How Great Thou Art Lds Lyrics

How Great Thou Art Lds Lyrics


How Great Thou Art Lds Lyrics: “The hymn ‘How Great Thou Art,’ which is a treasured part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) rich musical tapestry, is deeply beautiful.” Carl Gustav Boberg originally wrote this hymn as a Swedish poem. The English words were later translated and changed to express awe and reverence. The LDS version of ‘How Great Thou Art’ captures the spirit of genuine worship by combining themes of God’s supreme greatness and the beauty of nature.

In the lyrics, we recognize that the Creator has shaped both the universe and our lives, and we are humbled and thankful for that. “How Great Thou Art” ‘s emotional power comes from its beautiful melody and its ability to make people feel close to God. Each verse has a poetic story that leads believers on a spiritual journey and makes them think about the amazing things in the world and God.

There is a beloved and inspiring piece of LDS music called “How Great Thou Art” that is always played in LDS congregations. It brings people together and makes them feel reverent. The way the music and lyrics go together creates a solemn worship atmosphere that makes people want to think about their relationship with God and be thankful for all the good things in their lives.

How Great Thou Art Lds Lyrics

What is the story behind the song How Great Thou Art?

The inspiration for the poem came when Boberg was walking home from church near Kronobäck, Sweden, and listening to church bells. A sudden storm got Boberg’s attention, and then just as suddenly as it had made its appearance, it subsided to a peaceful calm which Boberg observed over Mönsterås Bay.

The hymn “How Great Thou Art” was based on a poem that Swedish pastor Carl Boberg wrote in 1885. Boberg was moved by a sudden storm and the calm that followed. He saw a deep link between the majesty of God and the power of nature. Later, a Swedish musician named Stuart K. Hine put the poem to music and added more verses that were based on his own experiences in Ukraine.

Reverend J. Edwin Orr, an English missionary, heard the hymn in Ukraine and translated it into English so that people who spoke English could listen to it. This is how the hymn became well-known. The moving lyrics of the famous Christian hymn “How Great Thou Art” have made it more popular over time. 

The lyrics talk about how amazing God’s creation is and how Jesus Christ died for our sins. Because of its powerful melody, it has become a classic that is often used in Christian worship services. This song is still very popular, which shows that it can connect with people of all ages and backgrounds, making them feel awe and respect for God’s power.

Who sang the hymn How Great Thou Art?

It was on June 16, 1957, in the evening worship service during the famous Billy Graham New York Crusade, that “How Great Thou Art” was introduced to Christians in the United States. Graham’s music director, Cliff Barrow, introduced singer George Beverly Shea to the crowd, and Shea sang the hymn with the choir.

Many artists have covered “How Great Thou Art” over the years, but Elvis Presley’s rendition is one of the most famous. The King of Rock and Roll showed how versatile he was by recording the hymn for his 1967 gospel album of the same name, which won a Grammy. People praised Elvis for putting a lot of feeling into the religious classic, and his soulful and heartfelt performance of the song will never be forgotten.

“How Great Thou Art” became more popular outside of church settings largely due to Elvis Presley’s performance of it. It also helped his gospel album do well. He made the hymn a signature song in his gospel repertoire by singing it with emotion and power. 

It became an important part of music history when it won the Grammy Award for Best Sacred Performance in 1968. Elvis Presley’s famous and beloved performance of “How Great Thou Art,” a key and special version of the hymn, shows the hymn’s timeless power through the lens of one of the most famous voices in music history.

In what ways do the timeless lyrics of ‘How Great Thou Art’ resonate with the spiritual experiences and gratitude of individuals within the LDS community?

For Latter-day Saints, the words “How Great Thou Art” are a powerful way to show their thanks and spiritual experiences. The hymn’s lines, which express awe and wonder at the beauty of God’s creation, are in line with LDS teachings about how the world came to be and how all living things have eternal value. An important part of the hymn is recognizing God’s glory in nature and the universe. This is similar to LDS teachings, which stress the divine purpose of life and how everything God made is connected.

Aside from that, the hymn’s themes of salvation and redemption are in line with important LDS beliefs, especially the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The hymn’s sincere praise and thanksgiving are in line with how important it is for LDS people to be thankful for the benefits of the Atonement and the chance to grow spiritually.

The moving words to “How Great Thou Art” often comfort and inspire Latter-day Saints people during public worship and private meditation. The words encourage a sense of oneness, respect, and appreciation for God. The hymn’s continued popularity among LDS members shows that it can express and uphold the spiritual beliefs and experiences that are important to their faith.

Is the hymn How Great Thou Art copyrighted?

Despite the hymn’s enduring popularity, the story of how it came into being is still little-known. It is an inspiring true story of faith, courage and providence. How Great Thou Art! will remain in copyright until March 2059. This means that it is still protected today and therefore you will need permission to use it.

There are different copyright situations for the hymn “How Great Thou Art,” depending on the setting and performance. The public can now read Carl Boberg’s original Swedish poem from 1885. The English translation and the extra verses written by Stuart K. Hine in 1927 may, however, be protected by copyright laws.

When it comes to well-known hymn recordings or arrangements, copyright may cover that particular performance or arrangement. Copyright could protect a recording of a certain performance of “How Great Thou Art,” like one by a singer, choir, or musical group.

It is very important to check the details of the version you want to use or handle again. Some versions may still have copyrights, but others may be free for everyone to use. If you need to know if you’re following copyright laws, ask permission or only use versions that are clearly marked as public domain or have open licensing.

When was the hymn How Great Thou Art written?


‘How Great Thou Art’ is a Christian hymn which started life as a poem set to a Swedish melody. The poem, ‘O Store Gud’ (O Great God), was written by the Swedish poet and lay minister, Carl Boberg, in 1885.

The history of the hymn “How Great Thou Art” is not simple. The first draft was written as a poem in 1885 by a Swedish pastor named Carl Boberg. Boberg’s verses were inspired by the dramatic show of nature, which included a storm and then a calm scene. The poem was first called “O Store Gud” in Swedish, which translates to “O Great God.”

In the 1920s, a British missionary in Ukraine named Stuart K. Hine translated the hymn and added more verses, which is how it looks now. The power of the poem moved Hine, so he translated it into English and added verses about his own experiences with the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains.

The well-known version drew ideas from Hine’s English translation, which has been sung and recorded by many artists around the world. The hymn is still very popular because its message praises God’s greatness, as seen in Jesus Christ’s healing work and the amazing things that happen in nature.

How Great Thou Art Lds Lyrics

How does ‘How Great Thou Art’ convey a sense of awe and reverence through its lyrical portrayal of nature and God’s greatness in the LDS tradition?

Because it sings so beautifully about how great and wonderful God is, “How Great Thou Art” makes LDS people feel awe and respect. The parts of the hymn that talk about the amazing things in nature and the universe are in line with LDS teachings, which stress the importance of recognizing God’s hand in everything and the fact that He made the Earth.

The powerful images of storms, high mountains, and quiet forests in the hymn are a reflection of LDS beliefs, which say that the Earth is holy and a gift from God. This portrayal moves the LDS community. It has made them feel even more awe and gratitude and brought them closer to their Creator.

Also, the hymn’s focus on Jesus Christ’s atoning work fits well with Latter-day Saint’s teaching, especially regarding the Atonement. The fact that God’s love and grace were shown through the sacrifice of His Son strengthens the LDS faith’s core beliefs, adding a level of respect and gratitude.

“How Great Thou Art” is a powerful witness of devotion in LDS worship settings, making people feel awe and respect for the divine. It’s a beloved hymn in the LDS tradition because the words are timeless and continue to make people feel spiritually connected.

How Great Thou Art

“How Great Thou Art” is a timeless classic that speaks from the heart about how holy and powerful God is. Carl Boberg wrote the original Swedish poem in 1885. In the 1920s, Stuart K. Hine translated and changed it into English, which made it very popular. The hymn has always been popular because it makes people feel awed by describing the Creator’s majesty and the beauty of nature in beautiful language.

The beautiful descriptions of rolling thunder, huge mountains, and whispering winds in the verses make you feel awe for God. The hymn skillfully tells a story that is similar to the Christian journey and ends with thanksgiving for what Jesus Christ did to save us. People who are worshiping are drawn into a space for reflection by the moving peaks and pauses that help them connect spiritually.

Many Christians around the world have accepted the hymn, which has spread across language and geographical barriers. “How Great Thou Art” is still a powerful song of faith and devotion, whether sung in a grand cathedral or a small chapel. It has been a classic hymn for a long time because it can lift people’s spirits and make them respect the divine. Listeners find comfort and inspiration in its deep celebration of the sacred.

The Story Behind How Great Thou Art

“How Great Thou Art” has a long history that comes from the deep experiences of the people who wrote the lyrics and the power of nature to change things. A pastor in Sweden named Carl Boberg was moved to write the poem “O Store Gud” after seeing an unexpected storm and then a calm. Boberg’s poetry showed a deep respect for the beauty of nature and the wonderful things God made.

Many years later, British missionary Stuart K. Hine changed the hymn into its current form. While in Ukraine in the 1920s, Hine read a translation of Boberg’s poem and was moved by what it meant. He then translated it into English. Hine added more verses that were based on his trip through the Carpathian Mountains. The hymn that came out of it, “How Great Thou Art,” showed both Hine’s respect for the divine and Boberg’s original idea.

Reverend J. Edwin Orr, an English missionary, brought the hymn to the attention of people all over the world who spoke English. Its message of gratitude and awe spread even further. In 1967, in the middle of the 20th century, Elvis Presley performed it, which helped make it more well-known outside of religious circles.

“How Great Thou Art” is a powerful poem because it captures the way everyone feels when they are amazed by the world around them and feel at ease knowing that there is a higher power. 

Because of its strong tune and moving words, the hymn has been an expression of faith for a long time and is an important part of Christian worship. The story of “How Great Thou Art” is one of coming together: a missionary translated and spread a pastor’s poetic meditation on the beauty of nature, and it joined the many voices that have praised it throughout history and across cultures.

How Great Thou Art Lds Lyrics

The LDS community sees “How Great Thou Art” as more than just a pretty tune with some nice lines. They see it as a spiritual hymn that captures the spirit of worship, gratitude, and awe. The hymn makes a strong connection between believers and their Creator by being a timeless link between heaven and Earth. Knowing that it comes from a Swedish poem shows that being amazed by the world’s beauty is something that everyone feels. The hymn has a new flavor now that it is part of the LDS tradition. It tells a story of faith and humility that touches people’s hearts.

‘How Great Thou Art’s’ power comes from its beautiful melody and its ability to make people feel deeply. These qualities stir the soul and lift the spirits during times of reflection and worship. The hymn’s recurring themes of God’s all-encompassing greatness and the majesty of nature make it a moving background for reflection and an invitation to show gratitude for God’s role in one’s life.

This well-known song will always show how important faith is and how the LDS community is all on the same spiritual path as long as it is sung in churches and other public places. “How Great Thou Art” reminds us all of the greatness that exists beyond this life. It also shows that music and lyrics have the power to inspire, uplift, and bring people together throughout time.


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