s expressive singing and the atmospheric instruments she uses make for a captivating musical experience. “No Ordinary Love” is a timeless favorite that speaks to people of all ages because it captures the deep and sometimes rough nature of love.

Sade words not found?

Sade is a British singer with Nigerian roots who is known for her deep and smooth jazz-influenced songs that often deal with love, desire, and thought. Sade’s official website or a good music database to see if she has added any new songs or changed anything else in her catalog since then.

Sade has become a timeless and important figure in the music business thanks to her unique voice and her band’s unique mix of soul, jazz, and R&B. A few of her hits are “Smooth Operator,” “The Sweetest Taboo,” and “No Ordinary Love.” If Sade comes out with any new music, it will probably be more of the same unique style and sad lyrics.

This Is No Ordinary Love Lyrics

When people read poems, the words make an emotional tapestry that touches them deeply. Sade Adu’s smooth vocals breathe life into the lyrics, and with their unique mix of sensuality and fragility, they take the song to a higher level.

The main idea of unusual love is shown in moving ways through lines like “I gave you all the love I got” and the haunting chorus, “This is no ordinary love.” These lines show how intense, selfless, and life-changing love can be when it goes against what most people think.

It’s not just the beautiful way the song is put together that makes it so popular; it can also make people feel a wide range of feelings, from sad longing to soaring passion. “No Ordinary Love” is an unforgettable piece of Sade’s musical heritage. It’s a tribute to how brilliant she was and a song that has a global impact because it shows how complicated and upsetting love can be.


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