How Great Thou Art Shane And Shane Lyrics

How Great Thou Art Shane And Shane Lyrics

How Great Thou Art Shane And Shane Lyrics: Shane & Shane are one of the few artists in the modern world of devotion who can merge the beautiful and the holy so well. Shane Barnard and Shane Everett have left an honest musical legacy with a deep spiritual resonance. They are known for their moving performances and insightful readings. 

One of their most important songs is the soaring hymn “How Great Thou Art,” which was written by Stuart K. Hine and later updated by the dynamic pair. The level of worship is taken to amazing new heights by this timeless standard. More than just a show, Shane and Shane’s performance of “How Great Thou Art” is a heavenly trip that takes listeners through vast landscapes of worship and awe.

From the first note, Shane & Shane treat the well-known hymn with a unique mix of respect and modern power. Their acoustic compositions and emotional singing give the song new life and turn it into a deep meditation on God’s greatness. Every word is said with sincerity, creating an awe-inspiring mood that goes beyond a simple musical show. The gravity with which Shane and Shane read the religious text, along with their amazing musical skills, makes their performance even more beautiful.

Take a musical journey with Shane & Shane and get ready to be taken to a holy place where the artistic and the spiritual meet. “How Great Thou Art” is more than just a song to them; it’s a call to experience God’s glory in a way that will change their lives.

How Great Thou Art Shane And Shane Lyrics

Who sang the hymn How Great Thou Art?

Billy Graham Evangelistic Crusades

It was popularized by George Beverly Shea and Cliff Barrows during Billy Graham crusades.

In 1885, the Christian hymn “How Great Thou Art” was turned into a poem by Swedish priest Carl Boberg. Later, in 1927, Swedish musician Stuart K. Hine set the poem to music, which is how we know the song today. The song’s powerful words express awe and reverence for God’s beauty.

Many singers have recorded and sung “How Great Thou Art” over the years. The late American singer Elvis Presley did one of the most famous versions. In 1967, Presley recorded this version for his Grammy-winning gospel album, which showcased his emotional range and vocal power. The song became a regular part of Presley’s live shows, and the crowd would often react strongly to it.

Presley’s performance of “How Great Thou Art” won him two Grammy Awards for Best Sacred Performance in addition to praise from critics. In the years since then, the hymn has become a timeless classic, loved for its deep meaning and the powerful performances of artists like Elvis Presley, who gave this famous piece of Christian music a unique mix of soul and emotion.

What does thou art mean?

You are

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English thou art old-fashioned biblicala phrase meaning ‘you are’ → art.

In the past, people often used “thou” as a single, informal word to address someone, like how we use “you” today. The phrase “thou art” comes from old English and joins the second-person singular pronoun “thou” with the verb “art,” which is the second-person particular form of “to be.” Today, we would say, “You are.”

The phrase “thou art” can be found in religious texts, old papers, and literature, especially when more formal or poetic language is used. It has literary and historical meanings, and people usually use it in poetry or holy writing. The phrase “thou art” is often used in religious texts, like the King James Bible, to emphasize a personal link with the divine and to show respect and closeness when talking to a god.

The word “thou” and its related verb forms are not commonly used in modern English. However, the phrase “thou art” lives on in historical and cultural settings as a linguistic relic that shows how the English language has changed over time and how it has been used to show identity, formality, and spirituality.

How do Shane and Shane infuse contemporary resonance into “How Great Thou Art”?

Shane & Shane, a modern Christian music group known for their modern take on praise, gives “How Great Thou Art” a new sound by combining traditional hymnody with modern musical elements. When they play live, they usually use arrangements, melodies, and acoustic instruments that appeal to modern audiences. The way the two musicians play and sing the old song gives it a sense of closeness and sincerity that makes it feel relevant to modern worship. Then, people can connect with the strong word.

Shane & Shane’s version could use new production methods and up-to-date musical arrangements, like adding acoustic guitars, to make a sound that fits with the latest trends in worship music. Also, the audience’s emotional response to what they say is real and deep, which makes them connect with the song on a spiritual and personal level.

The hymn is even more powerful because of the duo’s live performances and records, which usually create a sense of community worship and encourage audience participation. Shane & Shane bring “How Great Thou Art” up to date by combining respect for the old song with a more modern sound and a focus on sincere worship. This connects the hymn’s long past with the strong statements of faith found in contemporary Christian music.

Does thou mean God?

Anyone familiar with the Bible knows the word thou means “you.” As the word worked its way from Old English, it varied a little in its subtext, from a plural referring to higher-ups, then to equals, and, around 1450, as a slightly insulting reference suggesting inferiority.

No, the word “thou” does not directly mean God. When talking about a specific person, the old English word “thou” was often used as the second person singular form, similar to the modern “you.” It was a way to show closeness or acquaintance in earlier English, and it doesn’t always have a heavenly meaning.

“Thou” was often used to address God or show respect in religious or poetic settings. However, it was also used in nonreligious settings to speak to people in a more casual or friendly way. In Early Modern English, “thou” wasn’t used as much, and by the 17th century, “you” had mostly replaced it for both single and plural second-person pronouns.

In old religious texts, like the King James Bible, “thou” is used to talk to God in a way that shows connection and respect during worship and prayer. It’s possible that the word “thou” doesn’t directly refer to God, but its use in religious language in the past has made it linked to spirituality and faith.

When was the hymn How Great Thou Art written?


‘How Great Thou Art’ is a Christian hymn which started life as a poem set to a Swedish melody. The poem, ‘O Store Gud’ (O Great God), was written by the Swedish poet and lay minister, Carl Boberg, in 1885.

The background of the hymn “How Great Thou Art” is very interesting and goes back more than one hundred years. The Swedish pastor Carl Boberg wrote the song for the first time in 1885. Boberg wrote the Swedish song “O Store Gud” while traveling to the southeast coast of Sweden. The beauty of nature moved him. The poem showed how amazed and grateful Boberg was for what God had made.

After that, the song was translated into Russian and German, where it became very popular. The song was changed into English by Stuart K. Hine, an English missionary who worked in Ukraine in 1927. During a prayer service, Hine and his wife were moved by the Russian version of the song. Over time, the Hines added to and improved their translations of the songs.

When Billy Graham used the English version of “How Great Thou Art” in his crusades in the 1950s, it became famous. Graham’s preaching partner and gospel musician, George Beverly Shea, first introduced the song to Americans. As the song’s fame grew, more Christians started singing it in their services.

The most famous version of “How Great Thou Art” was written by Stuart K. Hine. The passionate melody in Hine’s arrangement made the song even more popular over time. Since then, the song has been recorded by a huge number of musicians in all kinds of styles, making it a timeless classic of Christian music.

“How Great Thou Art” went from being a Swedish poem to a well-known hymn all over the world. The song’s trip shows how the message of God’s greatness can be seen in the beauty of nature.

How Great Thou Art Shane And Shane Lyrics

In what ways does their version invite listeners to experience the greatness of God?

Shane and Shane’s performance of “How Great Thou Art” fills the audience with awe and respect, inspiring them to experience God’s beauty. The two performers bring a modern and personal touch to the song, making it easier for people to connect with its important message on a spiritual and emotional level.

Shane & Shane use acoustic instruments, a popular type of music, to make the environment warm and welcoming. Although the hymn’s timeless core is kept, guitars, harmonies, and simple arrangements give it a more modern feel. The two players are so good that the music makes people feel things and keeps them interested, drawing them into the worship process.

Shane & Shane’s singing style is known for being sincere and honest. Their beautiful sounds support the idea of worshiping together and bringing people together. Their soft vocal performances evoke deep emotions, making people think about God’s glory with humility and awe. The duet’s vocal dynamics, which range from quiet, reflective moments to violent outbursts, create an environment of worship that makes people want to be a part of the experience.

Shane & Shane’s live shows also often have a congregational feel to them, which makes the audience feel like they’re a part of a group prayer session. By inviting listeners to join in the celebration of God’s glory, this approach builds a sense of community. The duo’s careful attention to the meaning of the lyrics, along with the way they arrange the melodies and vocals, creates an immersive experience that goes beyond hearing and strengthens the connection between the viewer and God.

The way Shane & Shane sing “How Great Thou Art” takes people on a spiritual journey through music that praises God’s greatness and makes the soul feel better. Through their artistic skills, they make a space where others can experience God’s awe-inspiring presence and react by worshiping and celebrating His greatness.

How Great Thou Art by Shane & Shane

Their version of “How Great Thou Art” is both moving and up-to-date, and they do a great job of conveying the spirit of worship. The group, which is known for its creative take on Christian music, adds a touch of emotional depth and acoustic simplicity to this well-known hymn.

Shane & Shane’s version, with its intricate guitar work and lovely rhythms, goes well with the hymn’s timeless words. The soft musical background lets the two beautiful voices shine through. This simple style creates a personal atmosphere that draws listeners into a world of prayer and reflection.

Sincerity and honesty are clear in Shane & Shane’s singing. Their voices sound great together, showing respect and unity. The vocal range of their singers gives the lyrics emotional power. The lyrics range from sad, introspective times to strong declarations of God’s majesty. The two singers’ different vocal tones make the hymn both a private and public act of worship that fits with the song’s message.

One interesting thing about Shane & Shane’s version is that it has long musical breaks. These parts of the music are breaks for thought that give the listener time to think about the words and respond with respect. These breaks show off the two musicians’ skills while giving the old song a more modern sound.

This performance of “How Great Thou Art” by Shane & Shane shows that they can connect modern prayer with the rich history of hymnody. Both new worshipers and longtime hymn fans will relate to the duo’s careful balance of simple melodies, sincere vocals, and spiritual depth. The result is a performance that invites everyone to join in proclaiming God’s majesty in a way that feels both timeless and present.

How Great Thou Art lyrics

The words to the song “How Great Thou Art” express awe and respect for God’s greatness, which is revealed in the beauty of creation and Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for our sins. The hymn starts with a reflection on nature, thanking God for being so great and praising the beauty of His creation. The lyrics discuss how God created everything and how majestic He is when seen in the sky, in the thunder, and the wind.

The promise of eternal life and the suffering on the cross is what the second verse is thankful for. It is all about Christ’s work of redemption. It talks about how big God’s love is and how important Jesus’ death and rising are for all time.

“Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to Thee; How great Thou art, how great Thou art!” is the chorus of the song, which responds to the lines that precede it. The singer’s heart is full of awe and praise for God’s greatness in this song, which captures the spirit of worship.

In the third line, the longing and excitement for the day of Christ’s return are echoed in Christian ideas about the end of the world. The last line of the poem is a loud praise speech that repeats the main idea of how great God is.

The words “How Great Thou Art” skillfully combine ideas about God’s creation of the world, salvation through Christ, and the singer’s act of love and devotion. Hymns are a timeless way for Christians to express their faith and the greatness of God. People of all ages and religions love them.

People are amazed and thankful for Shane and Shane’s performance of “How Great Thou Art,” especially the last few notes. Shane Barnard and Shane Everett’s great musicianship and beautiful singing make this timeless song more than just a musical experience. It turns into a heavenly experience and a direct connection with God.

How Great Thou Art Shane And Shane Lyrics

As the last notes fade away, it’s hard to deny how important this piece of music is. Shane and Shane have given an old song a new lease on life in their unique style, making it relevant to today’s world without taking away any of its holy qualities. Not only is their act great because of how well they do it but also because every word in the song is true. Each word is a prayer, and each sound leads to a holy place.

When you listen to “How Great Thou Art,” Shane & Shane take you to a world where worship is more than just a routine; the words and music do a great job of describing God’s majesty, which is like a tangible presence that goes deep into the mind. These pieces tell us that great musicians can make music that connects us to something greater than ourselves and communicates with the sacred.

The musical journey ends with a melody that stays with you and makes you appreciate how creative and passionate Shane and Shane were in their performance of “How Great Thou Art.” It’s a testament to the power of hymns and the ability of talented musicians to transcend the physical and spiritual worlds.


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