How Does It Feel D Angelo Lyrics

How Does It Feel D Angelo Lyrics


How Does It Feel D Angelo Lyrics: D’Angelo’s “How Does It Feel,” released in 2000 as part of his highly acclaimed album “Voodoo,” is a timeless tribute to the power of soulful R&B. With its seductive groove and magnetic seduction, this song transcends generations. D’Angelo’s ability to blend traditional soul with current flair is clear in this song, which generates an alluring ambiance from the first note and draws listeners into a world where emotions are left naked, and vulnerability becomes a strength.

D’Angelo’s mesmerizing and expressive voice brings the lines to life, showing the tremendous longing that comes with emotional entanglements. His ability to offer real emotion through his delivery and phrasing adds levels of credibility to the story, making “How Does It Feel” a worldwide song for anybody who has felt the intoxication of love. The song’s words are a beautiful voyage into the complexity of love, desire, and connection.

The slow-burning tempo, along with enticing guitar riffs and a mesmerizing rhythm section, envelops the listener in a sensual embrace; “How Does It Feel” becomes more than just a song; it becomes a sensory voyage, encouraging you to feel every note and resonate with the profound feelings communicated. As the song continues, the instrumentation complements the verbal profundity, producing an immersive audio experience.

In this introduction, we’ll look at D’Angelo’s musical ability by diving into the deep emotional tapestry that is “How Does It Feel.” This song is a masterpiece that not only shows the artist’s vocal and musical skill but also serves as a timeless depiction of the common human experience of love and desire.

How Does It Feel D Angelo Lyrics

Why does how does it feel end abruptly?

Well, that’s another thing — the song cuts off like that because the tape runs out. What do you mean, the tape runs out? It was all recorded on tape, you know? So that’s what happened — he wanted to keep going, but then the tape cuts off, so it ends like that.

“How Does It Feel,” a song from Bob Dylan’s 1966 album “Highway 61 Revisited,” ends quickly, leaving listeners with a sense of unfinished business. The abrupt cut-off, which is often supposed to be planned, adds to the song’s mystique. Dylan’s secretive persona may have motivated him to create this odd finish in order to elicit thought and participation from the listeners.

This is underlined by the song’s sudden finish, which is a purposeful artistic decision that subverts the expectations of a perfectly resolved musical composition and pushes listeners to deal with the unresolved tension. The song’s mysterious words and shifting plot add to its enigmatic character.

The abrupt ending of the song is consistent with Dylan’s penchant for pushing artistic limits and experimenting with standard song patterns, leaving a lasting impact that begs reflection. Finally, the song’s cryptic ending adds to its enduring memory by challenging listeners to explore the purpose and meaning of the musical trip that ends so abruptly.

Who wrote How Does It Feel by D Angelo?


Michael Eugene Archer, better known by his stage name D’Angelo, is an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer. He first garnered attention after co-producing the single “U Will Know” for R&B supergroup Black Men United.

“How Does It Feel” is a sensual and soulful R&B song. It is one of the outstanding tunes from the highly praised album “Voodoo,” which was written by Michael Eugene Archer, better known as D’Angelo. D’Angelo is the songwriter and producer of the song, showing his multi-talented ability as a singer, songwriter, and producer.

The song “How Does It Feel” by D’Angelo is known for its raw and sensual sound, pulling inspiration from traditional soul and funk while adding a modern edge. The words are intimate and enticing, and the smooth, neo-soul music that characterizes the entire “Voodoo” record wonderfully matches the lyricism.

The song “How Does It Feel” is still incredibly famous, which is a testament to D’Angelo’s skill as a songwriter and singer. Its popularity reinforced D’Angelo’s place as a breakthrough musician in the R&B genre. His ability to make a song that connects both lyrically and musically, together with his unique vocal style, has left an everlasting stamp on the landscape of modern R&B.

How does D’Angelo’s vocal delivery contribute to the emotional depth of the lyrics?

His soulful and subtle way of singing amplifies the sensuality and tenderness hidden in the words of “How Does It Feel.” His silky timbre, along with subtle inflections and controlled phrasing, allows him to represent a spectrum of feelings that resonate with the themes of love and desire addressed in the song. D’Angelo’s vocal delivery is what actually makes the song “How Does It Feel” so immersive and personal to listen to.

The intensity and yearning depicted in the words are underlined by D’Angelo’s vocal stylings, which also add layers of depth to the emotional tale. The singer’s ability to transition between a falsetto and a deeper range easily gives a dynamic aspect to the performance. The vocal intricacies and subtleties show a profound link between the lyrical content and the vocalist, making the emotional landscape of the song more perceptible to the listener.

The combination of D’Angelo’s vocal skill and the lyrical content creates a strong synergy that allows the listener to identify with the feelings portrayed in “How Does It Feel.” It makes it a noteworthy example of how an artist’s vocal delivery may increase the emotional resonance of a song. Additionally, D’Angelo’s expressiveness and control of his voice add to a sense of intimacy, as if he is directly expressing his feelings to the audience.

Why did DeAngelo stop making music?

Following this period, D’Angelo became increasingly uncomfortable with his growing status as a sex symbol. This was followed by numerous personal struggles, including alcoholism, which resulted in limited musical output for several years.

Following the success of his highly praised album “Voodoo” in 2000, D’Angelo experienced personal and legal troubles, such as drug addiction problems and legal issues, which led to a protracted departure from the music industry.

Fans in the music industry eagerly anticipated new music from D’Angelo during his absence, and there were irregular hints and whispers about future projects. D’Angelo finally returned to the studio and the public eye with the release of “Black Messiah” in 2014.

Artists may take pauses for a variety of reasons, including artistic inquiry, personal growth, or the need to address health and lifestyle problems. D’Angelo’s break was distinguished by a combination of emotional difficulties and a desire to focus on his well-being. It’s crucial to highlight that the reasons driving an artist’s choice to take a sabbatical from music can be complex and personal. 

Who wrote the song the story?

Phil Hanseroth

“The Story” is a song released as a single by American folk rock singer Brandi Carlile, written by Phil Hanseroth, from her 2007 album The Story.

Written by Phil Hanseroth, one-half of the twin brothers who form the basis of Brandi Carlile’s long-running band, “The Story” is a song that Carlile plays. It is the title track of her 2007 album “The Story,” which has evolved to be one of her signature songs.

“The Story” was written by Phil Hanseroth, who presented themes of love, self-discovery, and life’s journey with sad and thoughtful lyrics. Carlile’s powerful and soulful vocal delivery of the song, together with the song’s emotional depth, added to its international acceptance and resonance with listeners.

Heartfelt songwriting and Carlile’s compelling interpretation have solidified “The Story” as an enduring piece of modern folk-rock music. Brandi Carlile herself has remarked about the personal significance of “The Story” and how it ties to her experiences and work as a musician. The song’s narrative nature, accompanied by the rich storytelling in the words, has made it a notable track in Carlile’s discography.

How Does It Feel D Angelo Lyrics

How does D’Angelo express vulnerability and desire in “How Does It Feel”?

“How Does It Feel” by D’Angelo is a nuanced analysis of desire and vulnerability, and the artist uses a range of approaches to express these sensations. The seductive ballad is a soulful ballad that shows D’Angelo’s ability to portray genuine vulnerability in both the song’s lyrics and vocal delivery.

D’Angelo’s subtle delivery welcomes vulnerability on a vocal level. His smooth and expressive delivery, typified by a deep, resonant tone and a controlled falsetto, provides an intimate atmosphere. The gentle vocal inflections and patient pacing evoke a sense of emotional openness and desire. D’Angelo’s voice becomes a vehicle for vulnerability, encouraging listeners to connect with the deep feelings inherent in the lyrics.

Lyrically, D’Angelo answers the essential question, “How does it feel? “The song “How Does It Feel” is an honest analysis of desire, with simple yet poetic feelings of longing and passion throughout. The words further express vulnerability through themes of emotional surrender and a desire for intimate connection. “How Does It Feel ” acts as a recurrent refrain that underscores the curiosity and anticipation that underpin the romance tale.

The frankness of the lyrics, combined with D’Angelo’s delivery, blurs the line between the personal and the universal. The listener feels as though they are not only seeing an artistic performance but also sharing a moment of vulnerability and yearning. D’Angelo’s singing ability and the evocative lyrics create a remarkable synergy that increases the emotional effect of the song.

“How Does It Feel” is a timeless and emotionally impacting song that showcases D’Angelo’s ability to articulate complex emotions successfully. The song’s words reflect vulnerability and longing, but D’Angelo’s vocal rendition embodies these feelings as well, making it an emotionally touching piece of music.

LyricsUntitled (How Does It Feel)

Featured on his 2000 album “Voodoo,” D’Angelo’s soulful ballad “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” explores the emotional terrain of a love encounter with raw and explicit honesty, constructing a story of intimate yearning and vulnerability via its evocative lyrics.

The song’s lyrics focus on the topic, “How does it feel? The artist’s interest and excitement about the emotional and physical connection shared with a partner are reflected in this refrain, which becomes a powerful and recurring motif. The directness of the query adds a depth of intimacy to the story, as D’Angelo freely states his wish to comprehend the consequences of the shared experience.

The song’s genuineness is supported by the explicit lyrics, which provide a candid peek into the artist’s emotional state. As the lyrics progress, D’Angelo builds a realistic picture of the intimate interaction, utilizing colorful and tactile language to describe the depth of his sentiments. The verses are packed with impassioned descriptions of touch, research, and a need for connection.

D’Angelo’s emotive force drives the song, raising its lyrical interpretations throughout. The seductive words and his deep, varied voice combine to produce a perfect blend that captivates listeners. The slow, deliberate rhythm of the music adds to the emotional weight of the lyrics, allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in the intensity of the event being represented.

“Untitled (How Does It Feel)” stands as a testament to D’Angelo’s ability to portray complicated feelings through his work. The straightforward yet poetic words, coupled with his soul-stirring vocal performance, make this song a timeless exploration of desire, vulnerability, and the basic human connection that drives it.

Missing lyrics by D’Angelo?

Famed for his soulful R&B sound, D’Angelo typically tackles themes of love, desire, and thought in his lyrics; his songs are defined by a passionate and poetic tone that explores the intricacies of human relationships. Whether it’s the seductive and sensual “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” or the socially aware “The Charade” from his 2014 album “Black Messiah,” D’Angelo’s lyrics show a profound connection to both personal and cultural experiences.

While some songs are explicit in their exploration of intimacy and sexuality, others touch on bigger topics such as identity, spirituality, and the challenges of contemporary society. D’Angelo has been acclaimed for his sincerity, drawing on his own life experiences and feelings in many of his works. He successfully combines clever wordplay with a rich orchestral backdrop, creating a perfect combination of literary and auditory aspects.

There is a continual thread of reflection and vulnerability running through D’Angelo’s work, which adds to the music’s lasting appeal and effect. D’Angelo’s songs regularly inspire listeners to partake in a meditative trip, giving a glimpse into his thoughts and feelings.

“How Does It Feel” by D’Angelo is a musical masterpiece that defies time and genre limits. Its continuing appeal comes not just from its appealing soul, R&B, and funk blend but also from its propensity to trigger a visceral response from listeners. As the song’s final notes fade away, the listener is left with a lasting impression of the intense emotional journey that the lyrics and melody have undergone.

How Does It Feel D Angelo Lyrics

The song’s universal themes of love, emotion, and vulnerability make it a timeless anthem that resonates with listeners of all ages. D’Angelo’s passionate performance and the amazing musical arrangement combine to produce an immersive experience that surpasses simple pleasure and instead serves as a means of creating real human connection.

“How Does It Feel” goes beyond the confines of popular music, affecting listeners and artists who seek emotional resonance and authenticity in their musical experiences. It is more than just a song; it’s a sound investigation of the human state, a literary utterance that encompasses longing and connection.

When we analyze the lasting impact of “How Does It Feel,” it is clear that D’Angelo has created something larger than a single; he has given us a work of art that never fails to elevate, encourage thinking, and evoke powerful feelings in us. The song is still a monument to the transforming power of music, compelling us to revisit the deep feelings contained in its words and melodies, each time discovering something fresh within its everlasting embrace.


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